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Tony Adams: Newport County: Exiled No More

Started on 24 May 2014 by XxsoulcraftxX
Latest Reply on 25 May 2014 by XxsoulcraftxX
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BREAKING NEWS: Justin Edinburgh steps down as Newport County manager after two seasons in charge

Breaking news coming out Newport County Football Club today, as Justing Edinburgh has announced that he is resigning from his job as manager. He said "I am stepping down from my job as manager for personal reasons. My wife is only weeks from giving birth and I feel it will be too much, managing my club and caring for my daughter. I have loved every step of the way since joining in 2011, and I am proud to have said I got this club into the Football League. This has nothing to with Les Scadding or any of the playing or coaching staff. I hope the next manager will bring this club to greater heights. I now bid farewell to Newport and managing in football, but who knows, I may come back in the future, be it managing Newport or another club.".

I read the news on my phone, remembering my days managing in football. Ha, me! Tony Adams, managing a club! I was no good at it anyway. I ended up resigning or getting the sack. But hey, I've missed being involved in football....Ah screw it, where do I apply?

Club History

Full Name: Newport County Association Football Club
Nickname: The Exiles
Founded: 1912 (reformed 1989)
Ground: Rodney Parade
Capacity: 7,850
Chairman: Les Scadding


Reach League One
Reach Championship
Reach Premier League
Win 10 trophies with Newport
Win 20 trophies with Newport
Become the greatest team in South Wales (ahead of Swansea and Cardiff)
Win the FA Cup
Win the League Cup
Win the Premier League
Win the Champions League
Win the League Two (optional)
Win the League One (optional)
Win the Championship (optional)
Win the Europa League (optional)

Who Am I?

I am Tony Adams, legendary Arsenal and England defender, not so good as a manager. I intend to become as good as a manager as I was a player. To do this, I will become manager of Newport and make them a Premier League club. Watch me as I attempt to do this.
I like this idea and i will be following
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8 yearsEdited

After telling my wife, Poppy, that I was thinking about becoming a manager again, I recieved full support from her. I approached my computer, an iMac, to be precise, and searched up the Newport County official website. I looked around for their e-mail, and after finding it, I began typing.

To Sir/Madam,

RE: Job Application

Hello, to whoever is reading this, this is Tony Adams. No, this is not a joke, this is really Tony Adams. I heard the news about Mr. Edinburgh resigning today, and I thought about becoming a manager again. After talking to my wife and kids, I was told that they were behind me 100%. So this is an application about the vacant manager job. I know that I wasn't the best manager at Wycombe or Portsmouth, but I didn't have a plan back then, and now I do. Money will not be a problem, I don't want a massive salary, I just want to become a manager again. Attached to this e-mail is my CV and my phone number, should you need to contact me further.

Goodbye, I expect to hear back from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

Tony Adams

One hour later, I'm sitting down in the sitting room with my wife, when my phone vibrates, I check to see who it is. It's a text from an unrecognized number. It says "Mr. Adams, please come down to Rodney Parade tomorrow at 3:00pm for a job interview with Mr. Scadding. Please reply if you're able to come. From Lewis Richards.".

I jump out of my seat in delight, my wife looking at me like I was a madman. I show her the text, and we danced around the sitting room in delight. I'm having a job interview tomorrow! I'm one step away from becoming a manager again! I can't wait!
awesome update again, i would maybe make the font a little smaller but i like the direction of this
good luck!

This is it. Rodney Parade. Home of Newport County Football Club. It was quiet, the only noise coming from the groundsman's mower, as he made sure the pitch was in good condition. He gave me a wave as he passed by, not looking suprised that Tony Adams was standing near him. Was everyone being told that I was coming? As I waved back, before I could ask him where Lewis Richards was, I heard a shout. A tubby man in a suit with a yellow and black tie is waving at me, trying to get my attention.

"Mr. Adams! Good to see you here!"

"Hi, you must be Mr. Scadding. You can call me Tony, by the way."

"Alright, Tony. I'm Les Scadding, as you know, and I am the chairman of this....great club."

"Okay, so, will we have the interview here? Or will we go to your office?"

"Yes, let us get this interview underway, it's this way to my office."

Two hours later, I leave Les' office with a smile on my face. I will be announced as the new manager in a press conference in three days. My chance to show my worth as manager begins. Les has told me that his expectations are to avoid relegation back to the Skrill Premier. I told him those expectations are fine, but in my head I told myself that I want a mid-table finish. I will meet the squad tomorrow, before me and my family move into our new home in South Wales. All for the best, I hope.

I sat in my office, a day after the interview with Les, thinking about transfers and loans and the many responsibilities I have. After checking my e-mail and seeing that my scouts have typed up reports of some of the players I asked them to check out were sent, my assistant manager, Jimmy Dack, knocked on the door and entered with two folders in his hand.

"Hi Jimmy. What's in the folders?"

"I've written a list of the players about their ability, potential, my recommendation and contract expiry date."

"Really?! That's fantastic! Thanks! But what's in the other folder then?"

"It's just a list of staff, like directors, chairman, coaches, you get the idea, their salary and contract expiry date aswell."

"Again, that's fantastic! This is great! You've saved me a lot of time, it will help me focus on bringing in players."

"Just trying to help out, Tony. That's it really, see you later at the team meeting."

"Alright, goodbye Jimmy."

What a guy, I thought, as I opened the folder with the squad members in it.

Alright, that was helpful. I know who will be a major part this season at the moment. It's not the best squad, but with a few signings and we should be fine. Lets see who's employed here at the club.

Okay, we have a good few staff members, maybe I'll recruit a few more members later. Well, that was handy. I check my Rolex to see what time it is. It's 12:00pm, an hour before the squad meeting. I better prepare my speech, I need the players to believe I'm the man to bring this club to great heights. And to do that, I need a good squad, with good players and good morale. I begin going over my speech, making sure it's morale-boosting. At 12:54pm, I leave my office and head towards the pitch. This speech better work.

The squad sat like this on the pitch, like they were taking a picture, trying not to laugh. I just stood there and stared, not really understanding what was going on, until the captain, David Pipe, began to giggle, and before long we were p***ing ourselves. After a few minutes I got everybody under control and we got underway with the meeting.

"Alright lads, it's been a turbulent few days, to say the least, considering your previous manager, Justin, who guided you into the Football League is gone. I know I'm not Justin, and I know I wasn't the best manager with other clubs, but from now on, I promise that I, Tony Adams, am the man to lead this club to great heights," I sighed, and began again. "But I need you lads to help eachother out along the way, no stupid fights in training, no complaining if a shot was bad or a pass was misplaced, you need to be a family, WE, need to be a family."

There is silence for a minute, before Pipe begins talking.

"Tony is right, guys, we need to be a team, a family, if we bicker and bitch with eachother, we'll go nowhere. We need to be one. I know we can stay up, and I know that if we work together, we can be promoted. Not this season, maybe not the next, but I know this club can become one of the greatest clubs in English football. What do you say lads? Max, do you want to say something?"

"Well, you and Tony have just basically said all that needs to be said, so, uh, huddle?"

"Yeah, why not?"





We emerge from the huddle, laughing, with tears in our eyes. Jimmy is trying to say something, but it's too loud for his words to be heard. I try and quiet the lads, and Jimmy finally gets to say what he wants.

"Alright, so as you know, there is a lot of games in this League, and we need you all fit and ready for the season. So for the first half of pre-season, me, Tony and the coaches will put you through fitness training," Groans are spreading through the players, I tell them to listen. "And for the second half, we'll do a lot of tactics training, so that we'll have tactics ready for any kind of scenario. There will be a lot of friendlies with small clubs, to help you get familiar with the new style of play. Any questions?"

Nobody made a sound.

"Alright, let's get some training done!"

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