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A simple prisoner !

Started on 7 July 2014 by bebero
Latest Reply on 31 July 2014 by Slid3Tackle
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New adventure in Europe!

Once the new season starts and new European adventure!
I meet again with AS Monaco, but with Lech Poznan, Liverpool and a team with a great lot! I'm sure there will be matches very beautiful!

I'm thinking to leave the team, and not because they are not well received, but I want another championship, although I have not won Serie A, it is very difficult here because Juventus, do not succumb territory! I want to go to another country or traitors in football, but for now I can not find another offer. I'll wait and I need advice on what to do to stay or to leave?

First matchs

The first match was in the company of the Lech! A match at home in front of fans!
You guys did a very good match I scored 4 times, and we managed to defend well and not get goal!
The game was easier than expected, and so we started the campaign very well!

Next match held in front of the Liverpool at Anfield! A great stadium, a great match!
The game was superb, Maurin played very very well! He managed to score his first goal! We had a superb first half and at half time the score would be 3-1. Nobody expected this score at halftime, and even at the end! But it followed a February Half as beautiful!
In the 2nd half we managed to scored 2 times, but also to get 2 goals! So the final score was 5-3!
It was perhaps the most beautiful game of the season!
Then I was moving to Monaco, where I was last season! Now things were different, it was a match that we have written, and I managed to do very well beings score 0-0 at the end of the match!

So our group look like after the 3 parties!

Ranking Serie A
It's funny how Juventus, fell so much, has time to recover, but no one was expecting a beginning so stupid of them! This is the first time they get a leader for more than 1-2 games!

There were good games, and games less good that we did not mark the hope that his team maintain their shape and continue to play well!

was silently cheering for the poles, but good win against them!

Last Matchs

Monaco, came back to our house. Would be a difficult match back in their company.
In 41 minutes, I got the first goal of the match, and had to call until the end of the first half. Thus the score would be 1-1!
But he had to get naked again! But Giroud saves the game with a goal in the 90th minute!

Next match take place in Poland was a tiring journey, and hopefully a nice match!
What followed was a show!
I managed to score 7 goals, something unexpected! We did a very nice mec as I can not imagine! I congratulate the entire team for this match great!
Next match was in front of the Liverpool match beautifully!
I managed a score and defend us very well! We achieved a new victory in front of Liverpool, 1-0!

My Group

Now we have a trip to Russia!

Results of Seria A

I have a pretty good advance in the championship, and I hope to keep my good shape!

I managed to make two transfers, very good! Two players who have confirmed, and which I hope to bring more team!

He came because we needed a creator! A decisive passer!

Paco Alcacer
Paco, I hope to become a decisive player for my team, I hope to score more and help the team!

Very nice graphic and two good signings!
you're doing amazing! and also you've made 2 very good transfers! Keep it up like this!

Russia has failed!
The first match took place in Russia, was harder than I imagined! We could not get very often at the gate, and when I did fail to complete! It was a difficult mec, and had to defend more! I managed to make a 0-0! And are more than happy for this result!
Home match began more ok for us, we managed to practice a better game, I attack more, and in 15 minutes we managed to scored!
That would be the final score, 1-0!

I want to congratulate the team were two matches heavier than I thought, Zenit did not give any time!
Coutinho managed to surprise me and make me happy! Looks like a very successful transfer, managed to score 6 goals and 7 assists to give, in 19 matches!

Italy Cup
Final with Juventus again!
The road in Europe is about to end I fell Bayern! I do not think I could produce a surprise so much!

Bayern gave up!

There were two matches beautiful! The first match took place in Italy, and was very complicated, I played the contre but we managed to defend well!
So the final score was 1-1 to be after we lead!
The match ended in a draw, it will be a tough game in Germany.
The match began, and we started to defend ourselves directly, we were all strings match. I only managed a few attacks, and that was a problem at halftime the score was 0-0. And I talked to guys that have the set pieces to succeed something, or counter attack!
The team had a corner in the 87th minute, and here everything has changed!
Mike, would mark a decisive goal and would be 0-1 to us!
Thus Bayern stayed home, and we still have to go ahead in eruopa!

New Draw

Serie A
We did the impossible, to win the championship! It was an exciting journey, I was helped by the fool over Juventus!
Back with detailed after the last match!

Chelsea new strength!

Chelsea is a superb team that has big names in personnel but the team! Has strong players, but we have players who can make a difference!
The first match was at home to Chelsea! I managed to make a good match, although we got beat, we managed to score a goal and that was really good!
A match dominated by them, we have not had many chances! But I managed a very important goal!

Home match we hoped to be easier! But unfortunately it was just as hard, we had to defend ourselves against attacks and their! I managed to get a penalty in a good phase created us!
Alcacer's emotions were seen in this stage decided to leave a midfielder to beat! It was still good to end well for us!

There were two games in which the team suffered long enough! And yet we can not deliver very high claim are satisfied with the game on the defensive, but sin not attack vem very good! I am happy that I made the finals!

Final two same two teams!
Italy brings in the Champions League final two teams! Alto Adige and Juventus!
There will be two decisive matches, Juventus has a good time, and I managed two viictorii this season in front of them!
And us and Juventus had a way with surprises! At least my team did all matches become history!

Juventus has a lot of great value and very good, the first game will be in Italian Cup! There will be two matches very heavy, I hope that his team face!

Historical moment!

The first round begins is Italian Cup final, a trophy I won in the past!

Italy Cup

We started the game's good, I attacked a lot, and I managed to break a goal scored so very beautiful!
Ryan McL is holding an injury, but apparently it was a very good replacement for us!
He followed a goal after a fixed phase, a cross very good, we managed to finish again! Then after 10 minutes I got naked! But after another 10 minutes, Juventus Vidal got red!
I managed to then scored another two goals very beautiful, and so the score 4-1 to us!
That would be the final score, the team did a very good match! And I hope the above 20 days, to be as good!
I did a very good match, congratulate the team for this!

Man of the Match
Ryan Mclaughlin

Champions League Final
A final more important for us, a new trophy was very close to us, and knew very well the opponent!
Teams start!
Alto Adige
Thus would begin the game! I managed to quickly mark the two goals, so after 11 minutes it was 2-0 to us! But to the rest I had to get 1 goal, and the score at halftime was 2-1!
After the break we managed to score a goal, which pretty much calmed game!
Thus the match ended 3-1 for Alto Adige! A new trophy arrived at our house!

Man of the Match
Elliott Hewitt

It was a season that for sure we will meet again! superlative season, we managed to win all the trophies that I played!

Trophy cabinet!

Great wins against Juve mate! Congrats!

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