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[FM14] I Gondolieri - A New Club in Italy

The follow up to mine and ASR's story, a new club takes centre stage in Italy
Started on 13 July 2014 by Tallery
Latest Reply on 10 July 2015 by Aaron
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Nice squad there, hopefully they will perform well for you this year :D
Tallery's avatar Group Tallery
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Hey guys

As you have probably noticed, my activity on the site has drastically dwindled. But school (I know it is the same excuse over and over) is proving very time consuming. Only been back a full week and already I have had 7 pieces of homework :/ so I have had to reduce my activity drastically. So, I have to make the awful decision of slowing this story (almost to the point where I will not update). I have loved writing this story so much, and I really regret having to bring it to a close in this way.

My ambition was to win the Champions League, with all Italian players, but it looks like I will not reach that goal any time soon.

I want to thank everybody who reads (even if you are not a member on the site) and those that comment for there time to read most updates, and give me an SOTM nomination that ran Neal's legendary FM13 Inter story to the wire (I will hold you to the loss Feliks ;) ).

I especially want to thank 3 people individually for their support and love of this story, so, here it goes.

First off is Justice,. I know (at the time) your involvements in others stories was low and that getting a read or a comment from you was special, but your love for the story has really helped me improve this. I want to thank you for all the improvements you have suggested - it has been great for me!

Next up is by BF Alex. Thanks man, for all the comments (and spam on page 17) you have done on this, and all the love you have shown for the updates I write. I wanna thank you for the time you have spent listening to me blabbering along about this story and all the plugging (sorry about that).

And finally, and the biggest thanks to Zed, or ASR-PSV, or ASR (he goes by many names, also a shifty character ;) ). We were gunna start one exactly like this together, but the save corrupted early on and it never got anywhere, so I started this. He has done several Graphics for me, input so many ideas and help me beyond belief, and I will dedicate the success of the story to him (if everyone else considers it a success ;) ) and pay a massive thanks to him personally (well, over chat).

Thanks everyone, and I fully regret having to end it in this way. I may write one final update to kill it in style (hopefully), but it depends if the homework and school slows down a bit (chances are it won't!).

Again, and for the final time, thanks to all.

I know the feeling bro, very sad to see this go :(
But, school, in the end, is a tad more important than FM ;)
Thank you for the paragraph dedicated to me! It's been great helping you with this story, and it's been a great read!
Pffffft it wasn't me who lost you SOTM! :))

(I bet it was you who made Neal have that legendary comeback in August tho ;) )

Let’s Go Again. I Think.

This may come as a shock to you guys, let alone me. I was browsing through old stories for #tbt on @FMScoutStories, and I came across this gem. I remembered how much I loved FM14, and still do, and then this story. As my current ‘new club’ story isn’t quite working out as planned, I thought, why not bring this one back, as I loved it lots, and, so did you guys. So, let’s get this going again – I think. I am posting this still not 100% sure, but, so far, I am following my heart and going to do this. I still have the save, so all is good to go! I also have picked up valuable experience, not just about the site, but story writing as a whole, so I feel like I can produce the best yet. So, andare I Gondolieri, fino Venezia!

I think you guys owe me a thank you :)

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