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Löw resigns! And now?

Started on 27 July 2014 by TaroMisaki
Latest Reply on 29 July 2014 by TaroMisaki
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Shocking News at matchday!

Germany Manager Joachim Löw asked for the DFB for them to accept his resign! Löw asked for a Press Conference in order to explain everything!

The friendly game against Saudi-Arabia will be handled by Assistant Manager Hansi Flick, as everyone is in a hugh shock!
Hansi Flick told the german Press, that he has no idea what had happend to Löw to make such a desicion!

The Game against Saudi-Arabia was not the first topic to talk about, as everyone can imagine!

Germany 2 - 0 Saudi-Arabia

Germany Neuer - Lahm(c), Boateng, Hummels, Höwedes (55. Can) - Schweinsteiger (55.Gündogan) - Kroos, Özil - Reus (55. Podolski), Müller, Draxler

The Game surely wasn't a match for the fans! In the first half only three shots from Germany headed to the opponent goalkeeper.
In 12th minute Marco Reus awakened the fans, as it looked to be a boring opening, but the 20m shoot from the Dortmund left winger was a stunning goal as it bunced of the crossbar into the net and the Saudi-Arabian goalkeeper hasn't even seen anything, that powerful was that shoot!
15 minutes later Marco Reus played a wonderful pass right trough the Saudis defence and found Julian Draxler, who was alone in front of the goal and played it into the long corner of the goal without any chance of a defence for the goalie!
The halftime whistle safed the fans to fall into sleep, as the game only was held around the midfield, without any chance to create a chance for any of both sides!

The second half was only 10 minutes on, as Marco Reus needed to come of with an injury which could be very serious. The german Physio Dr. Müller Wolfarth didn't want to say anything, as long as he hadn't had the chance to make some more test with Reus!
The only other notible thing is the Senior debut for young defensive midfielder Emre Can, who was played in the left back.

Press-Conference from Löw!

Löw: I just want to say a few things! First of all, I don't want anyone to ask me the questions, I will ask the questions and answer them right after!
Why did I left yesterday without anyone telling why?
It was due to personal issues and I won't tell any more details, so nevermind asking me!
Why did I resign?
Well it was a personal matter, as I can't work anymore here with a few people! They lost my trust in them and in what we all had stand for! I know not all your questions will be answered with that, but team interna needs to stay in the team and aren't ment for the media!
Is there a chance for me to come back?
Even if, I wouldn't work ever again here! There happend a few things which are unacceptable and I will either make a long vacation apart from football or will ba a clubs Manager in the near future!

Thanks anyone for attending at this unusual press-conference and I will thank any player who played under my reign as the german Manager and will surely wish them all of luck here, but it will be though with the staff and board members, if nothing will change!
Goodbye everyone!

A few Managers could replace Löw!

After yesterdays friendly Game against Saudi-Arabia no one talked about the game itself! Joachim Löws resignment was the number 1 news over the weekend!

Wolfgang Niersbach, the DFB-President, today talked to us about the situation!
He said that Löws resignment was "the most surprising news, I have ever had received" and that he don't have a plan by now whom might replace Joachim Löw, but before the next friendly match takes place he will have delt with that situation!
Well, of course, it will have to be Flick, because 5 of Germany's 9 managers have been promoted from within :P

New Manager reveiled!

The Deutsche Fußball Bund announced that they're going to reveil the new Manager today at a Press-Conference!

The replacement for Joachim Löw, called DFB-President Niersbach and it only took 5minutes to negotiate a deal!


This Press-Conference will be held in the traditional way and not like the last one, where Joachim Löw asked the questions and gave the answers all by himself.

Niersbach: Hello everyone and welcome to this press-conference to present you the new Manager! Therefore I would like you all to introduce Jupp Heynckes! Hello Jupp and welcome to the DFB! We all hope that you will continue the succesfull work Löw had done and left to you.
Heynckes: Hello everyone, I want to thank the DFB that they gave me the chance to attent at a World Championship, if we can succesfully qualify from the last three games!
Also I want to thank Jogi for the work he had done here, I only need do do minor changes, because his tactical work here was brilliant!
Jupp will be the Manager at least for the upcoming fixtures and the Qualification campaign and if we can qualify from the group, he will be our Manager at the World Championships. The contract will be an one-year deal, but we wanted a contract until 2016 and the European Championship, but Jupp only wanted a one year deal and then see how things have gone. Now lets head for the questions!
Reporter: How did you start the contact and where there other Managers in contemption?
Well i called Wolfgang and offered my services for the Job, as this was a surprising situation for all of them!
After his call it was clear for us that we want him and after 2minutes talking to the other board members, I called him back and had convinced everyone that he would be the right choice. Then we made the deal!
And how about other Managers?
We had talks to Jürgen Klopp, who had rejected our offer, as he wanted to continue his work in Dortmund. Also we talked to Matthias Sammer if he wants to assist Hansi, but he wouldn't want to take a position like that! Then we had talks with 3 or 4 other Managers, but we weren't that convinced by them. And then Jupp called!
Jupp you're a Manager who likes to develop younger players, will you bring a few younger players into the squad?
I will first evaluate the squad which Jogi used, there here for a reason and then i will attend at some youth games to see what our talents can bring to the pitch. I will only bring other players in, if they can improve the squad and bring in something new!
Will you call Jogi and have a talk about what happend with him and will you talk about the squad?
I will call him at some time in the near future, but what happend between him and the DFB isn't anything what they need to tell me, that's something between them!
Thanks for everyone attending today!
@Louis thought about that a while, but Heynckes looked like a nice choice

Heynckes announces his first Squad

The first National squad selected by Jupp Heynckes has some surprising players included. Some players return, some might make their debut!
The Upcoming fixture against Belgium will be a real test for the squad.
Heynckes attendet at the DFB-Pokal game from Dortmund against Sandhausen a few days before.


1 Manuel Neuer, 12 Marc-Andre ter Stegen, 23 Roman Weidenfeller


2 Kevin Großkreutz, 3 Matthias Ginter, 4 Benedikt Höwedes, 5 Mats Hummels, 14 Per Mertesacker, 16 Philipp Lahm, 20 Jerome Boateng, 21 Shkodran Mustafi, 22 Erik Durm


6 Sami Khedira, 7 Bastian Schweinsteiger, 8 Mesut Özil, 9 Andre Schürrle, 10 Lukas Podolski, 13 Thomas Müller, 15 Julian Draxler, 17 Marco Reus, 18 Toni Kroos,


11 Miroslav Klose, 19 Mario Gomez

Kevin Großkreutz and Miroslav Klose where included into the squad after they haven't been included the last time or even longer.
Miroslav Klose is looking to become the goalscoring leader in german History!
A few players might make their debut, such as defenders Matthias Ginter, Shkodran Mustafi and Erik Durm as all three have been promotet from the under21 squad.
Experienced goalkeeper Roman Weidenfeller could become the oldest debutant in the german History!

Erik Durm convinced Jupp Heynckes in the German DFB-Pokal game he attendet, as he and Mats Hummels had been rocks in the defence!

Belgium 2 - 1 Germany

Germany: Neuer - Lahm(c), Boateng, Hummels, Durm - Khedira - Kroos, Reus - Schürrle (67. Draxler) , Klose (67, Gomez) , Müller (37. Özil)

The first game under my reign and we surely haven't showed what we could bring on the pitch.
Two individual faults, two goals! The Belgians really showed how effective they are and that you have to keep an eye on them for the next World Championships, as they have a very talented squad with the likes of Eden Hazard, Kevin de Bruyne or Vincent Kompany. The talents you have to watch are Thorgan Hazard and Adnan Januzaij!

The game was very open and the ball had gone from on box to the other in seconds. Even though it was a very attractiv game, the chances really had missed in the first half as there was only one shoot from Thomas Müller, as he shoot from the corner of the box, but the belgian Goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois had no problem at all with that shoot.
Thomas Müller somehow got injured right before the halftime and had to be substituted in the 37th minute and Mesut Özil had to be the replacement.

The second half was just like the first half, but goals have been scored!
In the 55th minute Erik Durm made a mistake and the belgian Striker Christian Benteke scored a well placed shoot into the net.
Ten minutes before the game had ended, Mesut Özil passed the ball directly to Vincent Kompany. Özil was unable to clear the ball after a corner and gave Kompany the chance to score that goal very easily.
5 minutes before the game had ended, Toni Kroos played a killer ball over 30m and allowed wing back Phillip Lahm a goal from within the box to score the final standing of 2-1.

Jupp Heynckes said, that he was a little bit dissapointed by the way, they conceded the goals and that he clearly has to work with the players on that point. He also said, that Toni Kroos dominatet the midfield area, just like he wished he could and that Erik Durm had a solid first cap and can make himself some hope to be picked more often from now on!

Heynckes spotted at Allianz Arena!

Former Bayern Manager Jupp Heynckes was at the Bundesliga game between Bayern Munich and HSV to have a look at some interesting players!
Rumors say that Heynckes might have a special look on HSV player Pierre-Michelle Lasogga!

Lasogga is a young striker whom might replace Miroslav Klose as the number one striker when Klose decides to step back from the national squad!
Lasogga is a Striker who has his strength in the box as a target man who can keep the ball and he is a good finisher and header. Lasogga was the former under21 captain of Germany and wants to break into the senior squad before the World Cup has begun!

The other player which could catch the attention of Heynckes is Munichs' Sebastian Rode who could be a replacement for the injured Sami Khedira, who will be out for at least 4 weeks!

Qualifying Squad announced

Now it gets serious for Heynckes and Germany, as they have their Qualification match against Austria and Sweden. Germany is leading the group after 6 of 10 games with the perfect points of 18 and Ireland is second with 13 points total, while Sweden and Austria have 10 and 9 points and doesn't seem to have a chance of catching Germany. When Germany wins this game, they can plan for Brazil, because they would only need one more point out of the last three games, to secure their first place.
Sami Khedira and Andre Schürrle are out with an injury and can't be selected for this match


1 Manuel Neuer, 12 Marc-Andre ter Stegen, 23 Bernd Leno


2 Kevin Großkreutz, 3 Matthias Ginter, 4 Benedikt Höwedes, 5 Mats Hummels, 16 Phillip Lahm, 20 Jerome Boateng, 21 Shkodran Mustafi, 22 Erik Durm


6 Lars Bender, 7 Bastian Schweinsteiger, 8 Mesut Özil, 10 Lukas Podolski, 13 Thomas Müller, 15 Maximilian Meyer, 17 Marco Reus, 18 Toni Kroos, 19 Mario Götze


9 Kevin Volland, 11 Miroslav Klose, 14 Timo Werner

Loads of changes after the last friendly game against Belgium. I attendet at a under21 international game, where some of our talents played in an outstanding form and deserved to be called up.
Timo Werner scored in the last under21 game 3 goals in only 30 minutes against a strong Russian team, Kevin Volland assisted 4 goals in that same match, which ended 5:0.
Bern Leno and Marc-Andre ter Stegen are the two goalkeepers which will be deciding who will be the future number one. MAtS is clearly a little bit in front of Bernd, as he is getting international football in Barcelona and won the fight to be the number one there against in-form Claudio Bravo. Bernd earned the chance in the last few under21 and Bundesliga games.
Maximilian Meyer is a bright talent for the future and surely will be a future star for Germany and I called him up in order to getting to know him better and see how he integrates into the squad, maybe he earns himself a few minutes on the pitch.
TaroMisaki's avatar Group TaroMisaki
8 yearsEdited

Injury woe for Germany!

Jupp Heynckes needs to pick two replacements for the next two games against Austria and Sweden, as Bastian Schweinsteiger and Benedikt Höwedes are both out for 4 weeks.

Jupp Heynckes seems to continue surprising the german fans and media as he picked Leon Goretzka as Schweinsteigers replacement and Julian Draxler as Höwedes replacement!

Just a day after that news Miroslav Klose was also injured and will be replaced by Pierre-Michelle Lasogga!

Germany 3 - 2 Austria

Germany: Neuer - Lahm(c), Boateng, Hummels, Durm - Bender - Kroos, Özil (65. Meyer) - Reus (72. Werner), Müller, Volland (60. Götze)

This match was one to remember for at least three players of the team. Kevin Volland made his debut even in the first eleven, after Miroslav Klose was unable to play due to an injury, Thomas Müller had been placed as the striker and Volland was picked as the right winger.
After 12 minutes His debut even got better, as he scored the leading goal! Marco Reus made a cross to the end of the 5m box, where Kevin Volland only had to pass the ball in the net. Only 2 minutes later Marco Reus made another cross and found Thomas Müller in the box and Müller easily doubled the lead and not even 15 minutes had been played!
Everyone thought that the game will be a boring one from then on, but they where wrong. Zlatko Junuzovic scored the 2-1 in the 18th minute and the fans had been excited.
Until the half-time nothing more had happend and the teams seemed to get ready for the second half.

The second half saw Austria score the 2-2 in the 58th minute, as Andreas Ivanschitz scored the draw.
I made some changes and brought Mario Götze and Maximilian Meyer, whom made his debut, on the pitch to strenghten their attacking force. This was the change the team had needed! Maximilian Meyer interceptet a pass and played to Mats Hummels, whom made a world class pass to Thomas Müller who scored his second and the game winning goal in the 68th minute.
Then Timo Werner was also brought on and he was the 3th debutant this night!

Germany 0 - 2 Sweden

Germany: Neuer - Großkreutz, Boateng, Hummels, Durm - Lahm(c) - Kroos (86. Goretzka), Özil (46.Götze) - Volland, Müller(80. Lasogga), Reus

A game to forget for us! We only needed a point to qualify for the World Cup and we disappointed our fans with a devastating loss!
Kevin Volland almost scored the lead, but he was offside in the 20th minute, but it was a close call.
The team was complaining and it had to come like it did. Sweden scored in the 21th minute the leading goal, as Ola Toivonen scored a well placed shoot.

In the second half Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored the final goal in the 58th minute and Sweden is still in contempt for to win the group.
Another two player made their debut for Germany. Leon Goretzka and Pierre-Michelle Lasogga made their debut as both had been subbed in in the second half in the game!
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8 yearsEdited

Squad for the final two games

We're 5 points clear in front of the group phase and only 2 games are left.
It's vital for us, to keep a clear mind and concentrat our focus to the next match and make sure we can claim the qualification in the next game


1 Manuel Neuer, 12 Roman Weidenfeller, 23 Ron-Robert Zieler


2 Kevin Großkreutz, 3 Erik Durm, 4 Benedikt Höwedes, 5 Mats Hummels, 16 Phillip Lahm, 20 Jerome Boateng, 21 Shkodran Mustafi


6 Sami Khedira, 7 Bastian Schweinsteiger, 8 Mesut Özil, 10 Lukas Podolski, 13 Thomas Müller, 15 Lars Bender, 17 Marco Reus, 18 Toni Kroos, 19 Mario Götze, 22 Julian Draxler


9 Kevin Volland, 11 Miroslav Klose, 14 Mario Gomez

This setup sees the return of a few players, such as Mario Gomez, Sami Khedira, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Roman Weidenfeller.
Schweinsteiger was out injured and had to be replaced at the last time, the others hadn't even be called up after beeing injured.
I want to have an experienced squad, as we want to keep that first spot in the group!

Löw talks about Heynckes and Germany!

Former Germany Manager Joachim Löw resigned from this spot only a few weeks ago and was newly signed by Bundesliga outfit Schalke 04!

Löw said right before the last two qualification games that "Heynckes didn't seem to keep that level of performance, that I had get out of the team. We had 6 wons and all with a clean sheet and now in two games, they conceeded 4 goals! They lost against Sweden and had a tough game against Austria.
Joachim Löw raised the pressure on Heynckes, as the german fans aren't that happy with the last two performances!

You are reading "Löw resigns! And now?".

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