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Borat: Management In Football To Make Benefit Glorious Nation Kazakhstan

Started on 19 August 2014 by qwertyman
Latest Reply on 1 September 2014 by qwertyman
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We now play Canada, but we play in Kazakhstan! I now meet with this man:
He is African man, with very deep voice.

"I am a big fan of your work. You will make a great manager of Kazakhstan." the man said.

"You think that! Very nice!"

"I would like to do that in my country, Nigeria. I think there is a job opening there for manager."

"You follow in my footsteps?"

"Yes, you are a role model in Africa."

"Really?! Wa-Wa-Wee-Wa! I notice you have same nose as my father."

"It's a big nose isn't it? It's from my fathers line, I think he is from Kazakhstan."

"Very nice!"

"His name was Boltok."

"My father called Boltok! His full name is Boltok the Rapist."

"No way..."

His name a Tarob, his father, Boltok the Rapist, is my father too! We brothers! Apparently, he make management too, to benefit Nigeria.

But the match was horrible. We gave Canada hand relief. Tic-Tac does not work.

I have a lucky Irishman commenting on my post! In Kazakhstan, we very like your church, and the
priests. I was told I can't say any more.

??????? ?????:
Tarob is actually Bashy345, he will be doing another story with me as his brother.
<3 lego

Very nice win, I don't know about tic-tac. Sometime it work, and sometime it doesn't work. But we beat Afghans, but they said their team was 'depleted'. What does 'depleted' mean?

Brother Tarob, what is lego?
This story is fantastic, something very different and fucking hilarious! :D
Brother Tarob lego is "let's go" i think

Silly English

This is not Borat's writing.

You probably know that school's starting, and I'm going to be starting my GCSE's this year. At my school, we start it a year early, and we do twice as much work as we would do at other schools.

Plus, I've injured my arm and I need physiotherapy. This is going to be time consuming (Physio isn't even necessary, I'm ambidextrous).

I'll try to make updates in the time that I have.

Oh, and:

You are reading "Borat: Management In Football To Make Benefit Glorious Nation Kazakhstan".

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