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The Royal Redemption

A tale of drama, hypocrisy and controversy, but most importantly; the journey of a football manager
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Justice's avatar Group Justice 2014-10-18 18:49
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Welcome To The Royal Redemption!

Well, FM15 is just around the corner and I will be attempting yet another story! Sadly, the Path To Power series has come to an end for now. The series had run it's course and my success with both Vauxhall Motors and Luton Town should be left untainted (disregarding the failed Viikingit and Nyíregyháza journeys, of course). I can't promise anything because I don't know what the future holds but if all goes to plan, I will try my very best to make this story run for more than several months. There may come a time where updating regularly will not be possible for me but I will try my best to keep producing content for you readers.

My Targets & Guidelines

My Aims:
  • To win a continental trophy
  • To win the World Cup
  • To win ten trophies
  • To win fifty trophies (31)
  • To enter the Hall of Fame
  • To top the Hall of Fame (6th)

My Guidelines:
  • To develop young players wherever I go
  • To develop new, effective tactics
  • To strengthen the club's financial structure whenever possible
  • To be friendly towards other managers
  • To not sleep with the chairman's wife, unless she pays me

Who am I?

Unfortunately, Ryan Ferguson ('Man from internet') will not be returning for this adventure. He has played his part in two tales already and a third trip for the Scouser would be too much. However, the man who will be central character in this story is a man well known by millions of people all around the world. I will not reveal him yet, to add to the drama of it all, but I do believe that he will prove to be a popular choice. As for the club who our mystery manager will be managing at the beginning, I will not reveal any details but anybody who knows me knows that Lower League Management (LLM) is the only item on the agenda.


Whitehawk FC

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Josh_MU's avatar Group Josh_MU 2014-10-18 19:31
gb 2147 posts 250 likes joined Dec 08, 2013
Great start Justice! Looking forward to this one ;)
"As long as there are games to play it is not over." - Alex Ferguson

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LFC's avatar LFC 2014-10-18 21:08
00 1504 posts 125 likes joined Jul 19, 2013
Nice start :D A lot of mystery here, looking forward to it
Neal's avatar Group Neal 2014-10-18 23:22
us 3404 posts 401 likes joined Oct 24, 2012
Hmmm I wonder who the manager could be. As always with you, this story is going to be brilliant, can't wait for it to properly get under way :D
Tallery's avatar Group Tallery 2014-10-19 08:57
gb 1616 posts 241 likes joined Jan 27, 2014
Good luck Justice, will definitely try and follow this one all the way from the beginning!
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Justice's avatar Group Justice 2014-10-19 09:43
00 5498 posts 683 likes joined Feb 11, 2013
Josh_MU, LFC, Neal & Tallery, thanks guys I'm looking forward to writing this :P

To explain the reason I've started this three weeks before the actual release of the game, I needed time to write up an introduction in to the story so if I write it before the game comes out, I can get straight in to the actual FM part of it.
Walter's avatar Group Walter 2014-10-19 10:19
pt 3321 posts 511 likes joined Apr 12, 2013
Wat, there's stories here already :o

Nice start Justice can't wait for another one of your LLM journeys, best mode of the game :D
JamieFMS's avatar Group JamieFMS 2014-10-19 15:26
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Awesome start Justice, will be following. Good luck!
Justice's avatar Group Justice 2014-10-19 15:28
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Walter, hehe, maybe it won't be LLM ;)

MrJK, thanks :)
Zap's avatar Group Zap 2014-10-19 16:22
gb 691 posts 46 likes joined Sep 04, 2013
OMG can't wait! Great update, hopfulyy you don't sleep with the Chairman's wife! That can only end badly...
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Justice's avatar Group Justice 2014-10-19 17:05
00 5498 posts 683 likes joined Feb 11, 2013
2014-10-19 16:22#196454 Zap : OMG can't wait! Great update, hopfulyy you don't sleep with the Chairman's wife! That can only end badly...
Damn it, you ruined the plot! ;)
Justice's avatar Group Justice 2014-10-19 18:50
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FA Conspiracy Uncovered

FA Officials To Face Court Sentence After Incriminating Evidence Was Revealed

The leading officials of the English Football Association have been arrested following evidence linking them to a conspiracy regarding the national team had come to light. It was found that a special muscle weakening substance, called Jetmirche123, had been secretly added to the national team's meals before their World Cup fixtures in Brazil this summer, where they crashed out in the group stages following some rather horrific performances.

Sports scientists had been hired by Roy Hodgson and his staff to uncover the reason behind his players' sluggish football. This involved lengthy, thorough examinations on each player and after several days of analysing all the results, a conclusion had been found. A muscle weakening substance had been secretly applied to the players' diet, which caused the players to feel weak and sluggish during each match. The substance originated in Macedonia by a professor named James Wilson and his cousin, Walter Pomp. It is considered illegal in all countries apart from Arranland.

The officials responsible for this crime will face a court sentence very soon and these men include the General Secretary, Alex Horne, the Association Chairman, Greg Dyke, while the FA President, Prince William, has resigned. Due to the profile of these characters, the court case is expected to start over the next few days. Nick Sherwood has been named as the provisional FA President and he is expected to bring in new department heads to re-structure the laughable organisation.

It is unlikely, however, that Prince William will face charges due to his stature on society but his credibility as an influential personality has all but vanished, destroyed by a horrific decision which has left his fellow countrymen in utter spite of him and his colleagues. Greg Dyke is also likely to walk from these charges due to his links to the legal system. However, Alex Horne will certainly face the full wrath of the hand of the law and is unlikely to walk away unscathed.

Next Update: Dyke: It Was For Our Future
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The 510 Series's avatar Group The 510 Series 2014-10-19 18:53
am 631 posts 49 likes joined Aug 06, 2013
Oh my god! Why can't we charge Greg Dyke? He's a twat! :P
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pompeyblue's avatar pompeyblue 2014-10-19 19:23
gb 2650 posts 297 likes joined Oct 08, 2013
'Walter Pomp' :P

Awesome start Niko, although I expected on less, I'm expecting another crazy adventure!
Josh_MU's avatar Group Josh_MU 2014-10-19 19:54
gb 2147 posts 250 likes joined Dec 08, 2013
Walter Pomp, such a creative name that.
"As long as there are games to play it is not over." - Alex Ferguson

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