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Valencia CF: El Aumento De Los Valencianos

Follow my journey where I take Valencia back to the top!
Started on 15 November 2014 by Tallery
Latest Reply on 7 June 2015 by pompeyblue
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9 yearsEdited
ISIS after Negredo. he better watch his back
@TaT: Well, what can I say :P Thx bby
@Maximus: It’s all good, but I prefer ‘taking inspiration from the best storywriter on this site’ ;)
@Alex: I agree, its stupid
@Iccy: I understand Scottish accents.
@walkinshaw: pffttt ISIS, this is some mystery reporter, not a world terrorist group!

The Interview: Part Two

The Black Land Rover with tinted windows pulled up outside a building. It stretched up into the sky, and must have been one of the tallest buildings in Glasgow, and there was no mistaking where I was. I walked up to the automatic doors, and the logo of InTheStands was quite clearly printed onto the glass panels. I was followed by two security guards all the way until the lift, having to sign in at reception before I even entered the lift. The receptionist told the security guards to wait at reception for me while I was in the interview, as the room which it would be taking place in is too small for four people. This planted a seed of doubt into my mind. Even though I didn’t think this supposed attack was going to happen, I felt safer with my guards around me, as they had the physical strength and knowledge to protect me. The receptionist also told me to take the lift to the top floor. I don’t really like heights, especially in an enclosed space as this room was going to be, but living half my life on an aeroplane has helped me overcome this, but this supposed attack was really playing on my mind, and I was quite scared.

The huge metallic doors rolled back after the certain clunk of the lift getting into place. As I walked out, I was greeted by a lovely smile. She greeted me, in impressive Spanish, and said her name was Layla Fernandez-Taylor, and that she was really looking forward to interviewing me. She told me to have a seat, but first, I wandered over to the window. You could see for miles, and straight over the city of Glasgow. I had heard so many bad things about Glasgow, but to me, it was a nice city. Every city has its dark spots, but this was nowhere near as bad as I was expecting.

I then went to sit down on a sofa, a sofa in Valencia’s colours, and Layla sat down opposite me. She then asked the cameraman and sound-man to get us a drink, and I requested a glass of water with ice, and she wanted a classic cup of tea. She then asked me if I wanted to start, and I said okay. The cameraman hit the record button before he left the room.


It was about five questions in, and it was completely unexpected. We were on the topic of my motivations, and like any footballer, it’s their past, passion for the game and their family. But as I was answering about my family, she pulled something out of her pocket. It glistened in the sun. I knew what it was… I screamed with fear. I couldn’t get away. The pain was unreal. I passed out.
o.o i am so shocked i did not know that was going to happen

I'm talking about you updating, ofc.
Pfftt... storyline updates? Who do you think you are, me? :P

In all seriousness, good write-up. Should be interesting to see what direction this goes in.


Well, this is it... the end. I am really sorry to all those who read, supported, commented and followed the story, but I have no time to update nowdays, and I got bored of the save. I have achieved so much with the story, including an SOTM, so I am really grateful of all those who voted for me.

But for now, its good-bye

*Btw, Negredo would have been injured, and then made a spectacular return in some big game*
A great story, sad to see it end but congratulations on all your success!
Loved this story Tallery.

I think the graphics you used throughout were faultless.
Shame to see this story go, but you had some great success and it was a joy to read!

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