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Genie 15g doesn't support my version of FM15

Started on 27 November 2014 by cvelz
Latest Reply on 1 December 2014 by Stam
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So I just got this screen today and now my Genie Scout 15g isn't working.

I edited out my name at the top for obvious reasons. Just yesterday it was working perfectly, I've had no issues with Genie Scout until now. Here is my current version of FM15:

It's a legitimate version of the game, I've had it since the beta came out. Here are my computer details if they are necessary (I've noticed you asking people what OS they are on):

Is there an update coming out soon, or what?
I have the same problem :(
cvelz's avatar Group cvelz
5 yearsEdited
I have the latest update as well so it's not a problem on my end.
The game was updated today, Genie need some time to update the scout. Probably he will do it tonight :)
Beta 6 compatible with 15.1.4 is ready, you will receive notification soon.
2014-11-27 19:39#201620 Genie : Beta 6 compatible with 15.1.4 is ready, you will receive notification soon.

notification where? i'm really waiting for this :)
Just got the notification 10 minutes ago. I love you, Genie.
You need to have an FM save loaded and running while you use Genie Scout for it to work.
Does not work for me. All the players are from Cameroon and are goalkeepers. Stats crazy. I have the latest version.
Jimsosa's avatar Group Jimsosa
5 yearsEdited
I have a problem in Genie 15g when i start the load is correct but the game shows me wrong names of players.
Can you help me...when i start the Genie he shows me this message....

Key file is not found!
Without key file FM Genie Scout 15g will not be able to
work properly.

Where i found the Key file????
Can you sendit to me?
I have FM15.1.3 and don't want to update it. Can I download the previous build?
joshiejosh's avatar Group joshiejosh
5 yearsEdited
Same problem here. How can i update my genie scout 15g ?

edit: got it. open your old version of 15g( 15.1.3 ) then help and support > check for new version. and download it from there.
Yeh, the great news is I just downloaded and installed the new version and it works perfectly for 15.1.3. The next problem is I want to pay for the g version but FMScout doesn't accept my Visa card from here in Asia :-(
If you don't have an original copy of the game, chances are that GS15 will not work for you. So make sure to have a legit game and update to the latest version (currently 15.1.4).

If FM15 was recently updated with a new patch, it usually takes 1-2 days until Eugene prepares a new GS15g version. Use the "check for new version" from within the app to download it.

After successful donation, Eugene will send you 2 emails. 1st one is automatic and will include download link to the latest "g" version. The 2nd one can take up to 24 hours to arrive and will include a key file as attachment. You need to place this file in your GS15g installation folder.

If you get wrong player names, positions or nationalities in search results, it means there is a problem with your key file. Most likely scenario is that you have changed computer which means your unique id has changed and you need a new key file. In this case, send an email to Eugene to explain your situation and he will help you.

If you have trouble donating, please contact Eugene. He's the only one receiving your donations and responsible for delivering the "g" edition to you. FM Scout (the site) is not involved with that at all.
Well actually Stam, GS15 is working with my non-official copy of the game. Here's the thing - I want to - I really really want to buy a legit copy. I have the money ready. But neither Sega, SI, Steam, FMScout nor any dealer will sell a copy to a player residing in Asia. After a long delay, I bought FM14 from FMScout when you finally 'unlocked' Asia, but I don't know if you or anyone else will do that this year. As soon as I can buy a legit copy, plus GS15g, I will replace the one I'm using, but currently residents in the biggest continent on the planet are blocked from buying a legitimate copy. Madness.

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