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Poll: Fed up with the rating system FM uses

Am I the only one fed up with the rating system FM uses?
Started on 23 January 2015 by Reecy101
Latest Reply on 27 January 2015 by Reecy101
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I don't know if it's just me but I'm fed up of the rating system FM uses. It's just confusing and before you bash me, let me explain.

I like management type games, have been playing them for years. I started with FM09 and I immediately stopped. It was too textual (and still is) and really complex for a starter. So I gravitated to FIFA Manager 9. It was easier to start off with, you weren't bombarded with a ton of things.

So I've been playing FIFA Manager from 9 till 13 and I liked the way they did certain things (mostly the inferace, official logos and such and real 3D matches). Now FIFA Manager is dead and I've since been back to FM since FM12, reason being, FM just had more depth which I always liked. Just didn't like the presentation.

One thing that really bugs me is the rating system used. I'm doing a comparison here. In FIFA Manager, you had a number rating and a star rating. The number rating was the average of all the skills that would make the player/staff great in his particular position/job, eg. 77, 84, 91. The star rating was more for the quality of the player/staff, it spoke more to how well he could develop. Let's ignore the star rating for now.

In FM on the other hand, it uses a star rating system for current ability and potential ability.

What really bugs me is that, for FM the stars depend on a varying factors, such as how good the rest of your squad is or how well your staff is able to judge the player's skills. In FIFA Manager, a player rated at 78 at Chelsea FC is still rated at 78 when at Burnley FC and not jumping to 88.

In my game I manage Chelsea, for me Mohammed Salah is a 2 star player. I loaned him out to Inter Milan. I was idling around one night and the job at Inter became available, I applied, got picked and started managing. Went to look at the squad and low and behold was Mohammed Salah, rated as 4 star player!!!!!

To me this only just confuses me. I would prefer where player ratings are global, meaning they don't change no matter what, they aren't affected by other variables apart from the players development. Also I would prefer if I got a number, like 77 and 78 rather than stars, helps me to identify who is better.

I have used Genie Scout which seeks to do that but finding a player in Genie Scout then looking them up in FM and scouting them, provides two different representations of the same player which just confuses me more, which one is more accurate?!?

Anyway, sorry for the long post. In FM16 maybe SI could implement a second rating system and allow us to choose which we prefer. That would be great.
I think it may have something to do with how good the team is, too. For example, Chelsea are better than Inter, so Salah would probably be considered better to them. As for the Genie Scout thing, I'm afraid I have no clue.
2015-01-23 20:37#206770 The 510 Series : I think it may have something to do with how good the team is.

Actually, that was his point. The OP would like the ratings to be global and not dependant on your team/league alone.

This brings us to a problem though. I can see why you, Reecy, can consider this a problem. I can also see that you don't do lower league management. FM takes into account the gamers that want to spend their whole career in smaller leagues trying to build their squad up. It would simply not look good to have a squad full of one-star-rated players year in and year out playing in the Bahamas etc.

So while I can see your point, overall the rating system has to be this way. And when it comes to the number ratings, then yes, Genie Scout is the one to trust over your assistant/scouts. You have to think about the attributes that are most beneficient for a certain position as Genie Scout does not take this into consideration when giving you the CA/PA.
Thanks sieninen, I never considered it from that point of view. When you put it that way, it does make more sense why the system is setup that way.

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