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Santiago Muñez: The Revival, Return, and Uprising

Started on 9 April 2015 by pompeyblue
Latest Reply on 28 August 2015 by Ta31_a
pompeyblue's avatar pompeyblue
5 yearsEdited


Hello, my fellow friends of FM Scout, pompeyblue back again! This is 'Santiago Muñez: The Revival, Return, and Uprising', my final attempt for a story, on FM15.

As you probably know, I had intended to write just one lower league management story - with Havant and Waterloovile - lasting the entirety of this year's game. Three seasons into a very enjoyable save, the file became corrupt and I was forced to end the story. I started a fresh save with AFC Bournemouth, only to be met with the same fate. Imagine my frustration.

That led to my hiatus from the game, but now I have returned for one last 'hoorah', and to give it one last crack at writing a story for Football Manager 2015 which will hopefully entertain and inspire other writers in this community.

As with my other stories, please take note that I have a very busy schedule and so sometimes I may not be releasing updates as regularly as I should be, which I apologize for. However, I always do pride myself on writing updates to a good standard that will be enjoyed, so I don’t want to be rushing any posts especially with limited time.


The Club?

As has been a regularity in most stories this year, I won’t be revealing the team I have chosen to take charge of, just yet. With this story I will be heavily focusing on background updates, storylines and different plotlines as this type of writing seems to appeal to a lot of readers on the site, and more importantly, is a style which I really enjoy.

The Manager?

By now, it is pretty obvious who the manager will be for this story - none other than Santiago Muñez. 'Santi' is a fictional character who featured in the Goal! movie trilogy. I would be surprised if you don't recognise it.

As a child, he grew up living in poverty in Mexico, and was a huge football fan, with the ultimate dream to play the game profesionally. His family soon escaped to Los Angeles in the United States as illegal immigrants and an older Muñez began playing for an amateur club in the area, later spotted by former footballer and scout, Glen Foy. He presented him with the opportunity of a trial at Newcastle United in the Premier League, and despite a tricky start, Santiago earned himself a contract at St James Park. He would go onto become an icon by scoring a late winner against Liverpool, sealing Champions League qualification for the Magpies.

A move to Real Madrid followed after an impressive season wearing the black and white stripes, where he would achieve even greater success, in claiming the UEFA Champions League trophy.

Now, Santiago's greatest challenge begins: forging a fruitful managerial career.



Episode 1 - The Kid With A Dream
Episode 2 - Escape The Sun
Episode 3 - Just Business
Episode 4 - Back Home
Episode 5 - On My Way
Episode 6 - Old Friend
Episode 7 - The Beginning Of The Journey

Season One: 2014/15

Episode 1 - Muñez Makes Shock Return
Episode 2 - The Rebuild
Episode 3 - Making Impressions
Episode 4 - 'Santi' An Exciting Appointment - Shearer
Episode 5 - Newcastle Secure Reid Signing
Episode 6 - Geordies Finalise Deal For Another Defender
Episode 7 - No Better Feeling
Episode 8 - Muñez Allows Two To Leave
Episode 9 - Magpies Swoop For Loan Duo
Episode 10 - Sportsmail Interview: This Is Santiago Muñez
Episode 11 - Pre-Season: The Building Blocks
Episode 12 - Newcastle United 14/15 Season Preview
Episode 13 - Call Me The Boss
Episode 14 - August - September: A Strong Start
Episode 15 - Cantona: Muñez Is Nothing Special
Episode 16 - In The Aftermath
Episode 17 - October - November: Keeping The Momentum
Episode 18 - Robbie Savage: Why The Toon Turnaround?
Episode 19 - December: Battling Old Enemies
Episode 20 - To Love, Live And Learn
Episode 21 - Manchester Rivals Set To Tussle For Sissoko
Episode 22 - Liverpool Farewell For Flanagan
Episode 23 - Sissoko Heads Trio Of Departures
Episode 24 - Newcastle Splash Cash For English Starlets
Episode 25 - January: Happy New Year
Episode 26 - Family Matters
Episode 27 - Krul: Focus Is Key
Episode 28 - February: The Battle Commences
Episode 29 - Live: Capital One Cup Final
Episode 30 - The First Of Many - Muñez
Episode 31 - March - April: Nearing The End
Episode 32 - The Company
Episode 33 - Jonas Aims To End On High
Episode 34 - The Race For The Top Four
Episode 35 - First Man Down
Episode 36 - May: Coming To A Close
Episode 37 - Live: FA Cup Final
Episode 38 - Muñez And Sturridge Scoop Major Awards
Episode 39 - Newcastle Boss Pens New Deal
Episode 40 - Newcastle United 14/15 Season Review
Episode 41 - The Ones We Leave Behind

Season Two: 2015/16

Episode 1 - Muñez's Newcastle Set For Extended Break
Episode 2 - Washing Away The Demons
Episode 3 - Magpies Make Return To Training
Episode 4 - City Planning Raid For Toon Stars
Episode 5 - Carrick Signs On With The Magpies
Episode 6 - Newcastle Duo Complete City Move
Episode 7 - Former Loanees Clinch Permanent Switch

Note: Links to the episodes that are not highlighted in bold are written in 1st person and tie in with the storyline. All/most storyline updates have a relation and follow a continous theme, so I would suggest reading all of them to understand the current plot.

Note: Thanks to Tallery for the banner!

Hell yeah! Great to see you back writing stories Joshie, even better with it being based around Santiago! I hope he manages FULL HAM. xD
Good luck!
Good luck Pompey, this is going to be really interesting :)
Good luck mate
Good luck! Very interesting premise. If it's better than the 3rd film, I'll be happy!
Good Luck and I just want to say that I think we all want to see Gavin Harris as assistant!!
Josh: As ever, I am grateful of your massive support towards my stories. Santiago's pronounciation of Fulham is literally one of the greatest parts of the movie, just brilliant xD.

Seni, Glenn and Tallery: Cheers lads!

RyanPayne31: Anything is better than the 3rd movie. Let's be honest, that was truely awful... lol.

Zap: Don't you worry, Gavin Harris is likely to make an appearance and have a role in this story, at some point...
pompeyblue's avatar pompeyblue
5 yearsEdited

The Kid With A Dream

Football: It is everything I have ever loved. Football has drove me on in the toughest situations in my life, given me ambition, given me a goal to strive towards. Football has brought me fame, fortune, everything one could dream for. All I ever wanted though was the opportunity to let my talents shine, and nine years ago, that wish was granted. I was Santiago Muñez, a hero, a star and a true Toon favourite. Then it all changed, I disappeared, and my story was seemingly forgotten about...


I wake up every morning in the same way, looking out across the beautiful beach of Fortaleza, with a cigar in my mouth and a bottle of rum in my hand. The 5th largest city in Brazil is a truely blissful and paradise destination. Watching the sun set and rise is a stunning spectacle, it is no wonder why many travellers and tourists are drawn to this, and the lively party atmosphere. Make no mistake, spending the past five years here in a luxury ocean view villa is no hardship, however living alone in a life without the thrill of football for me is the biggest hardship of all.

I am an empty man nowadays. No passion; no soul; no heart. The kid from Mexico, the kid with a dream seems - no - that kid is long gone. For me, football is a religion, and as every day passes I am forced further and further away from it. Sure, I could sit on my sunbed and relax all day long. Yes, I might even meet a nice girl and see out the rest of my days with her. But in truth, I revolve around action and more importantly my persona relishes competitive football - there is simply nothing for me here.

I needed to be at it again, it had been far too long. Before, the pressure was too much to handle and as the injuries piled up, it was too much for me to take. What happened? The truth? I ran. Packed up my bags and fled. A media frenzy followed, until shortly after, people just lost hope and I was assumed a dead man. It was what I wanted - really, it was a silly mistake.

Resting on my laurels no longer, I pull myself up from bed and get dressed swiftly. With some breakfast and more rum washed down my throat, I step out from the door and begin to stroll along the beach.

Twenty minutes passes before something catches my attention and I amble towards the scene, eager yet quietly aniticpating what it may be. I step closer and closer, my feet trawling through the sand at an ever increasing pace, while the shouting and squabbling becomes louder. Eventually, it is clear to me. It's a football match.

Last Update: 'Santiago Muñez: The Revival, Return, and Uprising'
Next Update: Escape The Sun
Ooooh, this is a new idea, I like it pompey, good luck! :D
Interesting, I hope Roz makes an appearance or so. ;)
A great simplistic start to the story that is very interesting to read. Keep it up!
Will Gavin Harris be your assistant? Oh, and if you see him, tell him he's shite! ;)
Walter: Thank you, Walt!

Josh: Perhaps... ;)

Jamesg237: Cheers mate.

RyanPayne31: Haha! That Gavin Harris really is shite... xD.
pompeyblue's avatar pompeyblue
5 yearsEdited

Escape The Sun

I stood gawping, gazing and admiring for the next few minutes. It had been quite some time since I had been this close to a playing surface, let alone a ball.

"You got a problem, buddy?"

One of the players had spotted my presence on the sidelines, and started to approach me, as did the others. I quickly tense up, having not thought much about what I was doing.

"Just watching." I mutter, as he takes another stride before placing his hand on my shoulder.

"Don't worry." He laughs at my confused reaction.

"Join us. In fact, we're a man short. Go over there, you can join their side." He usheres me to the team on the right.

"The score is 3-1.... Good luck." He adds, still smiling.

In the opening stages of my introduction, I slowly felt myself into the game. At the age of 35 years old, and the lingering injuries still remaining from my professional playing days, it was hardly going to be a walk. My experience meant I was way ahead of the game though, making deft lay-offs and taking up perfect positions to open up the opposition. Then the chance fell my way.

First, making space for myself, I collected a flick on from my teammate and almost casually made my way to goal. A pirouette round the first lumbering defender and a quick side step past the next put me through, and then came the shot. It was a powerful, driven effort that rocketed past the goalkeeper, and for a moment, it felt like the old times.

Another fifteen minutes flew by, but before I knew it my time was up and my legs just couldn't keep up with the thorough exercise any longer. The comeback had already been completed though, as the 3-1 scoreline had been turned into a 4-3 advantage, myself doing a fair share of the work, setting up one goal and scoring two.

I turn away from the football pitch and make my way back to the villa, immediately feeling low. Being that close to it all again was an incredible, indescribable feeling.

"Hold up, man."

Behind me I see Gabriel, one of my teammates from the match, running across the beach to reach me.

"I never got your name, but some of the guys, they could have sworn that you are..."

"WHO?!" I snap and cut him short.

He dares to speak again, "Muñez... Santiago Muñez."

"Never heard of him." I retort.

"But you look so similiar, are you sure that..."


Other people on the beach all stare in my direction after the outburst, watching closely as I haul myself back home. I don't look back, just walk on and reflect on the miserable, old man that I have become. It's even more apparent now than beforehand, that I need to escape the sun. I must get out of here.


"Are you sure it's him?" questioned the man on the opposite end of the telephone call.

Even from a distance he recognised the target, and knew it was the man he was after. It had taken him a little bit of time, but finally here in Fortaleza, he had tracked him down.

"Yes, boss. It's definitely Muñez."

Last Update: The Kid With A Dream
Next Update: Just Business

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