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Santiago Muñez: The Revival, Return, and Uprising

Started on 9 April 2015 by pompeyblue
Latest Reply on 28 August 2015 by Ta31_a
Two spectacular additions and what great bargains! The future is bright at St. James'.
Two quality signing for cheap just wondering how you did it?
Josh: Cheers man, I can't wait to see 'Hurri-Kane' and Ross in action.

Justice: Newcastle are (finally) on the up!

Cappy13: Thanks. It was relatively easy, actually! Kane had played only 10 games in all competitions, as mentioned in the update, so Tottenham were happy to let him go and saw £15m as a fair price. Barkley made as little as 7 appearances and while it took some negotiating, I managed to get his fee down to £17m. No bad business, eh? :P
Caught up, wow. Hardly touch this site anymore but saw this and felt it was worth a read!

It's had everything! '50 Shades of Munez', some crazy thriller and intense aspects with Mr Bennett. Enjoying it, look forward to how it all develops, can imagine Munez' passion on the sidelines.

Can easily see this as a movie! It plays out that way in my head anyway!
CantGetEnoughOfJelavic: Haha, thank you! There's still plenty more to come from Mr Bennett and of course the main man, Santiago. It's nice to read that you're enjoying the story too, you should keep up with the site more often! ;)
Terrific month, that game against Villa must have had your heart doing summersaults!
Great month man! Some good results which sees you doing really well in the league! Keep it up!
great month, hopefully you get Champions League football next season cause its what St James Park needs
HARRY KANE AND ROSS BARKLEY :O.. Will be interesting whether more players will leave the club because of your performances.. Hopefully you'll have a british core ;)
Justice: You betcha. It was a crazy game, I'm just glad we were the winners.

Josh: Thanks bud. ;)

The Motivated One: I've got faith in my team to see the job through. European football at St. James Park is indeed pretty special.

Pauker: Interest is certainly high. It will take big money offers to tempt me though. January window is over now anyway, I'm expecting plenty of bids in the summer, however. And yeah, Kane and Barkley...woop! :P
FM vs Romance/Thriller... only you would do that ;)
Justice: You know me... always the people pleaser. ;)
Just gotta say, haven't been able to comment for a while but this is ABSOLUTE CLASS. What a story! You have everything - a great plot, brilliant signings, crisp updates. I love it. Keep it up!

PS. I bet Santiago be like

Fantastic month, absolutely bossing it in all comps! And loved the Krul interview!
Feliks: Thanks mate, that means a lot. Also, lmao at the last bit. Santiago is all about the ladies.

Maximus94: Cheers bud, and agreed, we are doing really well at managing all the competitions at once. Hopefully we can win at least one trophy then!

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