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Brand new FMScout podcast/show?

Started on 13 May 2015 by TheFMEditor
Latest Reply on 4 June 2015 by TheFMEditor
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Hi all, So i have been speaking to the great man himself Stam and we have come up with a great idea. Weekly FMScout podcast/show.
Stam has asked me to take control of it and he would like to take a back seat. If you are interested in taking part or have any ideas for the project please leave comments.

This will be done via google hangouts anyone can come on and chat about FM.

Also we will be promoting any work you have if your a guest.

All ideas are very welcomed.
Look forward to hearing from you all
Great Idea! hope it becomes a success
Would be nice to voice some opinions on how poor FM15 edition has been! Good idea ;)
Would be happy to hear views on what we should talk about each week
You could go the direction of being a kind of instructional/help podcast and discuss different topics each week such as how to make the most of youth intake day or maybe scouting networks. Or you could be more of an opinion show and for example on each podcast you could discuss different positions and players that are best buys for it or your favourite tactics and the success you have had with it. then agan you could go for a newsy podcast with interviews and information on fm 16. i guess all three of those could be rolled into a single podcast i guess

There's alot to talk about, you'll have your work cut out ;)
Sounds like a totally original idea and not like anything else
Its very unique, isnt it?
does it need to be unique?
Firstly James and Jay tell me if I'm wrong but I sense sarcasm? Strange that you both comment on this.
Secondly I created the old fm nutters podcasts years ago way before any of the small groups we have now did them so maybe it's unique? But Stam told me they already planned this year's ago but never went ahead with it
The idea for a podcast is not unique at all, we've had it before most FM pages on Facebook were created. However, it was never a priority and it remained an idea forever. Other fansites did podcasts when podcasts were trending and they did well (FM-View comes to mind). Miles used to do podcast to reveal new FM features on a weekly basis, it was fun as we had to transcribe what he was saying and make a summary every time. Anyway, it still isn't a priority for me, but Steve wants to do it and I'm positive to that possibility.
For the record i was backing you up FMST85
@J_Skinna_39: He wasn't referring to you mate; Jay = pointer4ncfc
I like the idea of a podcast here. FM Scout has recently fully opened its doors to regular Twitch and Youtube content so regular podcast content would also be well supported and appreciated.
@J_Skinna Oh no I was on about the other Jay which has been sorted now and agrees and would come and listen. I'm hoping to get started next few weeks

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