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Uwe Rösler: Lost In A Foreign Land

A story of the former East German international Uwe Rösler as he takes the reigns of Italy's fallen giants - A.C. Milan
Started on 22 May 2015 by Jack
Latest Reply on 9 August 2015 by Jack
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A.C. Milan Draw Dynamo Kyiv

Following A.C. Milan's group stage success, the Rossoneri have drawn Ukrainian giants Dynamo Kyiv in the First Knockout Round.

A.C. Milan only finished second place in Group A of their Europa League group, with Greek side Olympiakos topping the group on 12 points.

Despite that, Uwe Rösler's side bagged seven more goals and conceded two less than the ultimate winners of Group A, finishing the six games on a +13 goal difference.

It doesn't really matter anymore though as they are through to the next round regardless.

Both the First and Second Knockout Round draws have taken place, with the teams failing to get past the Champions League group stages relegated into the First Knockout Round of the Europa League.

Olimpiyskiy National Sports Complex, home to Dynamo Kyiv.

Dynamo Kyiv are A.C. Milan's next opponents in the cup. The Ukrainian side finished in fourth place in the Ukrainian Premier League, bagging a qualifiers spot in the Europa League.

Their journey started with a 5-1 aggregate win over Bosnian side FK Sarajevo in the 3rd Qualifying Round of the Europa League.

This led them onto facing Moldovan side Sheriff Tiraspol in the Playoffs. Dynamo won the stage 4-1 on aggregate which sent them into Group I, containing the likes of Red Bull Salzburg, Napoli and Genk.

Dynamo topped their group, with Napoli coming in second despite being favourites to top their group.

Now Dynamo Kyiv face Uwe Rösler's Rossoneri, and whoever wins will go onto play either of the European giants out of Borussia Dortmund or Arsenal.

Milan's clash with Dynamo Kyiv will be televised, with the first leg taking place on the 9th of February, and the second leg played a week later on 16th February.

For a month that I was expecting to be devastating for our title race, it actually turned out better than expected. As you saw, we defeated out dear rivals Internazionale in a three-goal comeback which was excellent as they were top of the table, and still are, but at now with a second loss to their tally. On top of that, we drew with Juventus, which in my eyes was a point gained rather than two points lost. We thrashed Austria Wien 5-0 away from home in the Europa League which was also impressive.


Europa League Group A

Goalscorers: Bahodir Nasimov (own goal), Suso, M'Baye Niang, Carlos Fierro, Francesco Biffi
Booked: None
Attendance: 11,000

A.C. Milan vs Internazionale

San Siro
Serie A

Goalscorers: M'Baye Niang (2), Douglas Escobar
Booked: Fulvio Zorloni
Attendance: 48,647

Juventus vs A.C. Milan

Juventus Stadium
Serie A

Goalscorers: Carlos Fierro (3)
Booked: Geoffrey Kondogbia
Attendance: 40,348

A.C. Milan vs Spezia

San Siro
Serie A

Goalscorers: Carlos Fierro, M'Baye Niang, Geoffrey Kondogbia, Francesco Biffi
Booked: Francesco Biffi, Fulvio Zorloni, Paolo Innocenti
Attendance: 39,343

League Table

Although we have only cut the gap between us and Inter by one point since the start of the month but it is an important one point. I do believe we can win the title this season but we can't have any slip ups, we'll leave them to Juventus and Internazionale. Going into the New Year, we boast the joint first best home record in the league, winning every single game at the San Siro so far this season, with Inter, who share our ground being the only other team to match that record - it must be a San Siro thing.

Next Month: January

Depending if I want to add faces, I can't see many changes to the first-team I will make this month. We have to deal with injuries during the month sustained in December, such as Diego López (2-3 weeks) and Ramiro (3-4 weeks), meaning Róbson - the Brazilian 18-year-old will have to go in goal throughout this month. We play our first game in the Italian Cup against Torino, coincidentally the team we won it against in last seasons final. In terms of league fixtures, there's not much threat on paper besides Napoli and Lazio, who are expected to strengthen this month.
So many matches!

Benzia Signs for Milan

Uwe Rösler has begun his post-Christmas shopping by signing up Lyon's Yassine Benzia for a fee of £1.5 million.

With Lacina Traoré unhappy at the San Siro - with reports of Rösler calling the striker "a literal massive cunt" to his staff, the 6'8" striker won't be staying much longer in Milan.

This led to uproar within the Milan camp and has been transfer-listed with Swansea rumoured to be in for the big man.

But Rösler doesn't have to look anymore for a replacement as French-Algerian striker Benzia joins the Milan ranks for a 'bargain fee' according to Ligue 1 followers.

The 22-year-old made 56 appearances for L'OL during the seven professional years he spent at Stade des Lumiéres. He scored 15 goals in his time at Olympique Lyon.

Benzia appears to be a replacement for the unhappy Lacina Traoré.

The youngster was promised first-team football by manager Joachim Low, but never got it, being shoved into the reserve side, resulting in the striker becoming unhappy at the club.

Rösler spoke about his new signing to local press: "He's a fantastic player, I've watched clips of him and seen him play on the TV.

"I'm absolutely delighted to bring this player to my club, for such a small fee as well.

"I can see him being an instant hit with the fans here in Italy, showing him the appreciation he never really received in France.

"I'm sure he will put up a great fight for the striker spot with Carlos [Fierro]. He may play in the Catania game on Sunday, depending on his fitness levels shown in training."

The striker is reportedly earning around £15,000 at the San Siro, with the Rossoneri paying out just £1,500,000 for the French Under-21 international.
Benzia is an amazing striker, what a signing!
Pauker: Beginning to rack up the injuries as well! :(

IWelshWizard: Hope he plays as well as I expect :D

Bellerín Follows Benzia to Milan

Uwe Rösler has continued spending the masses of money made in the summer by bringing Arsenal right-back Héctor Bellerín to Milan.

The Spanish full-back had already agreed a move to the San Siro. Rösler had initially signed the 21-year-old on a pre-contract deal, with Bellerín expected to join in July.

But that deal was scrapped and instead of signing the player for free, Rösler paid the North London side £2,300,000 to make the move happen with immediate effect.

Bellerín is well-known across Europe for his blistering pace. In 2014, he broke Theo Walcott's 40 metre sprint record time, making him the fastest player in the Arsenal squad.

Signed from Barcelona 'B' in 2011, the youngster didn't make much impact at the Emirates across his six years under contract with The Gunners.

Bellerín in action for Watford in 2014.

His career at Arsenal has included being loaned out three times. He spent the 2013/14 season at Watford in the English Championship before linking up with Eredivisie's Vitesse the next season. His final - and most successful loan spell was spent in Spain, with Málaga where he made 28 appearances for Javi Gracia's side.

He only managed to make one first-team league appearance at Arsenal, though. With eleven other appearances coming in cup games, such as their clash with Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League in late-September 2014.

But now A.C. Milan have seen something in the pacey full-back and have duly signed him up on a four-and-a-half year deal at the San Siro, reportedly earning £32,000 per week in Italy.

It comes as fresh challenge for Milan's regular right-back Davide Calabria, who has made 21 appearances in all competitions under Uwe Rösler since Mattia De Sciglio left for Chelsea last summer.
Bellerin looks like my kind of fullback, hopefully he does well for you and can put a good shift in defense as well.
Bellerin, a good signing along Benzia. 'Being a massive cunt' hahhaahaha, Lacina

Lozano Completes Roma Deal

With the arrival of Aaron Mertens from AA Gent, A.C. Milan's Hirving Lozano has left the San Siro for the capital.

17-year-old Aaron Mertens joined a few days ago for a fee of £2,500,000 from Milan's feeder club AA Gent.

The young Belgian can operate on both wings, and that has led to the departure of Hirving Lozano from the San Siro, as he moves over into Rome.

With the return of M'Baye Niang from consistent loan moves, 5-time Mexican international Lozano has found it difficult to nail down a starting eleven spot this season, managing only seven appearances this season for the Rossoneri.

The remarkable revival of M'Baye Niang's form has kept Lozano out of the side

AS Roma have taken no time in digging up big fees for their players this window, already completing a £28,000,000 deal for Olympique Lyonnais' Junior Moraes.

Because of this, the fee of £21 million splashed out for 21-year-old Lozano can hardly be surprising to fans.

With rumours of a pending takeover at the San Siro means the Rossoneri may be placed under a transfer embargo. And with reported transfer bids coming in for Alex and Lacina Traoré, you wonder if Milan need to buy before selling.

But for now, Hirving Lozano is the only departure of the winter, costing Roma £21 million on a four-year deal.

Mr. Gegenbauer

- Werner Gegenbauer
UR: Uwe Rösler
SB: Silvio Berlusconi

SB: Hello? Reception? Yes, could you please call Mr. Rösler into my office please?... Thank you... Yes, goodbye.

WG: Is he coming?

SB: Ah yes of course.

WG: Good. What's he like?

SB: Ah, he's very good. Very clever, very respectable - I think you'll get along with him.

WG: I see... I have a little something to tell him, if you don't mind leaving the room in doing so?

SB: Oh yes, at your command, after all it is your club now!

WG: Thank you very much, sir.

*Door knocks*

SB: Come in!

UR: Good morning... Good morning

WG: Good morning.

SB: Good morning to you too.

UR: So - what's going on sir?

SB: Uwe, you no longer will have to refer to me as 'sir' anymore.

UR: Oh yes? Why's that then?

SB: Because this gentleman here, Werner Gagenbauer is A.C. Milan's new chairman.

UR: I see... So is that what the transfer embargo was all about?

SB: Indeed.

UR: Hang on. I remember you from somewhere... Where was it now?

WG: Hertha Berlin. I was president there for almost ten years since 2008.

UR: That's the one! Great to meet you!

*Shakes hands*

WG: And you too, Uwe.

UR: So, what's the plan?

WG: See, Uwe. I would be absolutely delighted if you stayed here to continue your job here.

UR: Absolutely! Why wouldn't I?!

WG: See, FC Porto in Portugal - they have just undergone a board takeover just like this.

UR: Okay, what relevance does that have to this?

WG: Their new owner - Pinto da Costa - he wants you to be their manager as part of a backroom shake up at the club. He's seen how you've been at Brentford, Wigan, Leeds and more importantly here, they're very impressed. They have consulted Silvio here about their interest in you, but we obviously need to consult you before making a reply.

UR: Okay...

WG: We know how much impact youth has on your management scheme, so as an incentive for you to stay we are offering you a £10 million youth facility development, as well as complete control over transfer and wage budgets, and also in the transfer market, free movement. On top of that we are opening the option to hire more scouts and recruitment officers to scout the world for players you need.

UR: That sounds absolutely incredible sir!

WG: We will also offer you full protection of you.

UR: Protection?

WG: Silvio, if you please?

SB: Oh yes, of course.

WG: Thank you.

*Berlusconi leaves room*

UR: You said something about protection?

WG: Yes. Listen, I am great friends with Jan Kirchoff - you must know him?

UR: Yes, of course, I signed him for Leeds?

WG: I thought so. Anyway, being close friends, I told him how I was in the process of buying out A.C. Milan. He spoke about how you were here, and he told me some extraordinary news.

UR: Yes?...

WG: Jan spoke about how one day he walked past Enzo Moretti's office at Elland Road. Moretti, Cellino and some other Italian men were all in there. They mentioned your name. They mentioned your sons name, Tony is it?

UR: Yes...

WG: He is still missing?

UR: Yes.

WG: Sorry to bring this up, Uwe, but I feel it is of great relevance to you.

UR: No, please continue.

WG: They mentioned the name Lucca Bianchi in this conversation, saying that "Bianchi has Tony under control."

UR: No way. It can't be. Where is Tony? Where is Bianchi?! I'll kill him!

WG: Bianchi has reportedly fled to Ireland... With Tony. I've checked with police and detectives, they say his credit card has booked a flight to Leeds/Bradford Airport for 2nd February.

UR: Are the police onto him?

WG: Of course? I wouldn't know this and not tell the police, especially knowing you'll be my future employee!

UR: Thank you! Thank you!

WG: No worries my friend. Listen, under me, you and your family has full protection. I have assigned bodyguards near your house location, if anyone goes near there suspiciously, they'll be brought straight to you, and you can decide what to do with them.

UR: Yes, oh thank you sir!

WG: Yes, now I think that should conclude this meeting - go tell your wife the news.

UR: Yes, of course! Thank you again.

WG: No worries, goodbye Mr. Rösler.

UR: Goodbye sir.

*Rösler leaves the room*

SB: Interesting...
Wow, the emotion there! :O
shylax: Certainly a change from most of the full-backs in Serie A, he should be good I hope :)

Pauker: I bloody hate Lacina, honestly.

IWelshWizard: Just to mix it up a bit ;)

'Final Two' Leave Italy

Under Rösler, Alex and Lacina Traoré could never get a game, and it's at this late stage as both have left the club for good.

Starting with Lacina Traoré. The relationship between the Ivorian and Rösler was never a good one, with the couple rumoured to 'despise' each other according to sources close to first-team players.

The German head coach came out in the press recently, declaring that Traoré was attempting to 'undermine his authority as manager of Milan' by turning the playing squad against their boss.

This 'attempt' - if there ever was one - failed. At least according to the revived M'Baye Niang who came forward to shout the squads praises of Rösler.

This statement from Niang only made Traoré angrier, and predictably handed in his transfer request at the San Siro.

After weeks of unknown dealings, Traoré was finally granted a conditional work permit by the British government, as Swansea City announced the 6'8" target man their new signing.

Lacina Traoré signed for the Welsh-based Premier League side for a fee of £2,000,000 - £1,450,000 more than what A.C. Milan paid Monaco to sign him.

Alex spent three years at the San Siro - now set to play for Santos.

The next departure was more saddening than the first, as Alex made his probable final move of his career, back to where it all started for him - Santos.

The 34-year-old started his career of in the same place the likes of Péle and Carlos Alberto began, in Santos. A colourful career then followed his 2004 move to Chelsea for £7.75 million as the Abramovich effect was beginning to come into English football.

The centre-back was loaned out three consecutive times to PSV Eindhoven in the Eredvisie and played arguably some of his best football at Philips Stadion.

Following his loan moves he spent four more years in London for Chelsea, before making his way over to France as he signed for Paris Saint-Germain in 2011 - to partner former A.C. Milan centre-back Thiago Silva at Parc des Princes.

He spent three years in the French capital before joining A.C. Milan for no fee in 2014, making 35 appearances in his first season at the San Siro.

Since then, it has gone downhill, as expected as you age. Alex now finds himself back at his boyhood club Santos for the first time in 13 years - joining on a free transfer.

Milan Finalise Deadline Day Deal

Uwe Rösler sounds like he has finished his transfer dealings this season by signing Jerónimo Rulli.

After three great seasons in Spain under David Moyes, Real Sociedad's Jerónimo Rulli has confirmed he has 'moved on' in his career by signing a big-money move to A.C. Milan.

Rulli, who turns 25 in April, made exactly 100 Liga BBVA appearances for David Moyes' Sociedad since his arrival from Argentinian side Estudiantes in 2014.

Although conceding 111 goals in his three years in Spain, Rulli has been highly rated by Argentinian and Spanish football experts, saying his cat-like reflexes replicate a prime Iker Casillas.

The 6'2" keeper signed a four-year deal with the Rossoneri, staying at the San Siro until 2021, earning just under £80,000 per week at Uwe Rösler's team.

The German head coach commented on his new signing: "He's a wonderful, wonderful keeper. He's young, he's bright, he's brilliant!

"I spoke to him before the deal was made public and the boy has real ambition and he wants to get places with this team, starting with our chances of the Serie A title - he's made of real objective is this lad.

"Because of this attitude to his new home, I can definitely see him settling in with the boys here without any trouble. He's a friendly, polite lad and he's already made me laugh a few times in the last few days.

"But honestly, he's a great keeper and the fans will definitely back my judgement on this one once he makes his first few stops for us."

Rulli joins on the final day of the January transfer window for a grand fee of £18.75 million from Real Sociedad.

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