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Uwe Rösler: Lost In A Foreign Land

A story of the former East German international Uwe Rösler as he takes the reigns of Italy's fallen giants - A.C. Milan
Started on 22 May 2015 by Jack
Latest Reply on 9 August 2015 by Jack
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7 yearsEdited

What an absolutely incredible month. I genuinely have no words for how proud I am of my players for the fightback they have displayed this month. It's truly remarkable what they have done this month. With only one draw being the only loss of points this month - against Juventus, that is something else. I'm delighted to see such endurance on show, as we had to play NINE MATCHES throughout the 31 days of April.


U.S. Sassuolo vs A.C. Milan

Mapei Stadium
Serie A

Goalscorers: Carlos Fierro, Aaron Mertens
Booked: Davide Calabria
Attendance: 9,612

A.C. Milan vs AS Roma

San Siro
Italian Cup Semi-Final 2nd Leg

Goalscorers: M'Baye Niang, Granit Xhaka
Booked: Fulvio Zorloni, Geoffrey Kondogbia
Attendance: 63,896

A.C. Milan vs Udinese Calcio

San Siro
Serie A

Goalscorers: Ramiro, Carlos Fierro, Francesco Biffi, M'Baye Niang
Booked: Francesco Biffi, Krisztian Tamás
Attendance: 39,444

Wolfsburg vs A.C. Milan

Volkswagen Arena
Europa League Quarter-Final 1st Leg

Goalscorers: Carlos Fierro (2)
Booked: Davide Calabria, Adil Rami, Daniele Rugani
Attendance: 25,703

AS Roma vs A.C. Milan

Stadio Olimpico
Serie A

Goalscorers: Carlos Fierro
Booked: Daniele Rugani, Ramiro, Paolo Innocenti, M'Baye Niang
Attendance: 43,957

A.C. Milan vs Wolfsburg

San Siro
Europa League Quarter-Final 2nd Leg

Goalscorers: Carlos Fierro, Suso
Booked: Fulvio Zorloni
Attendance: 52,120

A.C. Milan vs Sampdoria

San Siro
Serie A

Goalscorers: Carlos Fierro, Francesco Biffi
Booked: Adil Rami, Krisztian Tamás
Attendance: 40,982

Internazionale vs A.C. Milan

Giuseppe Meazza
Serie A

Goalscorers: Carlos Fierro (2), M'Baye Niang, Suso
Booked: Héctor Bellerín, Adil Rami, Krisztian Tamás
Attendance: 74,228

A.C. Milan vs Juventus

San Siro
Serie A

Goalscorers: Héctor Bellerín
Booked: Francesco Biffi
Attendance: 76,895

League Table

Following our win against Internazionale and our draw against Juventus, the top of the table has become visibly the tightest it has been all season, with all three title challengers on the exact same points, with even us and Juventus on the same goal difference! We have all qualified for next years Champions League, as we are now 20 points ahead of 5th placed Sampdoria and 15 ahead of Roma in fourth.

Next Month: May

Although on paper the league fixtures ahead don't look to challenging, because of the pressure put upon us to keep our momentum going, they automatically become ten times harder. Napoli and Hellas Verona look the most difficult, but hopefully we can bag maximum points this month. In Europe, it's a game worth millions in sentimental value. It's the semi-final of the Europa League and we play Leeds, with Valencia and Bayer Leverkusen in the other fixture.

INTERVIEW: Milan Knocked Out on Penalties

In a devastating end to Milan's Europa League run, it ended against Uwe Rösler's former side Leeds United. We are about to go live to interview Rösler now.

I: Interviewer
UR: Uwe Rösler
DH: Disabled helper

Hello Uwe, unlucky tonight. How do you think your team played?

UR: I thought we tore Leeds apart tonight, it was just unfortunate how it went down to the lottery of a penalty shootout.

I: Does it damage you more that it was against Leeds tonight?

UR: Oh yes. I enjoyed my time here at Elland Road and I believe I did well, but it feels like you're wife has just cheated on you! Haha! But I'm sure it would feel exactly the same for Leeds fans if we had done it to them tonight.

I: Okay, okay. How do you feel about Diego Simeone's progress as Leeds' manager after he succeeded you a year ago?

UR: I'm proud of him. I'm happy that the job I left has gone to someone who will take care of the club, and looks to already win more than I ever did!

I: You did a lot of work to get the Leeds team you left behind to develop them to reach this level, are you proud of that?

UR: Well obviously, it's a great feeling to aid players development in the football world. That's why personally I'm not as angry at this loss, because I knew the players that beat us out there tonight were a result of my coaching.

I: Thank you Uwe, good luck for the rest of the season!

UR: Thank you.

DH: Uwe! Uwe!

UR: Can I help you?

DH: Yes, there's lots of our disabled fans outside, we've promised them that you'd come and see them - can you do that?

UR: Of course! No problem.

DH: Thank you.

*Walk towards boardroom*

UR: Hang on, why are we going this way?

ENZO MORETTI: Uwe! How lovely of you to come see us! How was the game?!

UR: What? What do you want from me? You've taken my son what else could you want?

Enzo Moretti: Oh no, we aren't finished with that? God no. We want to kill you.

UR: What? Why? Is my son alive? Please tell me, I beg?

Enzo Moretti: Oh yes. Your son is just fine. He's with Lucca Bianchi over in Nottingham, he'll be okay with him for now.

UR: For now?

*Suited men point gun towards Rösler's head*

Enzo Moretti: Well, won't it be a bit saddening to hear his father has died?

UR: No, please... I have a family!

Enzo Moretti: You should never have lef-

Jan Kirchoff: In here! In here! Quickly!

*Fifteen policemen rush into boardroom*

Police officer: PUT THE GUNS DOWN. You are all under arrest. You do not have to say anything. But, it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.

Enzo Moretti: Oh for fuck sake...

UR: Thank you... Thank you!

Jan Kirchoff: No problem, boss.
Loving the imagination behind this mate, great last update. Your taking this story to another level!

Final Day - Live

It's the most important day of the season here, All three teams of A.C. Milan, Internazionale and Juventus are all battling for the Serie A title.

All three sides are sat on the same amount of points going into the 38th and final game of the season, with A.C. Milan leading the way due to their head-to-head records with both Juventus and Internazionale.

A.C. Milan have been dealt the worst hand out of the three teams on the final day, though. The Rossoneri play 6th placed Napoli at the San Siro, meanwhile Juventus travel to Florence to face 12th placed Fiorentina. Internazionale play Palermo who are just safe from relegation in 16th place today.

Napoli are without centre-back Raul Albiol today, but A.C. Milan have a fully fit squad prepared to face Napoli. Here are the lineups:

Let's now head over to our commentary team in the San Siro, covering the A.C. Milan game, but keeping you posted on events at Fiorentina and Palermo.

1': Fierro gets the game kicked off for the last fixture of the 2016/17 season.

2': Oh, and Juventus have already scored! Paul Pogba has put his side 1-0 up against Fiorentina very early on!

17': Suso crosses it in from the corner. It's floated into the crowded six-yard box... It's found a head! GOAL FOR MILAN! It's Fierro! You cannot bet against that boy! He's a sensation! Juventus remain top, but only by one goal!

Fiorentina 0 - 1 (Pogba 1) Juventus
A.C. Milan (Fierro 17) 1 - 0 Napoli
Palermo 0 - 0 Inter

23': Incredible scenes across the grounds today! Karim Benzema has put Juventus 2-0 up now, meanwhile Palermo have hit straight back at Inter's opener, it's 1-1 at Palermo now!

Fiorentina 0 - 2 (Benzema 22)
A.C. Milan 1 - 0 Napoli
Palermo (Kalou 23) 1 - 1 (Isco 22) Inter

29': Suso crosses it in from the free-kick near the edge of the box. Higuaín runs away with the ball before finding Breel Embolo. Eremenko can only find Tamás of A.C. Milan... The left-back starts from his box... Sprints to the halfway line - he's still going! He's approaching Napoli's box here! Shoots! Hits the post! Unlucky for Tamás!

31': Andújar kicks the ball up from his free-kick. Tamás finds Suso with his defensive header on the left wing. Tamás has the ball back on the overlap now. Crossed in now... It's Fierro! GOAL! Milan have scored again!

A.C. Milan (Fierro 31) 2 - 0 Napoli

38': Suso looks set to inswing this corner. Sorensen clears with a header. Fierro twists his neck to head it back into the box, which Biffi controls and fires out right to Suso again. It's low into the near post! Biffi hits the post and it's cleared! Unlucky!

45+1': It's half-time and the tension is excessively high in the San Siro at the moment, with Juventus currently sitting top of the pile at the moment, winning 2-0 against Fiorentina at the break.

Fiorentina 0 - 2 Juventus
A.C. Milan 2 - 0 Napoli
Palermo 1 - 1 Inter

46': Napoli get the second half underway.

48': Andújar hits it high into the air from his goal kick. Biffi heads it away. Kondogbia latches onto it with his chest. Suso skips past the Napoli right-back. It's given to Granit Xhaka... Feeds it to Fierro! Tipped wide for a corner! Great save! Higuaín heads away the Suso corner.

49': Fiorentina may have done A.C. Milan a massive favour against Juventus! They have pulled one back thanks to Soudani! This means Milan go top of the league on goal difference!

54': Zuniga throws it to Hamsik in dangerous territory. Crossed in low and slow to Higuaín, who's in space in the box! His shot deflects to Hamsik who is tackled by Tamás. Kondogbia has turned and fired a perfect pass straight to Fierro's feet. Xhaka sends a high ball out to the right to Niang. The French winger has sent in a cross! Suso on the volley! Tipped wide again!

57': Trouble for Milan again, though. Benzema has scored his second of the game for Juventus, making it 3-1 and dropping the Rossoneri down into 2nd place. One goal. That's all Milan need right now.

63': Maksimovic to take the throw-in for Napoli. Hamsik is once again tackled by Krisztian Tamás in the near corner. Fierro's made an option for the left-back and it's found him perfectly. Fierro holds the ball up on the left-wing, waiting for reinforcements to arrive. Kondogbia is his man. Kondogbia surges towards goal, Fierro to his left screaming for the ball... It's given back to the Mexican, he bears down on goal... Hits it! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! Milan are back at the top thanks to superb interplay by Carlos Fierro and Geoffrey Kondogbia! The drama keeps on coming!

Fiorentina 1 - 3 (Benzema 57) Juventus
A.C. Milan (Fierro 64) 3 - 0 Napoli
Palermo 1 - 1 Inter

65': Internazionale have finally taken the lead again over at Palermo! Pratto is the goalscorers, but it's currently meaningless, with the Nerazurri still in the same position as before.

75': Chiellini has added another goal for Juventus! It's 4-1 but Milan remain top on head-to-head rules!

86': Romelu Lukaku has made it 3-1 over in Palermo for Inter Milan.

90+4': ...Ramiro has won the ball off him... AND THAT'S IT! A.C. MILAN HAVE WON THE SERIE A TITLE FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 2011! The fans are on the San Siro pitch! They're grabbing any form of A.C. Milan staff they can and partying all around them! A.C. Milan are back in the business under Uwe Rösler!

Fiorentina 1 - 4 Juventus
A.C. Milan 3 - 0 Napoli
Palermo 1 - 3 Internazionale

B-b-b-ut G.D.?
I think the head to head counts in Serie A, so if A.C had won and drawn against Juve then they win.
Parker/Jaminge1993: Aye that's right, took me a while to understand it like.
@Jaminge123, I am aware, just trolling around :P
Amazing season at Milan, congratulations!
2015-07-28 14:57#217167 IWelshWizard : Amazing season at Milan, congratulations!
Thanks buddy! :D

So that's that. My first full season as A.C. Milan amounted to the Rossoneri winning the triple - the Italian Super Cup (start of the the season), the Serie A and finally, the Italian Cup once again. It's been an absolutely amazing year for me as I add my fourth trophy to the A.C. Milan cabinet under my management. One mention I mustn't forget to put in here is how great it was to have your support of this story, your comments gave me the will to win games to post here for you, and I have delivered that, so thank you - special mentions to IWelshWizard, Pauker and others (Sorry if I forgot your name!) for keeping interest in my story.


A.C. Milan vs Leeds United

San Siro
Europa League Semi-Final 1st Leg

Goalscorers: None
Booked: None
Attendance: 64,705

Spezia vs A.C. Milan

Stadio Alberto Picco
Serie A

Goalscorers: Felice Piccolo (own goal), Carlos Fierro, Suso, Ramiro
Booked: Fulvio Zorloni, Carlos Fierro
Attendance: 10,236

Leeds United vs A.C. Milan

Elland Road
Europa League Semi-Final 2nd Leg

Goalscorers: None
Booked: Francesco Biffi, Krisztian Tamás, Granit Xhaka, Ramiro
Attendance: 38,521

A.C. Milan vs Catania

San Siro
Serie A

Goalscorers: M'Baye Niang
Booked: Héctor Bellerín, Adil Rami, Ramiro, Yassine Benzia
Attendance: 39,402

Hellas Verona vs A.C. Milan

Stadio Marcantonio Bentegodi
Serie A

Goalscorers: Nicola Leali (own goal), M'Baye Niang (2), Suso
Booked: Francesco Biffi, Carlos Fierro
Attendance: 23,971

A.C. Milan vs S.S. Napoli

San Siro
Serie A

Goalscorers: Carlos Fierro (3)
Booked: Ramiro
Attendance: 60,238

Juventus vs A.C. Milan

Stadio Olimpico
Italian Cup Final

Goalscorers: Yassine Benzia, Carlos Fierro, Héctor Bellerín
Booked: Ramiro
Attendance: 70,634

League Table

So as all 38 games conclude, lets have a final look at it. The race for the title was too close to call. Only one goal separated us and Juventus at full-time of the final game. One goal. On top of that, there were three teams on the same points, us, Juventus and Internazionale - who were way off the title by the last game due to head-to-head results against us and Juventus.

But the three top teams - A.C. Milan, Juventus and Inter Milan all qualified for next years UEFA Champions League, meanwhile AS Roma, Sampdoria and Napoli will battle in the Europa League in the 2017/18 season. As for the unlucky teams that found themselves in the bottom three by five o'clock on 28th May, they will be playing Serie B football next season. Those teams are: Spezia, Livorno and Sassuolo. They will be replaced by Atalanta, Empoli and Chievo Verona who are promoted from the Serie B.

Milan to Move into New Stadium

After three years of construction, the brand new Milan Arena is all set for the 2017/18 season.

AC Milan published their plans for the new 48,000-seater stadium to be constructed in a disused area of land near to the city's trade fair grounds.

The Serie A club made an official tender for planning permission on the land, which was eventually sold off in 2014 to A.C. Milan.

The brand new home of the Rossoneri is claimed to be "one of the most innovative stadiums in the world," according to the Italian club.

The venue incorporates a hotel, a sports college, restaurants, a children's playground, green areas and "spaces reserved for artists and citizens."

Emilio Faroldi is the architect behind the plans and he told Italy's La Gazzetta dello Sport how he had taken ideas from several other grounds around Europe in drawing up his blueprint for what is Milan's new home as of 2017.

The Milan Arena has been inspired by the architecture of Arsenal's Emirates Stadium, according to Faroldi.

"[It is inspired] in particular by the Emirates Stadium in London, also by St. Jakob-Park in Basel, the new San Mames in Bilbao and the Neuchatel Xamax Stadium," said Faroldi, 53. "It has been rendered more suitable to the needs of a club like Milan, projected towards the future evolution of football.

"Stadiums are no longer only thought of as places for sporting events, but as a useful piece of local urban re-organisation."

Milan are the latest Italian club to unveil a definite project for a new stadium after Roma received local approval of their plans while work on Udinese's new Stadio Friuli is at an advanced stage. Juventus previously had Italy's most modern stadium, opened in 2011, before the Milan Arena of today.

Dwindling crowd numbers in Italy have made venues with bigger capacities, such as the San Siro, which holds over 80,000, largely redundant. Juventus have benefitted from a stadium with a capacity of just over 40,000 without any perimeter fencing and with the fans much closer to the pitch than at any other Italian stadium, almost always filling the ground.

The Milan Arena's design intends to bring the fans closer to the action without any barriers.

"Just like the English model, fans will not only be kept under control but also be given greater responsibility," plans published on their website stated.

"Fewer turnstiles to gain access and less barriers between the fans and the players. However zero tolerance to those who behave inappropriately in and out of the stadium."
Who would want a stadium like Arsenal's? :P Just kidding, looks nice!
This will definitely help in the future, but in the meantime you'll have less money to work with (present)
Absolutely brilliant story, just read from the start.

Your detail is incredible

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