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Uwe Rösler: Lost In A Foreign Land

A story of the former East German international Uwe Rösler as he takes the reigns of Italy's fallen giants - A.C. Milan
Started on 22 May 2015 by Jack
Latest Reply on 9 August 2015 by Jack
Milan !! Congratulations to the contract obtained by Milan. luck and see you started rather well. and bring Milan to form a few years ago.

I can only call this an acceptable month after our thrashing received from our cross-town rivals Internazionale. We beat the likes of AS Roma and Juventus, but the loss to Inter Milan is unforgivable and I acknowledge that. The positive from this month is that the lowest position we can finish is 14th and not end up in the relegation net.


A.C. Milan vs AS Roma

Serie A
San Siro

Goalscorers: Adil Rami, Sofiane Feghouli, Andriy Yarmolenko
Booked: Mattia De Sciglio, Alessandro Longhi, Andrea Poli, Sofiane Feghouli
Attendance: 42,346

Internazionale vs A.C. Milan

Serie A
Giuseppe Meazza

Goalscorers: None
Booked: Adil Rami, Fernando Gago
Attendance: 57,606

A.C. Milan vs Juventus

Serie A
San Siro

Goalscorers: Hirving Lozano
Booked: Riccardo Montolivo, Nigel de Jong
Attendance: 58,565

Cittá di Palermo vs A.C. Milan

Serie A
Renzo Barbera

Goalscorers: Nigel de Jong, Fernando Torres
Booked: Mattia De Sciglio
Attendance: 16,676

A.C. Milan vs Catania

Serie A
San Siro

Goalscorers: Andriy Yarmolenko, Riccardo Montolivo
Booked: Ignazio Abate, Adil Rami, Mattia De Sciglio
Attendance: 36,691

League Table

Like previously said, the lowest league position we can come now is 14th place - that is four points away from us currently. The highest position we can finish is now 7th place. To go from 13th place, from where we were when I took over here - to move up six places up to 8th place within the six games we have played is magnificent from my standards.


With a much more relaxed month in terms of league games, we have the Italian Cup Final against Torino as our final showpiece of the season, and potentially a fairly grand welcome from me to the club.
Cup final success, and congratulations for the match against Juventus, sin derby against Inter.
But success and as many trophies!

LIVE: Italian Cup Final

EG: Ema Giulianelli
PM: Paolo Maldini
ZZ: Zinedine Zidane

ZZ: Hello and welcome to today's Italian Cup Final between Uwe Rösler's A.C. Milan and Giampiero Ventura's Torino. Here are the lineups for today's game at Roma's Stadio Olimpico:

EG: Yes, thank you Zinedine up in the studio, but out here the players are lining up in the tunnel.

PM: It's so important this game because it sets Rösler off on a great start to his career in Italy. To Torino, it's not as important for Ventura who is entering his fifth year in charge of Toro.

EG: Absolutely, no doubt Rösler will be playing his trademark 'heavy metal football' today, full of pressing and organisation on the opposition players.

PM: It's brilliant to see some change in style of play over here. It's understandable with the climate in Italy it's not always possible to play at 100% all 90 minutes. Rösler's 'heavy metal' style will definitely shock a few teams next season.

EG: It's so important for Milan and Rösler to win today as it sends them into European competition - something Milan have missed for two years running.

PM: Definitely, but that's enough now, the teams are out and the Italian Cup Final is about to begin, and it's all live here on Sky Sports Italia!

1': The teams are in position, and it's Torino's Ishak Belfodil to get us started here.

18': Tsepo Masilela will take the throw-in for Torino. Achraf Lazaar plays it back to his left-back Masilela. The South African finds fellow African Kevin-Prince Boateng in the middle. A pass from Benassi is kicked out wide left, Yarmolenko and Campbell go and chase after it - Andriy Yarmolenko wins the battle and takes the ball away. Here is the competitions top scorer Kramaric, signed from Leicester in January. He battles with Acerbi and remains in possession of the ball. Kramaric turns past Milanovic and shoots! Parried towards Sofiane Feghouli's feet! GOAL! Sofiane Feghouli puts A.C. Milan in front after just over a third of the first-half played! 1-0 to Rösler's A.C. Milan!

A.C. Milan (Feghouli 18) 1 - 0 Torino

21': Padelli boots it forward from the goal-kick. Alex heads it straight to Torino's Benassi. Joel Campbell finds Boateng in on goal! What a block from Adil Rami! Out for a corner after a piece of magnificent defending from Rami! Alex heads away a Benassi corner.

31': Montolivo wins the ball in his own half - looking to set up a counter-attack here. Keisuke Honda flies a ball over to the right and it finds Feghouli's run! Sofiane Feghouli runs in towards goal! Feghouli!!! GOAL! Another smasher from Sofiane Feghouli! That man is on fire today! He makes it 2-0 to A.C. Milan! Great ball from Honda as well!

A.C. Milan (Feghouli 31) 2 - 0 Torino

34': De Sciglio heads a Padelli goal-kick to Kramaric. Kramaric weaves past two of Torino's midfielders. He now finds himself bearing down on goal, Acerbi blocks his path so he cuts across... He fires a shot goalwards! Wide.

44': Abate throws it down the line to Kramaric who's been heavily involved in all Milan's attacks today. Feghouli's inside the box just. He posts the ball through Masilela's legs to find Kramaric who's heading to the byline. He fires a shot! Saved! Hits the head of Feghouli! Hits the bar! Yarmolenko now surely! Picked up by Padelli! Nail-biting moment for Torino there!

45': Gyomber to throw it down Torino's right wing. Belfodil tries to lay off Benassi but Honda runs in to gather the ball in a dangerous area. Kramaric makes a surging run towards goal! Kramaric hits it! Tipped onto the bar by Padelli! Gyomber puts it out for the corner.

A.C. Milan 2 - 0 Torino

46': Kramaric kicks the second half off for A.C. Milan.

53': Ignazio Abate is looking for options from this throw-in. Kramaric is the chosen option on the right wing. Acerbi tackles and finds the Algerian Belfofil. Kevin-Prince Boateng spots the gap in the defence, Christian Stuani makes the run, he's latched onto the ball and he's one-on-one with López! GOAL! Torino have pulled one back! It's game on here at the Stadio Olimpico! 37 minutes to win back this game for Toro!

A.C. Milan 2 - 1 (Stuani 53) Torino

56': Montolivo finds Honda to his left. Kramaric is once again on the ball for A.C. Milan in the final third. He bursts past Acerbi and Milanovic and fires a shot on target! Saved! Padelli has got down well to stop that.

70': Hirving Lozano comes on for Sofiane Feghouli who's played wonderfully today.

81': Gyomber to take a throw-in in dangerous territory here. Campbell is tackled but it falls for Gyomber again. He sends in a floating cross into the six-yard box, Stuani gets his head on it! GOAL! Torino have pulled it back in the final! What a story! It's Cristhian Stuani once again! It's all level here!

A.C. Milan 2 - 2 (Stuani 81) Torino

86': Gyomber takes the free-kick for Torino in his own half. Campbell now back to Acerbi. Larrondo tries find Stuani but is tackled by Nigel de Jong before he can do so. Abate now has it. Hirving Lozano cuts inside with the ball at his feet. A great display of agility from Lozano! He gets to the edge of the box and now it's Yarmolenko! Hits it! Corner. Joel Campbell hoofs it as far as he can away from the goal.

A.C. Milan 2 -2 Torino

91': Torino restarts the game for us in the Stadio Olimpico.

97': López with the free-kick for Milan. Launches a high, searching ball into the Torino box. Kramaric gets hold of it. Vives tackles the Croat. Abate has the ball from the clearance, Honda now. A ball flies over Masilela's head to Abate. Hirving Lozano drills a ball in low into the six-yard box! Kramaric is there! It hits his heel and finds the net! GOAL! Kramaric scores! He's deserved that all game has the boy! It's gone in off his heel! Milan take the lead again! 3-2!

A.C. Milan (Kramaric 97) 3 - 2 Torino

105': A ball floats in from the corner... Larrondo is there! GOAL! Larrondo has pulled it back for Torino once again! Another bullet header from a Torino head! It's level again!

A.C. Milan 3 - 3 (Larrondo 105) Torino

A.C. Milan 3 - 3 Torino

110': Gyomber wins the header and Boateng clears further towards Alex. Knocked down to Montolivo by the Brazilian. Montolivo flies a ball over to Abate, he drills the ball in at knee-height! Kramaric is there! GOAL! Kramaric volleys it in! Milan take the lead for what should be the final time! That must be it now! It's 4-3!

A.C. Milan (Kramaric 110) 4 - 3 Torino

118': De Sciglio wins the ball off Stuani in his own box. A triangle is played, going from De Sciglio, to Alex, then to de Jong. Yarmolenko is found by the Dutch midfielder. Honda here. Plays it to Kramaric at knee-height again. Hirving is in tonnes of space out right. He meets Masilela on the edge of the box but Kramaric's run is found! GOAL! Kramaric has won the Cup for Milan! That's completed his hat-trick! What a performance from that boy! No doubt he is in Rösler's plans next season! Brilliant interplay from Lozano and Kramaric!

A.C. Milan (Kramaric 118) 5 - 3 Torino

120': Yarmolenko heads the ball down for Kramaric. Boateng tackles and now Padelli has possession. It's a shocking kick out from the keeper and Honda heads it down for Yarmolenko. The Ukrainian plays a one-two with Montolivo, he spreads the play to Hirving Lozano who's cut inside here. He shields the ball from both Torino's centre-backs... GOAL! Lozano has completely finished off Torino here. No coming back for Toro now! They've just given into Rösler's expectations of Milan and they've been torn apart. Milan will be playing in the Europa League next season.

A.C. Milan (Lozano 120) 6 - 3 Torino

121': Padelli hoofs the ball up from the goal-kick and that's it! Rösler earns his first piece of silverware for the San Siro club! What an achievement for the German mastermind!

A.C. Milan 6 - 3 Torino

Wow, what an exciting match!
Five goals in extra time :O
Congrats on winning the cup!
The Finals! Congratulations, a beautiful final, with many goals as presentation. Good luck on.

May ended the season for us, with me having a busy season following my arrival from Leeds United headed to Italy to join A.C. Milan. I've been in charge of A.C. Milan for 78 days so far, contrasting my 610 days at Leeds under Massimo Cellino and Enzo Moretti - that'll be the last I hear from them I hope to God. But in the final month of the Serie A season I attained my first trophy in charge of Rossoneri - the first of many I hope.


A.C. Milan vs Torino

Stadio Olimpico
Italian Cup Final

Goalscorers: Sofiane Feghouli (2), Andrej Kramaric (3), Hirving Lozano
Booked: Adil Rami, Hirving Lozano
Attendance: 47,938

Udinese Calcio vs A.C. Milan

Stadio Friuli
Serie A

Goalscorers: Andriy Yarmolenko, Giampaolo Pazzini
Booked: Adil Rami
Attendance: 16,371

A.C. Milan vs Latina

San Siro
Serie A

Goalscorers: Andriy Yarmolenko, Andrej Kramaric
Booked: None
Attendance: 38,776

League Table

The league finished with Juventus winning the league as predicted by almost every Serie A follower in the world, possessing the likes of Arturo Vidal, Paul Pogba and Alexandre Lacazette within their ranks. The biggest shock to everyone, though was the ascension of Sampdoria, led by Sinisa Mihajlovic. Blucerciati were predicted an 8th placed finish before the season began, but ended the season in 2nd place, just three points behind the ultimate champions Juventus. We finished in a respectable 8th place, bagging Europa League football next season from our Italian Cup antics. Though next season I plan to go further with this side.
Pauker: My nails were almost gone until the 5th went in! :D

Zed: I'm just as shocked as anyone! Thanks mate :D

bebero: Thanks for the encouraging comments mate :)

Rösler: We Will Depend on Youth

In a recent post-season interview with the local Milan press, Uwe Rösler has declared his plans for A.C. Milan in the coming seasons.

For a youthful manager like Rösler, the German was spoilt for choice at former club Leeds United for young players capable at the level of football the club were at.

The West Yorkshire side boasted the likes of wonderkids such as Alex Mowatt, Sam Byram, Lewis Cook and captain Charlie Taylor. That side was the team that won Leeds United promotion from the Sky Bet Championship two seasons ago now.

The spine of that team went onto achieving a 6th place finish in the Premier League the following season - mostly under the leadership of Uwe Rösler.

The German, now under contract at Serie A side A.C. Milan has the same plan for the Rossoneri.

Rösler told the local press: "In England last season I always had the tools I needed in the playing team. Them tools were the youngsters. I had Mowatt, Cook, all I needed to require a good team.

"I want to replicate that here in Italy, and since this is a much more established side I can see me doing even better here.

"We have players out on loan that I want to reinvigorate. They are wasted at other clubs. For example we have Andrea Petagna, he's on loan to Reggiana and scored 17 goals this season. He will be in the first-team upon his return here.

Andrea Petagna has scored 17 goals in 33 games for Reggiana this season.

"Another is M'Baye Niang. He played as a winger at Stade Rennais. Why? Why is he out there? I will let him prove to our fans why he should have been here this season.

"Humam Tariq will be in our first-team next season as well, he will make a huge impact - just wait and see.

"I want to recreate the spirit around the club like there was in the early 2000's. I want to keep players here for years and create a legacy of such a team.

"I want players like your Maldini's, your Cafu's, your Kaká's. I want to create that homely feel within the playing squad.

"That's what I want and I'm sure that's what the fans want rather than big money spending. Fans appreciate a local atmosphere in the playing team more than big spending on big players. I want to create them big players and keep them for years and years."
To bring the cup Europa League, the San Siro!
Good luck, and I campaign transfers.

De Sciglio Joins Mourinho's Chelsea

A.C. Milan have announced their first departure of the summer transfer window - and it's a big one.

It's always saddening to see a player who has grown up through the ranks at a club sold to the money men of football - but when it's for £37,000,000 it's a whole different story.

The right-back joined the A.C. Milan youth system aged just ten years old after playing for local amateur side Cimiano.

He spent nine seasons in the youth teams before he was a member of the A.C. Milan under-20 squad which won the Coppa Italia Primavera in 2010, 25 years after the team's last success in the competition.

Since then, the 23-year-old has gone onto make 113 league appearances for the Rossoneri in which his only title was the Italian Cup won two months ago against Torino under Uwe Rösler.

Fans seem to have turned against Rösler's vision of a youthful side following this departure, but the German promised to keep up his philosophy, and begged the fans to have patience for his plan to come into successful action.

It is unknown who will replace the 23-year-old in the coming transfer window, but plenty of players have been rumoured to leave the San Siro.

Andriy Yarmolenko is rumoured to depart the San Siro this summer.

Andriy Yarmolenko seems like the most popular rumour, with news outlets reporting he is in talks with Spanish giants Real Madrid for a fee of 'over £30,000,000'.

Despite fans lamenting Milan's decision to let De Sciglio leave the San Siro, some fans are seeing the move in a positive light - adding that it was a great fee to improve the squad with and are thankful that the right-back didn't move to a domestic rival.

Many players are expected to leave the San Siro in the upcoming weeks, with Christian Abbiati retiring to become a goalkeeping coach at the Rossoneri, adding more years to his current 18 years at the club.

Robinho is expected to go to boyhood side Santos, with an Eredivisie move on the cards for aggressive defensive-midfielder Nigel de Jong.
That is a lot of money for De Scligio and I'm sure you will find somebody better than him to, so great business there!

Four More Depart the San Siro

Following the shock departure of Mattia De Sciglio to Chelsea, Uwe Rösler has began stripping Milan down to it's bare bones.

The income of Milan's budget sky-rocketed after the sale of De Sciglio, but the reputation of Milan officials have dropped to the floor - and things haven't even started yet.

To begin, Robinho and Luca Antonelli have been released from the San Siro after a combined eight year spell at the club, but they are not included in the four players in this article.

Robinho has been released six years after joining for £15.5 million from Man City in 2010.

A second player has left Milan for a London club, as Gabriel Paletta follows De Sciglio to the English capital to join Watford after two seasons in Milan.

The 30-year-old can hardly call his spell at the San Siro as successful after making just 16 appearances across the two seasons for the Rossoneri.

Gabriel Paletta joins Sam Allardyce's Watford for £2.1 million.

But ignoring that, Sam Allardyce has seen talent in the centre-back and brought the former Liverpool player to Vicarage Road for a fee of £2,100,000.

The next player to leave is another A.C. Milan youth graduate, also a right-back so he shares similarities with De Sciglio, but 29-year-old Ignazio Abate has found himself remaining in Italy after signing his professional contract at the San Siro in 2002.

He was sent to Torino in 2008 in a co-ownership deal but after 25 appearances for them, Milan brought him back to the San Siro for a fee of £2.5 million the next season.

Abate ends a 16-year affiliation with Milan by joining Fiorentina.

His dribbling skills and speed in the right wing allowed him to out run opponent defenders, his crossing into the center also result in goals regularly, but now Rösler is a believer that Abate can no longer perform such antics.

He left the San Siro in early July for a fee of £4,100,000 to fellow Serie A side Fiorentina on a 4-year deal with Viola.

After a successful first season under Filippo Inzaghi, Giacomo Boneventura has found himself surplus to Rösler's requirements at the San Siro.

After 104 appearances at Atalanta, the left-winger was snapped up by Milan for a fee of £3.5 million, making 19 appearances in his first season at the San Siro, scoring six goals and assisting two.

Giacomo Bonaventura ends a two-year spell at the San Siro by joining Udinese.

He now leaves the San Siro after making no appearances under the management of Rösler. He leaves for Udinese's Stadio Friuli for a fee of £6,500,000 - with Milan making a £3 million profit on the 26-year-old.

After a very controversial exchange with cross-town rivals Internazionale, Giampaolo Pazzini leaves the San Siro for good.

Giampaolo Pazzini joined in a controversial part-exchange with Inter Milan four years ago.

In August 2012, Pazzini joined A.C. Milan from Internazionale in exchange for Antonio Cassano, with A.C. Milan paying their dear rivals an extra £7,500,000 for Pazzini's services.

This never angered A.C. Milan fans as on Pazzini's full-debut he scored a hat-trick against Bologna. He has been at the Rossoneri for four years now, but his spell at the San Siro came to an end as Torino tabled a £2,700,000 fee for the striker which was duly accepted by the new German manager.

There are expected to be many more departures out of the San Siro as Rösler attempts to clear a crowded squad. A deal with Real Madrid for Andriy Yarmolenko is close according to many media outlets based around Madrid and Milan.
bebero: I sincerely hope to do that! Thanks for the support man :D

IWelshWizard: It'll certainly widen my options for new players!

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