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My Path To The Top

Started on 22 June 2015 by UsuallyChopped
Latest Reply on 22 June 2015 by UsuallyChopped
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Hello! I am UsuallyChopped, although you can just call me chopped.
I'm a long time lurker and FM Player, although first time posting a story in a loooooong while. In this story I will be UsuallyChopped, what a shocker. A former professional footballer for Northampton Town FC, and long time fan of Manchester United.


While playing for Northampton Town, my hometown club, I scored 27 goals over nine years in the team. Playing from defensive midfielder I had my fair share of injuries, however one crucial injury to my knee put me indefinitely out of action, with no return to the pitch in the future. Of course, this made me feel terrible, but I had support and the testicular fortitude to pull through and pick myself up.

Earning my Continental Pro License, with funding from NTFC, I found myself in a position to take on the world. I will work my way up the pyramid; of course having my reputation will help. At 32 years old I hope to forge a legendary career, the likes of my idol Alex Ferguson, and win the EUFA Champions League...
Welcome, good luck :)
Good luck, I'm looking forward to see who're you going to be managing.
@AaronHJFT96, @GlennT

Thank guys, it's great to have support from probably two of the best writers on here.
Good luck bud!

Queens Park Rangers!

On December 21st, 2014, I signed a one and a half year contract with Queens Park Rangers. So far, the owners have been very generous. The goal is to get a place in the promotion play-offs, and with a small adjustment I have changed my £4.4M budget to £20M in transfer fees and I'm still only using half of my £1.2M Wade budget. People say QPR is a buying club, one that doesn't deserve its place, I disagree... Money is hella useful.

Queens Park Rangers are currently 12th in the FL Championship, with and 8/8/6 record, and currently holds 32 points in the table, the only games this month were against Cardiff City (5th) and Wolves (1st).

QPR 1 - 0 Cardiff

Line Up: Green, Wilkinson, Caulker, Onuoha, Suk-Young, Sandro, Phillips (Dombaxe, 66), Henry (c), Traore, Fer, Gallagher (Becchio, 66)
GOAL!!! QPR, Sam Gallagher, 31!

QPR 1-2 Wolves

Line Up: McCarthy, Wilkinson, Caulker, Onuoha, Suk-Young, Diakire, aguire, Henry (c) (Max Emher, 64), Fer, Taarabt, Gallagher.
GOAL!!! QPR, Adel Taarabt, 52!
GOAL!!! Wolves, Dominic Iorfa, 72!
SENT OFF!!! George Saville walks off the pitch after a second yellow, 74.
GOAL!!! Wolves, Jed Wallace, 91.
A good two weeks of games, a home defeat to the top team in the league isn't too bad, especially since we almost won. It's not good enough though, our problem obviously isn't scoring. We'll have to patch up the defense in the transfer window, maybe get a new left-back.
"Testicular Fortitude" ahahha

great start man, keep it up
@InfraRed: Gotta get a good ol' wrasslin' reference in there somehow!

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