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Select all regens

NoName's avatar Group NoName 2015-11-21 13:20
00 1 posts joined Nov 21, 2015
This is a minor issue, but annoying nonetheless. I'm sorry if this has been discussed preciously, but I tried looking and I couldn't find it.

My problem is that when I go into youth intake, In previous games I could just select the top player and then scroll until I hit 500 players and then get my scouts to give me a scout report on all of them. In this game I can only click on them individually (and not scroll) This of course takes a lot more time. I might just be blind and not able to see a way to select all the players (or up to 500).

The scrolling thing works in any other place (e.g. when i visit a specific team or my shortlists).
RandydeB's avatar Group RandydeB 2015-11-21 15:48
nl 316 posts 71 likes joined Feb 10, 2011
Why not select the 1st player on the list, than scroll down all the way, then hold shift and click the last player in the list. That way all players should be selected and you can than right click and send your scout

This way you should be able to scout them all at once

Other option is just clicking on 1 player then press ctrl + A and they are all selected as well
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