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Average team to highest glory: FENERBAHÇE ECC Champions

Club and team review with how I lead the team to glory
Started on 25 December 2015 by actorrr
Latest Reply on 25 December 2015 by actorrr
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Brief History

Fenerbahçe was founded more than a century ago in the province of Kadiköy in Istanbul. The founders were Mr. Nurizade Ziya Songülen, Mr. Ayetullah and Mr. Necip Okaner. This group of individuals founded the club secretly in order to keep a low profile and not get into any trouble with the strict Ottoman rule. So strict in fact that the Sultan, Abdulhamit the 2nd, forbid that the Turkish youth may not set up a club nor engage in the game of football played by the English families that was watched in envy.
After the first meeting of the founders however, Nurizade Ziya Songülen is elected the first President, whilst Mr. Ayetullah is the General Secretary and Mr Necip Okaner assumes General Captaincy. The first emblem of the club is the Lighthouse which is situated on Fenerbahçe cape whilst the first colours of the club are the colours of the daffodils, white and yellow, scattered around the Fenerbahçe peninsula. The emblem and colours were to be changed in 1910 when the badge was redesigned by Topuz Hikmet and the colours were changed as Yellow and Navy.
Until a change of legislation in 1908, Fenerbahçe’s activities are run under strict secrecy. After this date however, the new law requires that clubs must register in order to exist legally. From that day on, the club was to take its place amongst the top of the Turkish club’s and achieve much success.
During the Independence War of Turkey starting from 1919 , Fenerbahçe hided armory at the club and the players secretly took these to Anatolia to help the the war against invader forces. Contrary to this patriotism they presented, Galatasaray Club, which roots from the oldest modern high school at the Ottoman Empire, hosted the French Generals and higher ranked soldiers at their facilities and it is believed that this is one of the main factors of the rivalry between the two clubs.
The founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was a Fenerbahce supporter. On the 10th of August, after a 3-3 draw against Galatasaray in the Gazi Cup Ataturk was with three Galatasaray and 2 Fenerbahce supporters who were sitting next to him, where he was quoted: "We are three on three here, because I’m a Fenerbahce supporter too".

When the club’s building at Kusdili burnt down, the first donation for a new building came from our great leader Ataturk.

Ataturk has also visited the club and has signed the book of honour where he wrote the following sentence:
"I was informed about Fenerbahce Club’s admirable activities and had made it a duty for me to visit and congratulate the club. That visit has fallen on this day and hereby I record my tribute and congratulations."
ARMY COMMANDER Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

The Emblem

The Fenerbahçe emblem was designed by Topuz Hikmet who played left wing in 1910 and was made by Tevfik Haccar (Ta?c?) in London. The emblem consists of five colours. The white section which includes the writing 'Fenerbahçe Spor Kulubu 1907' represents purity and open heartedness, the red section represents love and attachment to the club and symbolises the Turkish flag. The yellow middle section symbolises admiration and envy, while the navy symbolises nobility. The 'oak acorn' leaf which rises from the navy and yellow section shows the power of Fenerbahçe. The green colour of the leaf shows the success of Fenerbahçe is imperative.
Topuz Hikmet describes the story of our emblem like this:
"After the change of the club's colours from yellow and white to yellow and navy, it was an issue to create an emblem with our new colours. My friends left the design of this emblem to me.
Firstly, I brought together the colours of our national flag, red and white. Then drew a heart shape over the red and gave it a yellow and navy colour, adding an acorn leaf that represents resistance, power and strength. I wrote the club name and foundation date on the white section. When drawing our emblem, I tried to give this meaning: 'Serving the club with dependence from heart.'


The ?ükrü Saraco?lu Stadium is rapidly becoming one of Europe’s elite football arenas. Aziz Y?ld?r?m’s huge investments in top quality facilities since his election as President have been much admired by players and fans alike.


Located next to the club’s headquarters, the Faruk Ilgaz Social Facilities is the new venue for the club’s gatherings. Was initially opened 15 May 1969 but President Aziz Y?ld?r?m rebuilt a modern complex and opened on 21 January 2004.


The construction for this top quality training complex began in 1997 during Ali ?en’s presidency. The construction was completed in the year 2000.


Located at Fenerbahçe Island. Re-opened 24 April 1996.


Training facilities located at Derea?z?, re-opened in 1989.


Built in 1999, serves the youth ranks of the football branch.


Munir Nurettin Selcuk Road Kiziltoprak. Refurbished 24 February.2001. First opened in 1982. Serves the basketball and volleyball branches. This is a small sports hall the club constructed itself and used mainly fort he training but the main ground is Fenerbahçe Ülker International Sports Complex. The arena, with an audience capacity of 13,000-seats, hosts national and international sports events such as basketball, volleyball, wrestling and weightlifting; as well as concerts and congresses. It also has fast-food cafeterias and restaurants. The arena covers an area of approximately 55,000 m2 (590,000 sq ft) and is one of the major sports arenas in the city.[6]


Yumurtac? Abdi Bey Road, Kad?köy. Opened 1 July 1998. Serves youth football development.


Uslu Road Yunus Way No.1 Kay??da??. Opened 30 January 1995.


The Vefa Küçük Swimming Pool was opened on 16 July 1999.


The top level training complex and resort of Fenerbahçe S.K. professional football team located at Düzce, Topuk Yaylas?. The training facilities are also available for the usage of other football teams for pre-season
In Game Info
Estimated value of the team is 79.16 million Euros. There are 38360 season ticket holders for 50509 capacity of ?ükrü Saraco?lu Stadium. There is a transfer budget of €2.09m and €5.75m per month payroll budget of which €5.62m is already been used. The board and the media expects Fenerbahçe to win both the league and the Turkish cup.

Writer’s Comments

I want to give you a bit of information about myself before starting my comments so that you can better evaluate what I am going to write. I am 41 years old and I have been watching football for the last 30 years. I am graduated from one of the best universities in Turkey and I know 3 foreign languages. I try to read a novel at least a month, I am pretty active socially and culturally. The last thing I should tell about myself is that I play FM series from CM times on.

First of all I have to tell the game is almost completely wrong about whole Turkey. All the players and clubs are underrated and or misrated. I know the game has “scouts” all over the World and gathers information but either the scouts for Turkey are wrong or the producers of the game spend less time to infer the information coming from these scouts.
You can tell we did not see much success from the Turkish players or Turkish teams lately but even this is not a precise assessment of the situation. It is true that Turkish national football team could not participate the latest 3 International championships 2 beeing the World Cup and 1 Europe but this does not tell everything. If Turkey could not produce good players it would have been impossible to be at the semi-finals of World Cup 2002 or again the semi finals of European Championship 2008. It even would be impossible to qualify for Euro 2016 after starting with 2 defeats and a draw from the elimination group if the game was right about Turkish Football. The following 7 games saw Turkey’s 5 wins and 2 draws with teams like Holland, Czech Republic, huge over achievers Iceland, Kazakhstan, and Latvia.
There are 3 main problems of Turkish players and these are professionalism and concentration siding with tactical Fundamentals. Believe me these are not the core of success for football game. To give a better rating fort he Turkish players the game could have re rated the Turkish players and could have given them higher attributes both in physical and technical realms but could have lowered (even not necessary, these attributes are all low enough) the mental attributes. Only 3 years ago Fenerbahçe succeeded to reach as high as the semi finals of Euro Cup with only 6 foreign players (due to the regulations of the federation). I am not telling that Turkish players would be there or thereabout at each and every championships but they are capable of doing so. When you examine almost all other nations, you can almost see what success they can achive at the next competition given that it is never certain at a game in which there are 22 players and a rounded ball. On the other hand, given the attributes to Turkey at the game it seems Turkey will never be there. The likely players of Enes Unal, Arda Turan, Ozan Tufan, Selçuk Inan, Burak Y?lmaz, Mehmet Topal, Gökhan Gonul, Caner Erkin or the Germany based Hakan Calhanoglu, Mehmet Ekici, Mesut Ozil, Ilkay Gundogan, Yunus Malli deserve more respect and generalization. You can see this underrated players at the regen setup also.
Aside from the attributes of the players the nation is also presented with huge errors. The economic factor is wrong, the facilities are wrong, and the competition rate in Turkey is also wrong. If you have read till now You should have seen the facilities of Fenerbahçe. I have been to each and all of these facilities and these are all World class. Only a few of the clubs all around the World do have similar facilities. One home game at Sukru Saracoglu Stadium makes Fenerbahçe earn around 1 million Euro only from the gate receipts and the merchandising at a game day is at least 100 thousand Euro. Fenerbahçe merchandising company Fenerium ranks in the highest revenues between all manufactered textile companies in Turkey. There are more than a 100 Fenerium Shops in Turkey and they are beeing spread also all around the World starting from Germany, Holland, and the USA. The club is working towards having 1 000 000 club members with a big promotion campaign, also signed an agreement with search engine Yandex that she will earn from all the searches done by Fenerbahçe fans installing an application for Fenerbahçe Yandex search engine. The projected outcome will not be less than a couple ten millions Euro per year. Also the Turkish economy proved resistence to the World Economic crisis over the course of last 20 years.

Game Time

When we start the game as Fenerbahçe’s Head Coach we see that the club has already transferred Ozan Tufan, Volkan ?en, ?ener Özbayrakl?, and Fernandao from the local market and Van Persie, Nani, and Kjaer from the international market.  There are also two loaned players from abroad which are Fabiano, Ba and Lazar Markovic.  If we try to form a best team out of the ratings of these players it would be a 3-4-3 diamond but that I would not agree forming the team.  I would chose 2 tactics for variety and these will be a form of 4-2-4 and a 4-1-2-3.  Thanks to gmo.lmg that I used his “4-2-4 Porto” tactic along with The Reckonist’s “4-3-3 Possession aka Scholes can’t tackle” tactics with small tweaks.  The default 11 with 424 will be:
Volkan, Gökhan(?ener), Kjaer-Ba(Bruno Alves), Caner(H.Ali), Topal-Souza(Diego-Meirelles), Markovic-Nani(Volkan-Alper), Fernandao-Van Persie(no subs). With the second tactic I could use one of the strikers as the sub but this time there are less sufficient subs fort he midfielders. These players will be enough if you compete only fort he 2 local championships if you train and rotate well enough to prevent long term injuries to key players but I would still suggest to buy at least a striker.
If you will compete for the European Cups also as I did, you will have to sign in a few more players. I started with selling Diego, Meirelles, Bruno Alves, and Kadlec. These earned me around 12 million Euros. As I was then short of CBs I first signed Emanuel Mammana, Jairo Riedewald and Filippo Romagna. For all the transfers I used a lower cash payment and payed more with per game or divided to months type because I did not have much Money to spend. The board likes spending on transfers (it is a pity) and as you sell players and win games they are more willing to provide you with more Money. So sell first and buy at the last days of transfer time. I purchased Thiago Maia fort he defensive midfield and Arianit Ferati fort he advanced midfield. Ferati may seem like more of a winger but he does pretty well at advanced midfield. I needed him as I sold Diego and sent ?ener to loan. Loaning out ?ener meant I would use Ozan as RB so when added to Diego it meant 2 players out from midfield. Mehmet Topal does pretty well in the midfield defensively, as Gökhan and Caner does well at the side backs. Caner does a marvellous job for attacking but you can see him off with red cards as he is not as good defensively. Both are prety agile and swift. Volkan is more than enough as a keper but he is getting older so we will invest there at the January transfer window. I also purchased Mateo Tello for LB as a prospect and gave so little a Money. All my incoming transfers are in fact prospects so I didnt pay much for them. It is better to develop these into future stars and more exciting for me. As far as I remember I played a pre determined scenario game in which you have to be champions with youth at senior level last year and from then on I believe in youth more than established players. It is important to manage your team well though. Dont make anybody talk for you anywhere and chose your words carefully.
I arranged friendies every 4 days and set the training to tactics with team cohesion giving no free day untill the end of the season so that the team would gel best with each other and the new tactics. This is because there are 16 new signings at the team (10 before me and 6 mine).
The first opponent at the knock out phases of CL was Monaco and I won 5-2 aggregate. The second beeing Shakhtar and 2-1 on aggregate. The game saw me getting 3 draws and 7 wins at the first 10 games of the league. The group of CL was Real Madrid, Paris Saint Germain, and Lazio in which I could get 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 defeats but that brought qualification fort he latter rounds being second after Real Madrid. I played more attacking football at the games I was supposed to lose and won the games but played more defensively at the ones we were similar but lost these ones. Both of the wins were from Paris and defeats from Real Madrid. 2 draws with Lazio.
The stars for my team played above expectations, at least the expectations of the World football. Maybe nobody expected Van Persie to gain his form back and stay free of injuries but I used him wisely and he played better and better every week. This bicycle kick goal shows he gained his confidence back: Nani was also playing with high determination and he scored and assisted many goals. It was maybe Fernandao’s performance that necessitates the most attention. A player who came to a foreign country at his late 20s and he scored the most goals at Turkish Super League last season before Fenerbahçe transferred him, managed to perform so well. My team was playing fine, not scoring as much as I would have liked but still fine as the team gel with each other. On the other hand, higher success necessitated more and better players. This is why I tweaked my budget a bit alongside the other Turkish teams also.
The January transfer window was a feast with 7 more transfers. I sent Markovic back to his club with also Bat o decrease the payroll, purchasing Bruno Paulista, Andrija Zivkovic, Richairo Zivkovic, Mohamed Salah, Matheus Pereira, Danilo(Braga), and Maisonnial. I payed around €18m for these players. Sold Volkan Sen and H.Ali.
Arsenal was my opponent at the CL first knockout round. I won 3-1 at home Nani, A.Zivkoviv, and Gibbs(OG) scoring for me at home followed by a 1-1 draw away where Nani scored for me.
The first game of the Quarter Finals was away against Leverkusen. It was a match to remember for ages and the final score was 5-4. I lost the game but it was a fantastic performance. Van Persie scored 2, Nani, and R.Zivkovic. You will not even believe the score of the second game: 6-0 where Van Persie scored 2, Souza, Nani, Riedewald, and R.Zivkovic: You can see this goal cannot be scored without teamwork.
Semi final was against Manchester United. I lost 2-1 at the first game at Manchester but could win 5-2 home.
The final of the CL was only 3 days after my Ziraat Turkish Cup Final in which I won 3-2 at the 112th minute! Van Persie got us flying at 25th minute against Manchester United but Mateo Tello got his marching orders with a red card at 45. I played the second half one man down but the team managed to not concede and became the best of Europe.
Here are some statistics:

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