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The Kévin Gauthier Story

Started on 30 March 2016 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 8 June 2016 by mgriffin2012
Great update(s) finally got time to catch up!

AS Mont-Dore win second straight O-League Title

It was a rematch of last years Group C match up and Team Wellington were looking to get revenge but were unable to. It was a great O-League this year and excited for next season. Here is how the two clubs got to the final.

Team Wellington:

AS Mont-Dore:

Unlike last season AS Mont-Dore's Kévin Gauthier was not looking to play defensive football and decided to go all out. Well it seemed to have worked. Feeling very confident Gauthier's side looked ready to win.

The scoring began in the 12th minute when Team Wellington's Sam Brotherton scored an own goal. Nobody could believe what had happened and Mont-Dore was on their way to the title. A few minutes later Brotherton's name was announced, but this time he scored a goal and it was tied at 1-1. The match was going back and forth and both sides had many chances. In the 25th minute Mont-Dore's Kevin Gohiri scored the final goal of the match. Once it hit 90' the match was over and AS Mont-Dore would repeat.

"it feels good to have won again and we proved that last season was no fluke. We worked hard to win again and Team Wellington was an amazing opponent," said Kévin Gauthier.

With this win Mont-Dore gets to return to the Club World Cup in December.
Congrats on another O-League win! Cant help but think that bigger & better things are on the horizon for Kevin! :)
Great job winning the O League mate! Hopefully you're still contracted to them when the Club World Championships come around :P
C.J.Lippo I have a feeling you are right

mgriffin2012 We will see


The last two months were extremely busy for the club with three league matches and the O-League. As we all know our club won the O-League once again and will be back in the Club World Cup this upcoming December. League play started on 31 March when we kicked off the season against JS Baco. It was a very enjoyable match for many of the new players who showcased their talents to the fans for the first time. After the O-League the club finished strong wining the next two matches. Here is the match of the month against Tiga Sport. In this match we won 5-0 and Alex Clement kept his cleansheet streak going. Here are the highlights.

May will be an extremely busy month for the club as they have to make up a few games that were moved due to the O-League. Below is the schedule. May kicks off against Mouli Sport on the third.

2016-04-14 00:15#229476 Griffo : FLAWLESS VICTORY! FATALITY!


May Recap

In May the club continued their success and now the wining streak is at 35 matches. During May they had to coverl ost gorund due to the O-League and had some exciting matches. One that stood out the most was against Mouli Sport. In this match we won 4-0 and goalkeeper kept his league cleansheet streak at five matches.

For the month of June there will be no matches. That means action picks up in July with two matches against Quanono and Thio Sport. The transfer window will also be open 1-31 July. Stay tuned for the latest moves.

MJK46's avatar Group MJK46
7 yearsEdited

Journal Entry #2

7 July 2017:

Wow I am such an idiot, I thought i was going to start keeping track of my career. Well it is not too late so I should start now.The big thing is that something has been troubling me and I need to write about it. I have a big decision on my hands.

First off my time here at AS Mont-Dore has been amazing and I am so happy they have helped me kick star my career, but I am afraid it is over. Oh you say "Dude you are on fire here, why quit now?" Well here is why, I had thought becoming a pro club and a chance at a repeat of the O-League would be fun. Guess what it sucks and it is so boring. Seriously every match has became a joke domestically, I tell them just go out and do whatever. Over 30 matches unbeaten in league play, come on man....

For some reason this is taking out the fun of the sport for me and it is becoming a joke. Plus the board has been a bitch lately. As I have said I want out, well the club is holding me hostage in a way that I am starting to get annoyed. Every time a club has approached me (3 clubs) the board has put in insane compensation demands, I get very upset. It was a mistake signing until 2019. Again you ask why not just quit? Well quitting can be seen as a bad thing and I don't want that risk when future interviews come up.................

With that I took some action. I was cruising the FIFA Wanted Pages for any open jobs and I found two. The thing is for my next stop I want to manage in Asia so I had my settings set to that. From what I could see a bunch of clubs were open. So I put in the mass apply button and soon got an email from. Dubai CSC of the UAE Arabian Gulf League. We have been in private talks so my board doesn't do anything. Well they were impressed and then offered my the job.......

I told them i wasn't sure and gave me a few weeks to thing about it.. Now the next few weeks will be crazy with this decision. i need to think this true as the Middle East wasn't in my plans, I wanted China or japan. Should I go for that Arab Money or finish 2017 with my current club?
Congrats on winning the O-League!

July Recap

With July only having two matches it went by real fast. For Gauthier and company they would struggle in the first match and get a 1-0 victory. In the second match things improved when they won 3-0. Here is the highlight of the 3-0 victory over Thio Sport.

August will be a pretty busy month for the club with three league matches and one cup match. After the last two seasons of disappointment in cup play the club is looking to bounce back and finally win one under Gauthier. He said, "There is no excuse not winning this competition this season and if we don't then it is a failure of a season"

For the transfer window no moves were made and a few players came into the squad after waiting until they turned 18. They were Nino Combes, Matheus and Callum Ainley. All three players will have a chance at playing this last part of the season. On the transfers out part only one player was moved. Japanese midfielder Masaya Higuchi was moved to Muli Sport on loan where he will be with them for the next two seasons.
Another good month mate! Keep it up!
big decision on changing clubs...I would say go for it - there;s a lot of oil money there, but is it enough to pull in big names? A solid month as well, keep it up!
mgriffin2012 Thanks

InfraRed I decided to reject Dubai SC as I just didn't feel that club was the right fit. We will see what I do though.

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