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The Kévin Gauthier Story

Started on 30 March 2016 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 8 June 2016 by mgriffin2012
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The Meeting

10 Aug 2017:

So I am in my office just jamming out to some Bell Biv DeVoe. I am just going over so many things for the next few games and trying to decide who will be my starters. I have so many quality players to my disposal. The one thing is I might start benching Jamal (Kabeu) because he is getting older and has lost the insane form of last year.

Well anyways I am going through my email and notice a club I applied for had to reject me over the fact my chairman put a huge compensation fee on my head. It was like €30 million. I feel like I am being held hostage in a very bad relationship and I feel it is time for some of that space or even a break up. As I said extending to 2019 was a mistake. I have had enough of this crap so it is time to tell off the chairman.

Well I am now at the chairman's office with a semi upset look obn my face.

Chairman Albert Mapone

"Albert we need to talk and I am in no mood"
"Really Kévin what is it that you want to talk about?"
"Look I know what you are doing and you need to stop, I feel trapped and this feels like a bad relationship."
"What the heck are you talking about?"
"You damn well know..."
"Not really, Kévin?"
"You got to be kidding me..."
"Is it about you not getting a chance to move?"
"No shit"
"Ok, why do you want to leave us?"
"I feel that I have done all I can and it is getting pointless"
"But you have it made here, i made us professional for you!"
"Look I understand but I feel it is time to move on"
"Ok, I understand but why?"
"It feels like I am in a smothering relationship and I can't leave, every time I do you keep forcing me to stay, it feels abusive that I don't have freedom."
"But I gave you everything and now you want out??"
"I am the one who made you and I am the one that can destroy you!!!"
"Ok, whatever dude, look at the end of the season on 31 December I am quitting!!!!"
"No please don't Kévin we... I need you, without you we are nothing, what can I do to keep you here?"
"Honestly nothing I am worn out from this club... Honestly it is making me regret coaching"
"Why don't you stay until your contract ends, please???"
"No way because that is two more seasons and that is just too long."
Aw ok, you know what I am sorry to be treating you this way, look you have been a blessing to the club and I don't want to lose you, I overreacted and I am sorry."
"Albert no worries and I understand where you are coming from now."
"So about that contract why don't we redraft it for the end of this year."
"Sounds good."
"So about your replacement would you like to help search for your replacement?"
"Well that is it and we will be in touch about that soon."

My god that took longer than expected but thank god I am leaving this club. I get to now try my craft in another country and I am very excited to see where I am next. Now it is time to finish 2017 strong.
Nice job on getting the contract down till the end of the season,
What a way to leave, protesting basically hahaha
Griffo DEFCON 5!!!!!!!!!!

Balik 'twas easy

ScottT That is how I roll

August Recap

The club continued their run to the championship by winning all four matches. There was nothing really exciting to report outside of the cup competition. For the first time in two seasons the club has won a cup match. Against AS Losi they scored seven goals. here are the highlights

There is some sad news to announce. Manager Kévin Gauthier will be stepping down from management at the end of December. Despite the fact his contract runs out in 2019 him and the management were able to come to an agreement to to change it to the end of the season. It is not known why other than he wants to manage somewhere else.

Next month there are four matches again. In the cup we will be facing Tiga Sport. Here are the fixtures.


September Recap

September was a joyous month for the club. The most notable event was that on 29 September Gauthier and company locked up their third title in a row. "It was amazing to be able to capture this third title and I am excited to finish with a cup victory as well," said Gauthier. The other big news is that the club will be in the cup final for the first time since 2009 when they won. In this match the club recorded a shutout against AS Kunié, here are the highlights.

The next two months will be very busy for the club. During this time there is a variety of matches that include the league, cup final and the Coup de France 7th Round. Here are the matches and dates.

Dominating the league, good luck in the final!
Well, You are finally fed up with the manager? took you a long time :P #Hostage-situation
Would love to see you get a result in the Coupe de la Ligue!
AS Mont-Dore win 2017 Coupe de Nouvelle-Calédonie

It was a long time coming for AS Mont-Dore in cup play under Kévin Gauthier as they finally won the cup in his reign. This was the only competition trophy that he was missing since joining back in July of 2015. The victory gives the club a treble. The final score was AS Mont-Dore 4-2 AS Qanono.

"I am so proud of this club and it was a lot of hard work to finally get to this, the last few seasons were extremely disappointing in cup play. Well we finally did it!!"-Kévin Gauthier

It all started in the 11th minute when Mont-Dore's Damien Morin got the match started with a with a well placed shot. 10 minutes later Qanono's David Breton was able to equalize as he placed a beautiful shot from just outside the box. Mont-Dore's Kevin Gohiri the put this club back in front with a header in the 45th minute. Morin would add his second goal in the 64th minute, Quanono's Mathieu Gilliard scored in the 71st and Jamal Kabeu finished the scoring for Mont-Dore in the 91st.

You just keep ticking boxes!
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7 yearsEdited

October/November Recap

The last two months in Kévin Gauthier tenure as manager for the club will be memorable for so many reasons. The biggest came in finishing the season undefeated in all New Caledonia based matches. The fact the club was able to obtain a treble was even more special. The match of the month has to be the final league against Thio Sport. With a 4-2 victory Kévin Gauthier was able to finish league play perfectly.

For the Coupe de France our club was able to win 3-1 against Raon-l'Etape and advance to the ninth round. For the next match the club would have to fly back out to France and face Ligue 2 side Dijon FCO. Sadly the run is over for the club as the score was 3-0 with Dijon advancing.

"I just want to thank everyone for the last few years at AS Mont-Dore for the support. I had made this club into something powerful and I will always remember this club as the one who got my career started. Maybe some day I return, who know??? Good luck next year, said Kévin Gauthier in his last press conference of league play. We wish him luck in wherever he manages next.

For the match of the month it is Kévin Gauthier's final league match against Thio Sport.

In a few days the 2017 FIFA Club World Cup kicks off in the United Arab Emirates. Our club is scheduled to face Al-Ahli who were the winners of last seasons UAE Arabian Gulf League. The match is set for a 7:30 kickoff from the Zayed Sports City Stadium.

2017 FIFA Club World Cup Clubs:

Just caught up on this after a few days away! Shame youre leaving mate but good luck in the Club World Cup!

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