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The Kévin Gauthier Story

Started on 30 March 2016 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 8 June 2016 by mgriffin2012
I have all the faith in the world that you will be successful in your new role!
Hopefully more success in Macau.
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Sporting Clube de Macau
2ª Divisão de Macau

According to sources this club was founded in 1926 and are the 25th branch of the Sporiing CP family. Since the clubs founding they have only won a 2ª Divisão de Macau in 2013. They have never won a Liga de Elite title and only one Taça de Macau 2017.


Benfica (MAC) win 2018 Taça do Presidente

28 January, 2018

The two Derby de Macau clubs were anxious to get the 2018 season started off by playing in this super cup. For Sporting they were the massive underdogs and were predicted to lose by a wide margin. Lucky for them it was a 1-0 loss thanks to Benfica's Fabrico who scored the only goal in the 16th minute.

For Sporting this was their first match with a new manager for the first time in five seasons. The second division side is now lead by Frenchman Kévin Gauthier. After the match he had a few things to say about the loss.

"I wasn't surprised we lost as I just joined up a few days ago and we hadn't had much time to go over tactics and my system. Also I noticed that it was pretty hard to communicate with the club as there is still a big gap in language, hopefully by February things look much better."- Kévin Gauthier

For Sporting they now have to prepare for a busy season in the second division as they aim for promotion for the first time in two seasons. Their second division season kicks off on 21 February against Hong Ngai. For the AFC Cup Sporting have been drawn as the home side in the East Preliminary Round against Real Ermera Lions of East Timor. The match is set for 31 January.

Decent looking squad you have there, shame about the first result. And man didn't know their away kit had a big question mark on the middle of the shirt....they get confused every time
Unlucky about that result mate but i'm sure they'll pick up in due time!
Not a bad result with just 4 days to prepare, sure you'll build on that.
Unlucky MJK!

Thanh Hoa defeat Sporting Clube de Macau 2-1 in East Playoff

Feb 2 2018

For Sporting Macau their run in the AFC Cup has finally ended in the hands of Vietnamese club Thanh Hoa. In a very close match the club from Macau would see one of their stars go down with a very serious injury.

The match itself was very competitive and had the supporters on the edge of their seats. For the visiting side they were not expected to win as they just hired a new manager a week earlier. While despite their issues the club was able to stay competitive all match long.

Thanh Hoa were the first club to score, in the 53rd minute when Dinh Van Hung gave his club the lead with a close range finish. Macau's Jose Cruz would level it for Sporting in the 72nd minute for the clubs only goal of the match. Finally Hung would score his second goal of the match with a beautiful header two minutes later in the 74th. With that goal Thanh Hoa would keep the lead until the final whistle blew.

For Sporting they will now return home and look to make a return to the competition next season. For Than Hoa they will now be advancing into the group stage of the competition.

This makes me a sad panda!

The First Few Months (Jan-Mar)

My Thoughts: These last few months in charge have been really intense for me. When i had gotten the job I had known it would be tough especially as I was hired a few days before a competition. Well enough about that lets talk about how I feel things went. The transfer window had also closed and I neglected it as nobody really wanted to play for us plus I was too busy trying to get this team set for the season.

Obviously the first match against Benfica we lost but I am so happy they played as well as they did. In the AFC up I am pleased we got to the playoff as I have been struggling to get these guys ready. Seriously in the beginning it has been hard. Funny thing is I a Frenchman was defeated in Vietnam haha. If you don't get that look in the history books.

Well finally I am pleased to say that the league was amazing. We have won our first two matches and I am so proud of the club. Things were clicking in both matches especially the one against Chang Wai. 6-0 was insane and we looked on fire.

Next month will be pretty busy with four matches three that are in the league and one cup match. I feel like there will be a lot of pressure on me in this cup match against CD Cultura Coloane. If we lose then I have a feeling the board will be on me more. They are already mad about the loss in the AFC Cup

Good start, looking forward to seeing how you progress throughout the season!
MAcau seems a weird place with all the portuguese named clubs :O
Good start to the season mate hopefully you have simular success to what you had in New Caledonia
Griffo Thanks]

Live For FM No not really as it was a Portuguese colony all the way up to 1999......

mgriffin2012 Hopefully even better

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