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The Kévin Gauthier Story

Started on 30 March 2016 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 8 June 2016 by mgriffin2012

Month in Review: February

For manager Kévin Gauthier and Sporting the first month of Liga de Elite was a really good start to the 2019 campaign. In the three matches his crew would be victorious in all three and look unstoppable. For the first three matches the players would rotate as some positions would be up for grabs. During this three match run the club would score a total of sixteen goals while only letting in two. Currently Sporting are on top of the league with nine points in three matches.

Match of the Month: 17 Feb Monte Carlo
The 213 supporters that attended the first home match of the season saw the Taça do Presidente champions control the play for the whole of the match by not allowing the visitors score until the 71st minute. Fan Favourites Gilberto Monteiro and Luis Domingues entertained the crowd with their performances. The two former academy stars both scored five out of the eight goals. New signing Robson would end up scoring two goals while Vinicius Lemes scored his first in league play. This 8-1 victory is now a Lige de Elite record.

Man of the Month:

Luis Domingues has been by far the standout player for the club during the opening month and has been a crucial part of the teams explosive start and for him to contribute with 7 goals shows how much of a threat this club is in the league. Domingues currently has an overall match rating of 9.4.

Managers Thoughts:
I had thought that this was a very important month. If we were to show the league we mean business it was this month that we had to play at our best. The one thing I am not sure about is the goalkeeping situation yes Ricardinho has done great but I want to test Aldo Dali in the upcoming match against Chao Pak Kei. Outside of that I am ready for that Benfica match and hope it brings the best out of both sides.

What to look forward to in March:
The second month of the season looks to be very busy for this club with a total of five matches. On 14 February the draw for the second round of the 2019 Taça de Macau and we have been drawn against fifth division side Weng Wa. For the Liga de Elite the bigest match will be on the 24th as the club is set to host rival Benfica. This will be the first Derby de Macau match in the Liga Elite since 2016. This will be extra special as the clubs will be facing eachother for the first time as professional clubs. Also on 1 March the winter transfer window closes.

Luis is creeping me out......, Good thing he's talented! :P
Top of the league, "Luis Domingues is having a party!"
great set of resultss....

Hey I am soorusooru..... so don't call me live for fm!!!!!! :P

Sporting Clube de Macau takeover saga is finally over

After four months of speculation and complications the takeover of the club has finally been completed. Local businessman Pan Kui Kai has taken over the club from Tam Si Keng. Keng has been owner of this club for the past two seasons. For Pan Kui Kai he will be taking over things immediately.

" I am excited to get things underway here at Sporting and look forward to making some changes here, I want to continue Keng's work and get this club to the top," said Kai during his press conference.

One thing that was hinted is that Manager Kévin Gauthier's management job is not safe. one thing that was reported is that Kai is looking to bring in his own staff and the head management position might become vacant. If Gauthier is fired that will be a stupid thing to do as he has brought success to the club by getting them a promotion and two cups.

It is too early to tell what the new chairman's goals are and how he will structure the club.
Luis is way too scary!!!! :O

Don't understand why FM has put these scary faces in game :))
and great takeover :D
Hopefully the new owner will bring with him some great investments!
How much have the club finances changed in regards to budgets?
2016-04-28 20:35#230233 Griffo : How much have the club finances changed in regards to budgets?

from what I can tell so far he isn't as free spending as the old guy. So far he did upgrade my scouting range to worldwide so that is good

Month in Review: March

It was a fairly average month for Sporting as the club would go 3-2-0 in the five matches of the month. Despite three major wins the club failed to get three points in two matches costing them the lead in the table for thee month. Despite all of that the club was able to advance to the next round of the Taça de Macau thanks to a 7-0 victory. Currently Sporting are second in the league trailing Benfica by two points.

Match of the Month: 21 March Weng Wa
Sporting's first match of the 2019 Taça de Macau was one to remember as they would dominate the opponents from the start. The fifth division side of Weng Wa had no answer on that day as they would concede seven goals and failed to get a shot on goal. For Sporting striker Robson had a breakout performance as he went on the score dour goals. Outside of that Luis Domingues added another two and Vinicius Lemes added to the scoreline. With this victory Sporting now have a 15 match unbeaten streak in cup play.

Man of the Month:

The 20 year old Brazilian Robson was by far the best player in the month of March. In these five matches he would lead the club with a total of six goals. He is also on top of the league in scoring nine in total. His play has improved so much in the past month with being feautre in the first team and the main tactic of a 4-2-4 in the poacher role. He averaged an 8.2 rating during the month.

Managers Thoughts:
Well I want to say I am very happy but that is not the case due to the two draws. Those were really hard matches and I feel we could have won but sadly didn't convert when needed. That Benfica match really stung because they are rivals and I feel I let down the fans with a draw. Hopefully we can learn from them and be able to get positive results on the next go around of those clubs.

What to look forward to in April:
April is looking to be one of the more important months as the 2019 season as Sporting are now in the mid point of the season. Outside of the third round match against Pak Loc in the cup the schedule resets its self for the second half of the month on the 20th against Lai Chi. In two matches so far in 2019 Sporting have outscored the league champions 11-0.

Definitely a two horse race
like portugal Macau is a two-horse race

MJK Can you change your signature to the link of this story. That would be a huge publicity for it.
Solid month, great to see you advance in the cup.

Month in Review: April

For Sporting April was a much better month for the club. During this time the club had won all five matches. This included two shutouts and a pretty massive victory in cup play. The club played as a team and the results were shown. There is some bad news on the injury front to report. Defender Chininha and winger Aldo Di Goia are out with long term injuries that see them away for a few weeks.With the perfect month Sporting are back on top but still tie Benfica on points.

Match of the Month: 13 April Hong Lok
The match of the month came in Sporting's 6-0 victory over Hong Lok. in this first match up of the season the visiting side would deal with the wrath of Gauthier's crew. Both Robson and Vinicius Lemes scored two goals apiece while Domingues and Monteiro each scored a goal. In this particular match goalkeeper Ricardinho made several amazing stops to keep the cleansheet.

Man of the Month:

For April there is a tie of man of the month. Both Robson and Gilberto Monteiro were the main reasons for the outstanding month.Without their contributions this club would not be in the position they are. For Robson he scored six goals in all competition while Monterio six as well. In the top goal scoring category of Liga de Elite both are tied with 12 goals so far.

Managers Thoughts:
Big improvement from last month in my opinion. We kept improving each match and I feel we are at the point that we can capture the title no matter what unless something goes south. I was really excited about how the cup run is going and I feel that we can win that once again. My biggest concern is that the players conditioning has been a bit much. by that I mean we have not had much rest and that is worrisome. At least May will be short with three matches.

What to look forward to in May:
The next month will be very short with three matches. They include a date with Chao Paki Ki in league play and Kei Lun in cup play. The match against Chao Pak Ki will be important as sporting is looking to settle the score after the 2-2 draw back in March. Outside of that May will be a time of resting for the club due to a light schedule.

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