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The Kévin Gauthier Story

Started on 30 March 2016 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 8 June 2016 by mgriffin2012
ahaa good again
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AS Mont-Dore
New Caledonia Super Ligue

A.S. Mont-Dore are a club form the country of New Caledonia and currently play in the New Caledonia Super Ligue. Founded in 199 they play at Stade Numa-Daly Magenta in the capital city of Nouméa. Despite their young age this club has won a significant amount of silverware. In total they have won four league titles (2002, 2006, 2010, 2011) and three cups (2006, 2008, 2009). In the OFC Champions League the club has been to the competition twice in 2007 and 2012. Their best result came in 2007 as they finished third place in Group A.


Time to make some of these guys household names in the FM community!
Great layout and details mate, keep it up!

First day on the job

1 July, 2015
Training facility

So I have been in the country a little over a week now and I really like it. The place is extremely beautiful and the people are very nice. I still need to adjust to the time change man it is crazy and my body is still not used to it at all. I bet a few more weeks and I will be adjusted properly.
Well today is my first day under contract and that means I get to meet the club! Hopefully they have a positive reaction and that they can trust me. If not well then I have a lot of work to do. I had set up a meeting with the team for some time in the mid afternoon after they get their workouts done but before that I was able to sit down with my coaching staff to go over a few things.

"Hey guys it is finally good to sit down and go over everything with you all. I first want to ask Valentin who is our key players?”
“Well coach glad to have you aboard and in my opinion they areJean-Baptiste Gautier who is a defender and we also have attackerJean-Marc Case here....”
“They both seem to be of a great quality, now Michel can you give me a list of players that we could bring in before the deadline at the end of the month?”
“Sure here they are”
“Looks like a few great options and we should go for them!!”
“So now let me talk about tactics, I am going to be using a 4-2-3-1 that features a counter attack.”
“Sounds good coach!”
“Meeting adjured”

So after a pretty quick meeting I think my coaching staff is all on the same page as me and I like that. Now I have some down time before I meet the players for the first time. Before meeting with the team I go over the clubs league position one more time as I want to use that in the meeting.
So a few minutes later they players meet up with me on the training pitch as I introduce myself.

“Good afternoon everyone my name is Kévin Gauthier and I am the new manager. A little about me I am 33 years old and from Le Havre. This is my first ever coaching job and if that concerns you please let me know. I am looking to make the best of everything and will be learning for mistakes if I make any.”
“Welcome coach we are happy to have you aboard even though this is your first job most of us are excited to get to work under you.”
“Well coach my name is Ulrich Samouan and I am a midfielder here. I on the other hand am not pleased with your hiring, I was hoping that we would get someone with experience but oh well I will deal with it and hopefully you were the right fit.”
“Well Ulrich I am glad you spoke up like that, I don’t want this locker room to hide things and I have an open door policy to say whatever is on your mind, I will look for ways to improve things when needed.”
“Coach you know what I like that you are taking that approach!”
“Ok, well let’s talk about tactics. We will run a 4-2-3-1 and this is how it works (shows them what’s going on with it) I have a feeling you guys will get the hand of it by the first match under me as it is very simple to learn.”

Everyone is curious on that

“So let’s talk about the schedule, obviously I came in the midway of the season and see we are in 5th place10 points behind the leaders Hienghène Sport who are 6-4-0. It will be a lot of work to overtake them and I feel we can, but I think we should settle between 2-4 place. How does that sound?”
“Excellent coach I think that is a good goal!”
“Ok in the cup I think we can win it if we can pull a great run together, opinions everyone?”
“Eh maybe but let’s do one match at a time, that is too much pressure coach”
(Ok wtf dude) “Ah I see what you are saying but you all need to believe in yourselves, this is a high quality team and we can do it!!!”

At this point it looks like I have pissed off some of the guys but others responded quite well to that statement. I need to wrap this up before things go south.

“Well that is it everyone, it was nice meeting you all, have a great evening and I will see you all tomorrow.”

Ok well for my first meeting it was not that bad at all. The guys seem like a great bunch and I have a feeling we could make a great run this half of a season. My only issue is that a few seem to have negative attitudes and don’t see a positive in the goal of winning the league and cup. I feel they want that but a few were upset that somebody like me is in charge with no background. Well hopefully they change once they see my lead in action.

Kévin Gauthier
Positive Reaction
Neutral Reaction
Negative Reaction
You have me wanting to do an obscure league now... ha
Great updates man! Looking really good and looking forward to you getting started!
lovely update, as usual! good luck!
Griffo Hopefully you get a chance at one

mgriffin2012 i hope you enjoy my first month post

InfraRed Cheers!!
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July Recap

July was an interesting month for the club as they were on sort of a mini break for the season. During this month big change occurred as Frenchman Kévin Gauthier joined the club. It was an exciting time for Kévin as this is his first ever job and we are glad he came here.

Outside of the new hire it was a quiet month with matches and other team related things. The draw for the First Round of the Coupe de Nouvelle-Calédonie took place three days after Gauthier took over. The club was selected to face AS Belep. The match will take place on 12 August.

For league play the club was able to gain three points in the 2-0 victory over AS Auteuli. This was a big match as the club would climb one spot to fourth place. During it we saw several new players such as Goalkeeper Alex Clement make their debuts. After the match Kévin Gauthier was quoted in saying, “I am very happy about this victory and the guys showed a lot of promise under the new system, as you know it is hard adapting to something new midway through the season, I am very proud and look forward to next match.” Below is a video of the goals that were scored.

Next month the club has a full schedule in both cup and league play. During the month of August the club will be facing a total of five clubs including Tiga Sport and a second match against AS Belep. If all things go well the club could be closer to the top spot in the league. Currently they are four points behind first place.

Finally the transfer window closed up on 31 July and we got to see Kévin Gauthier make his first ever moves. During the short time he was here he added four quality players while loaning out one youth prospect and another player joining Hienghène Sport on a free. Below is a quick recap on the transfer window.



Stephane Bonnet (AM)- Tiga Sport FREE
Alex Clement (GK)- AS Auteuli FREE
Jamel Kabeu (ST)- JS Basco FREE
Noa Robin (M)- SC Ne Drehu FREE

Roberto Diela (M)-JS Mare FREE
Paul Jouve (D)-Hienghène Sport LOAN
Great start to your managerial reign mate, keep it up!!
Going really well so far!
What a cracker that 2nd goal was! Good way to start your reign!
Going really really well so far, keep it up fam!
ooh!!!!! the second goal was great....... :O

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