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The Kévin Gauthier Story

Started on 30 March 2016 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 8 June 2016 by mgriffin2012

Final Meeting of the Season

31 October 2020

So now that the season has finally finished I am ready to head back home to France for a little break in the next few weeks. I have meet with the club one last time and they are all pleased about how this year turned out and are ready to win again next season. I am very pleased that they feel ready to defend for a third time in a row.

Before I leave for FranceI have one more meeting to attend to. It is a meeting with chairman Olli-Pekka Lyytikäinen on a review of this season and what to expect for next season. Olli is in my opinion the best chairman that I have worked with, he is clear and very reasonable. SO far we have never had any issues and that is a first for me. The chairman and manager relationship is the most important aspect to a successful club.

OPL: “Kévin, I just want to say thank for such a great first season with us, I am very proud of what you have done domestically and in Europe and I just want to go over a few things about the year.”

KG: “No problem boss it was a great season and I look forward to what is in store next season.”

OPL: “I first want to go over the league, obviously you did great with such a gap in the final table but there were a few losses I was not pleased about could you tell me what went wrong in the TPS match last month??”

KG: “Well I am just as upset as you on it because we SHOULD have done better, it was my fault though because I was a bit lazy to be fair, the thing was I wanted to test our reserves and youth and I guess it backfired, it sucked that we lost but oh well it didn’t really hurt anything.”

OPL: “Very fair, on Europe you did very really good, I just want you to know that next season I want you to aim for the group stage in either competition but I will not harshly judge you depending on the draw who we get, can you deliver on this?”

KG: “Absolutely, I think this offseason we should be able to add some players that might be of service, I want the group stage as well and it should be achievable.”

OPL: “In cup play I have no issues at all I think you can win both next season but once again I will not judge harshly on that.”

KG: “Good I am hoping we can get the Liigacup back here, last year’s defeat really hurt.”

OPL: “I want you to keep Juho for the squad can you??”

KG: “I think I can but it is getting harder every day with so many calls coming in, I think he will but if a club comes in and makes a bid I need you to block it.”

OPL: “There is one we need to talk about first before I let you go. For transfers I wanted you to bring in high profile players, well you did but I am looking for better players and I am expecting you to find a few more especially on defense where I feel we lack the most. “

KG: “Yeah that is something I agree on as well and I have made a few bad moves in the next two windows I am really hoping I can get some quality players but I need more cash, currently it seems we don’t have enough in wages that will attract better and bigger names, can you please help.”

OPL: “Of course but I won’t be giving you a ton as our finances are a bit lower than we want at the moment and that is why I want you in the group stage. Anyways When are you coming back for everyone to report??”

KG: “I am thinking the fourth of January as it gives the players enough rest and time to enjoy the Christmas season and gives us enough time to get ready for the Liigacup. The coaching staff and I will be here during the break getting ready for the seasons and the players will have voluntary workouts and training sessions, does that all sound good??”

OPL: “That sounds good, I hope you enjoy this break and see you in a few weeks!!!”

KG: “Same to you, if you need anything let me know and I will be there!!”

This was an amazing season here in Helsinki and I feel this is the club that I was meant for. I know with it only being early November and I am getting a ton of calls for open jobs all across Europe but honestly I am staying with this club. We have tons of talent coming through and I still have a lot to do here. I am honoured that clubs are interested but for now Klubi is my home and I won’t leave for a long time.

Now I am getting ready to head back to France for a little bit before I return. I want to catch a few Ligue 1 and 2 matches to scout a few players and also just catch up with some family. I will be back in Helsinki around the first of December and spend Christmas here. I am looking forward to 2021 and I hope we can improve upon some of our weaknesses of this season.
Next season will be a challenge to make much progression, with your side already being a dominant force domestically. My guess is your focus will be on European progression?
2016-05-20 07:28#232069 Justice : Next season will be a challenge to make much progression, with your side already being a dominant force domestically. My guess is your focus will be on European progression?

Absolutely, I want to get this team to the group stage of either competition as they are too good not to be part of that stage.

The Juho Situation: Part 1

12 November 2020

I have returned to Helsinki way earlier than I expected. Originally I was going to come back on 10 December but there is a big problem on the horizon for this club. Our star Juho Hiltunen is wanting to move on form the club and move to La Liga. Now I really am not happy about that but I know for a fact we can make a huge profit on him. The thing is I am not ready for him to go and the way he handled it really pissed me off. The funny thing is a there has been no bid for him at this current time or interest.

So coming back a little early the first thing I do is set up a meeting with Juho and this is what went down.

JH: “Coach look I am sorry to say this but I feel my time here is done, you and the chairman know this day is coming so do not be shocked but I want to go play for Celta of La Liga as they want me.”

I know I shouldn’t be shocked but I can’t believe he is saying this, I want to act as if this isn’t happening but he could be gone.

KG: “Look I know you want to go and I really don’t want you to what can I do to keep you here??”

JH: “Nothing at all honestly I need to move on and you can’t stop me!!”

KG: “Look Juho you are so special to this club and I am not ready to let you go yet, please give me one more year and I promise I will let you go.”

JH: “No I will not stay here, we lack the resources now to get this squad better and as much as I would love to stay I want to help the club by being transferred to Celta they want me and I want to play there!!!!”

KG: ”I totally understand you and what you want to do by helping the club is so admirable but I am not ready to let you go, I haven’t even heard any news that Celta are interested in you, are you just trying to become the highest earner of the club?? If so why didn’t you just say so because the board and I are willing to do that.”

JH: “No!!! You just don’t get it they want me and I want out now, it is not because I want more money it is because I want to prove myself that I am better than Finland.”

KG: “Juho, I am not letting you go no matter what unless I get a bid that could work for the club, why don’t you just sleep on it a bit before making a rash decision.”

JH: “Well fuck you coach!!!! I am not happy at how you are treating me and I am taking this to the team and maybe the press if you don’t do this.”

Juho has crossed the line and now I am mad

KG: “You do not talk down to me like that, I don’t give a shit what you do and frankly I don’t care if you cry to the media, what you are doing is not right, why don’t we meet in a few days and talk this over again. I bet we can find a middle ground that can get both the club and you happy.”

Juho looks at me and doesn’t say a word as his body language does all the talking. He then proceeds to slam the door as he walks out.

A few hours later after I start calming down and my head clears I notice that he was not lying at all. I hadn’t opened my email yet and got a notification that a bunch of clubs want him.. Oh no I say to myself I might have hurt Juho and that our relationship might be fractured. I am starting to realize that his time here in Helsinki is running out. So I decide to give him a call to let him know that I am ready to sell him if we get a bid that fits and it seems we will.

I call and no answer………………………………………………………….
Well damn, you had a great run at the club...
that cliffhanger thooooooo dayum
Hate it when players are like that, well done for standing up to the ****

Klubi unveil new Umbro home and away kits


Arriving just in time for the 2020 Christmas season, HJK have unveiled the new kits. These two kits will be in opperation between the 2021 and 2023 seasons.

Earlier this year we reached a land mark deal with football giant Umbro. This deal will run for 10 years starting this upcoming season. Also we reached a 5 year extension with long time sponsor Sodexo.

The kits will be available at the club store at the Sonera Stadium as well as the online shop. Prices are €60 for adults and €45 for the kids. Printing will be available too. From now until Christmas Eve printing will be free. Authentic shirts will be available for €75.
2016-05-21 07:38#232124 Balik : WAIT!?!?!? WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE ARGUMENT!?!?!?

You will find out soon. I am drawing it out a bit just to keep the reader on the edge of their seat
Some good looking kits there! Also loving that Umbro brands them this time, something different to the typical Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc. :D
It is a shame to see your relationship with the player worsen, but I have faith that the club can get the most out of him, whether it be through performances or a hefty transfer fee.
Jack I though Umbro looked the cleanest

Justice It is a shame but I knew his time was up here and I am doing all i can to keep him or make a HUGE profit

The Juho Situation: Part 2

7 December 2020

It has been a few weeks since my little argument with Juho and I have not heard from him since. I guess he keeps ignoring my messages. Oh well I doubt he is going to show up to the first day of players reporting and that is actually today. If he doesn’t he will keep getting fined until we suspend and release him. I guess upper management wanted us back early to get ready for the Liigacup and that is no problem. So currently I am in my office getting things ready for my staff meeting and the first team meeting.

All of a sudden there is a knock at the door.

JH:”Coach can I come in???”

Oh wow look who is here, good!!!

KG: “Oh hey Juho come on it!!”

Juho comes in and stares at me.

KG: “Juho, please take a seat, I am so glad you are here and I want to apologize to you for saying you were lying last month, I have been trying to get a hold of you because if you still want to I am ready to let you go, as hard as it is right now will be the best thing for the club and your career.”

JH: “Oh really coach that is good news, I am sorry for ignoring you I just have been upset. So when am I leaving??”

KG: “It should be soon, right now I am in talks with three clubs; Wolfsburg, Celta and Hannover for your services. I am looking to sell you somewhere between €5-12M because you are honestly worth that price and it shows how good you are."

JH: “I am very pleased that that is happening, who is the closest so far?”

KG: “Hannover is interested in you for 5M, is that ok??

JH: “Not sure to be honest but Bundesliga does sound fun.”

KG: “Glad you are happy, until then can you please continue as you have been as a player here and captain??”

JH: “Yeah no problem coach, look I think I am at fault too and I am sorry for causing anything bad between us. If I don’t get a bid I am happy to stay here though if that is fine with you??”

KG: “I appreciate you realizing you were a bit unprofessional there and all of that sounds good, I will see you at the first team meeting in a little while.”

Well that went good and I am glad we were able to talk things out and there is no grudge between the two of us. I really hope he does stay but I also hope one of the €10M bids come in here. It would go wonders for this club. I just need to start looking at the players available for transfers now as we might have some guys leaving. Now it is time to finish up here before the staff and player meetings.

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