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The Kévin Gauthier Story

Started on 30 March 2016 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 8 June 2016 by mgriffin2012
44 fucking K? I won 3 titles and 2 cups, and am still at 18k ....
2016-04-12 10:58#229310 Michael : 44 fucking K? I won 3 titles and 2 cups, and am still at 18k ....

Maybe if the mob stopped buying every player in the world you would get paid better haha

2017 OFC Champions League Group Stage Draw

Today marks the 2017 OFC Champions League Group Stage draw from here in Auckland. This will be the 16th edition of the competition. New Caledonia's AS Mont-Dore are the defending champions after winning their first ever title. The group stage is set for 10-16 April. The host for this years group stage is the Tahitian Football Federation who have graciously allowed the OFC to use three venues throughout the country.

Before we go over the draw lets recap the preliminary round. On 1 January the four clubs of the preliminary round were drawn for their portion of the competition from 24-28 January. The four clubs Tupapa Maraenenga (COK), Lothoha’api (TGA), Lupe (SAM) and Black Roses (ASA) were the teams chosen for this phase of the competition. Lothoha’api would be the victors of this stage and will be moving on to the group stage. They went 3-2-1 for their record getting 7 points. Despite their second place finish Tupapa Maraenenga's Sam Margetts lead the stage with three goals.

24-28 January 2017
Victoria Park
Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Now time for the draw…………..

Stade Olympique
Papeete, Tahiti

Stade Pater Te Hono Nui
Pirae, Tahiti

Stade de Vairao
Taiarapu-Ouest, Tahiti

My Reaction:

Oh my god this is going to be a piece of cake. We are in a group with no New Zealand clubs!!!! With our new squad I think we can repeat once again and I am so excited. It was weird the Auckland City didn't make the tourney this year but whatever. Time to get this club focused for another great O-League campaign. If we fail to make it past the group stage I will quit this team....

Good luck in the O-League!
Good luck mate! Can definitely take this group by storm!
You will easily take the group mate! Nice update :)
you've got this! good luck!
Justice Thanks

mgriffin2012 Will be easy

Jack Thanks

InfraRed Appreciate it
No Auckland City... that is crazy and no New Zealand teams in your group so you should cruise on through!

Preseason Recap

The 2017 Preseason has concluded and the club looked stronger than ever. With all the new improved signings manager Kévin Gauthier was able to experiment with his new players. In the matches the club only let in one goal. Like the last few seasons with us striker Jamal Kabeu was the leading scorer. He would score five goals during these tune up matches. Here are the highlights from the 3-0 victory over Thio Sport.

During a recent interview manager Kévin Gauthier had comments about the squad. He said, “After these run of tune of matches I feel ready for the season and we are going to continue building off last season’s success, yes we have a young squad that the average age is 21 but I see that as a positive as these men can contribute for a long time."

Our season kicks off on 31 April as we host the JS Baco. Since the start of 2015 our club has won all four matches against them. We will also be facing Mouli Sport, JS Mare, AS Magenta and Tiga Sport in April. The later match dates might change but that all depends on how well the club does in the O-League. O-League actions begins 10 April against Lothoha’api.

The transfer window has officially shut and this new look AS Mont-Dore has been finished being built for now. Due to the club becoming professional manager Kévin Gauthier's goal was to retool the squad and get the best players he could. "As much as it was hard getting rid of so many who helped us achieve this new status, it was necessary as I had to make the best possible squad I could," said Gauthier.

Here are a few of the new players that we feel will make an instant impact with the squad. First is a defender from Olympique de Martinique, Clément Lemaire who joined for €26k. On deadline day the club wpould pick up a striker from Argentina. The 19 year old Ruben Alves joins on on a free from Club Atlético Adelante. He could be the replacement for Jamal Kabeu once he moves on as he is getting up in age.

We have a bunch of talent coming in top our club in the next few seasons. Due to the fact most of these players are not 18 they will have to wait until their 18th birthday to join up. Here are a few players of interest. First is Pedro Maia who will be joining us on 19 February 2018 from Benfica (Macao). The next player we would love to highlight is Victor Alegre. The 17 year old will be joining us on 1 January 2018 from 12 de Octubre.

Finally we would like to thank all the players released for the last few years of service. You all worked hard to get this club where it is today and you will never be forgotten. Good luck wherever your next stop may be.


Future Transfers

I have one request

Please let another team win against you :P :))
2016-04-13 10:05#229412 SooruSooru : I have one request

Please let another team win against you :P :))

I already got beat by Club America (7-1) and Lekhwiya SC (0-3). That is enough losing for now
Some good results in there mate, hopefully a positive season to come! Signings looking pretty decent too!

2017 OFC Champions League Group Stage recap and Semi-Final Draw

The group stage was very competitive all around this season. Groups A, B and C were very competitive where in all groups the final point standings was very close. For Group C where defending champions AS Mont-Dore it was extremely entertaining. For their first match against Lothoha’api we saw Gauthier's side score eleven goals. Mont-Dore would follow up the next two matches with shutouts. Currently Neil Hans of Hekari United leads the O-League with five goals.

Now for the draw of the 2017 semi final. From here on out the final two matches will be taking place at Stade Olympique in Papeete, Tahiti. The match dates are set for 19 and 22 April.

19 April 2017
Stade Olympique
Papeete, Tahiti

My Reaction:

I had a feeling we would be drawn against a Kiwi side for the semi final and I am honestly ok with that. The last two matches I was rotating and playing with tactics to prepare for a draw. Waitakere United is a really good football club and I think they could give us a fight. I really hope we can win but if not this O-League campaign is a total failure. Reason I say that was the group stage meant nothing as we bulldozed each opponent.

Now for my line up I have a dilemma on who to start at striker. While Jamal is doing amazing with four goals so far, new arrival Ruben Alvez is right behind him with three. Both are at the same level of conditioning and that is what is making the choice really hard. I might have to flip a coin to see who starts before the lineups are due....
Waitakere are the only non Aussie side from Oceania I've heard of so it will be brilliant if you could beat them.

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