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Christian Schäfer - Der Professor

Can the librarian from Dresden revolutionise football?
Started on 3 April 2016 by Justice
Latest Reply on 25 June 2018 by Justice
Not bad for a librarian ;)
Feliks, Christian would never sell out! :P
C.J.Lippo, wherever he will go, a challenge awaits! :D
SooruSooru, correct, I never defeated Bayern in the Bundesliga :(
MJK46, I won't be happy if a fool destroys Dresden!
tenthreeleader, thank you! Hopefully I can keep you entertained in the future ;)
ScottT, thank you very much sir :)
Jack, a book about this librarian would be interesting, he could even house it in his place of work! :P
Justice's avatar Group Justice
7 yearsEdited

The Break Up

A Brief Look At Christian Schäfer's Legacy At Dynamo Dresden

Following Christian Schäfer's resignation from Dynamo Dresden, we take a look back at his achievements at the club, and what some of his former players have said about him:

Christian Schäfer's Record At Dynamo Dresden:
3. Bundesliga: 1st

2. Bundesliga: 2nd
DFB-Pokal: 1st Round

Bundesliga: 15th
DFB-Pokal: 2nd Round

Bundesliga: 4th
DFB-Pokal: Winners

Bundesliga: 1st
UEFA Champions League: Last 16
DFB-Pokal: 3rd Round
DFL-Supercup: Runners-Up

Bundesliga: 1st
UEFA Champions League: Quarter Finals
DFB-Pokal: Semi Finals
DFL-Supercup: Winners

Bundesliga: 1st
UEFA Champions League: Winners
DFB-Pokal: 3rd Round
DFL-Supercup: Winners

Overall Record:

Games: 298
Wins: 153
Draws: 82
Losses: 63

Goals For: 410
Goals Against: 265
Goal Difference: 145
Win Percentage: 51%

League Wins: 4
Cup Wins: 4
Promotions: 2
Relegations: 0

Bernardo SIlva (Dynamo Dresden 2020-): "Christian Schäfer proved that you don't need to spend hundreds of millions to become the top team. What he spent, he spent well and he developed the players he had, including myself. I consider myself to be very lucky to have been able to work with him, he helped me salvage my career during a difficult time and now I can proudly say I captained Dynamo Dresden to a Champions League trophy."

Michael Hefele (Dynamo Dresden 2014-2021): "Legendary. That is all I can say. From day one, he showed great enthusiasm and determination as well as a cunning insight in to how to make us players feel wanted and important. I'm still a fan of Dynamo, and he is an absolute hero for what he has done for the club. As sad as I am to see him leave, his name will forever be among the chants of the supporters."

Marvin Stefaniak (Dynamo Dresden 2011-): "I have made 240 appearances since Christian came to the club. He has been a true guide throughout the most important part of my career, and given me the opportunity to win some very important trophies."

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Such a great tribute for a one of a kind manager.
What a tribute to a legendary manager!
Awesome stuff but I am looking forward to seeing what you plan on doing with this story in the long term in a forum perspective!
Bloody loved that piece, great tribute to a great man :P
Justice's avatar Group Justice
7 yearsEdited

Schäfer Set For International Role?

Will Christian Schäfer Join The International Stage?


The availability of German manager Christian Schäfer has been a hot topic of conversation since his resignation from last season's Champions League and Bundesliga winners Dynamo Dresden. It has been just three days since 'Der Professor' left his beloved local side, and the race to land his signature has heated up significantly.

Sky Sports understands that Liga NOS side SL Benfica have a keen interest in making Christian Schäfer the successor to the outgoing Jorginho, with Slaven Bilic also in the running. Ligue 1 clubs Olympique Marseille and Girondins Bordeaux have also expressed an interest in the German's availability, while FC Bayern München are debating whether to include the manager in their shortlist, with Schäfer having only seven years of experience under his belt.

However, the most exciting rumours regarding Schäfer's future come from the international scene. The football associations of Belgium and England are said to be keen on acquiring his services, but it is the interest of France and Brazil that has shifted the focus of the media eye. Both nations experienced disappointing World Cup campaigns this summer, as they crashed out in the Last 16.

Could The Sheer Depth Of France's Talent Pool Tempt Christian Schäfer To Les Bleus?

France have since dropped to an unimpressive 11th in the FIFA World Rankings, and have since sacked manager Anthony Réveillère. Portugal were the side who put France to the sword in the World Cup, and this was the second consecutive World Cup where they had fallen out after the Last 16, with Colombia comfortably putting them to the sword in 2018. They will be hoping for better fortune in the European Championship in two years time, having only reached the quarter finals in 2020.

Les Bleus, as they are commonly known as, boast a strong and exciting squad lead by captain Abdou Diallo of AS Monaco. Kurt Zouma of Chelsea is understudy to him, and together they compete for starting roles in a defence which also boasts the likes of FC Bayern München's Aymeric Laporte and Real Madrid's Raphaël Varane. Their midfield is where some of their true power lies in the shape of Juventus' Paul Pogba, FC Bayern München's Kingsley Coman, Paris Saint-Germain's Adrian Rabiot, and Geoffrey Kondogbia of Christian Schäfer's former club Dynamo Dresden. Of course, one could not forget to mention Real Madrid's superstar striker Anthony Martial, or AS Monaco's twenty-one year old striker David Clement, both of whom hold incredible strike rates for club and country.

Should Christian Schäfer take the reigns in France, his first task would be to compete in European League Division A fixtures, where France have been drawn in a truly tremendous group alongside Germany and Spain. His first game as France manager would be in Stade de France on 2nd September where the Spaniards will come to contest the first fixture of the group. European Championship qualifiers would follow in 2023 and while Christian Schäfer is backed at 3/1 to become the next France manager, Slaven Bilic, Luis Enríque and Gérard Chapuis are all also in the running.

Would Christian Schäfer Be Tempted By The History And Traditions Of The Seleção?

On the other side of the globe, Brazil's poor World Cup performance has seen them drop to 7th in the FIFA World Rankings. Just like France, this was the second consecutive World Cup which saw them fall out in the Last 16. Chile drew the killer blow this year, while Russia defeated Seleção, as they are commonly referred to, four years ago. Certainly not impressive for a nation who have won the competition five times in their illustrious history.
Seleção boasts a squad bursting with talent. Defenders of the caliber of Fabinho (AS Monaco), Jorge (SL Benfica) and Hulk (FC Schalke 04), no not that Hulk, provide a strong backbone for the Samba Soccer-playing side. Their midfield is kept in place by Thiago Maia of FC Bayern München, Casemiro of Lazio, Oscar of Chelsea and Philippe Coutinho of Liverpool. However, it is in their attack where their prized possessions live. Paris Saint-Germain's Malcon and Lazio's Felipe Anderson make for worried defenders, but it is the nation's captain Neymar, now vice-captain of FC Barcelona, who holds a special place in the heart of Brazilians. Neymar comes second to only Cafú (142) when it comes to appearances for Brazil, playing 132 times. However, 90 goals puts him well clear of second place Pelé (77).

Should Der Professor move to sunny Brazil, his first game in charge would be in his native Germany where Brazil face Russia at the Allianz Arena on 31st August in an international friendly. On 8th October at "La Bombonera", Brazil will face Argentina in Superclásico de las Américas, an annual fixture which Argentina won last time out. The Copa América takes place next year, which would certainly be a very exciting competition for the German manager to take part in. He is currently at 3/2 to become the next Brazil manager, with Kaká, Thiago Silva and Júlio César also in the running.

Where will Christian Schäfer end up? Only time will tell.

Previous Update: #13 - The Break Up
Next Update: #15 - Welcome To The Seleção
Please be France
Would be interesting to see whoever you end up in charge of! Whoever it is will probably be world champions within 2 world cups ;)
Both brilliant nations with some real history behind the two. It will certainly be interesting which one you join, if either! :)
Justice's avatar Group Justice
7 yearsEdited

Welcome To The Seleção

Christian Schäfer Journeys Across The Globe In Search Of His Next Challenge


Rio de Janeiro, an urban jungle that swelled with the rhythmic and vibrant melody of Brazil's very own living metropolis. A city of no sleep. A landmark for all to visit. A sun-lit paradise of peace and of pleasure. Music broke out from the streets where residents and guests alike hustled and bustled about, performing their self-assigned duties. In the eyes of the world, Rio de Janiero was certainly a destination to visit.

For Christian Schäfer, however, a visit to Rio would not prove to be a trip of pleasure. With a pale complexion and fair hair, Schäfer stood out like a sore thumb. The contrast in ethnicity between the German and those limbering about him was a stark one, and he felt uneasy at times with the knowledge that his presence was duly noted by young and by old. He strolled leisurely across the Copacabana Beach, with sand between his toes and the blazing son reflecting off his dark spectacles. He wore a floral summer shirt and baggy shorts, dressed as a typical European tourist. He was not the only one, however, as the world's most famous beach was littered with visitors from the four corners of the world.

Schäfer approached a beach-side bar set in the shade. Wealthy men sipped Martinis and sampled cigars while beautiful women draped bar-side seats. Schäfer made his way towards a table with two occupants sitting side-by-side, with grins from ear to ear. One man was in his fifties, while the other was in his forties. They were no ordinary individuals. An air of power and confidence surged from their very skins. With 168 caps and 117 goals for Brazil between them, they were living legends. Behemoths of the game, they terrified and tortured anybody who stood in their way. Their names were Romário and Ronaldo.

Romário And Ronaldo Were Two Undoubted Legends Of The Game

As Schäfer arrived at the table, the two Brazilians courteously stood from their seats and offered welcoming gestures. It seemed a re-union of life-long friends, despite the German never having met the two previously. Within seconds of Schäfer making contact with his seat, a young woman had arrived with a tray of freshly-made beverages for the three footballing giants. A toast to good health was issued, and so began an important moment in Christian Schäfer's career.

Romário: "I hope you have enjoyed your visit to Brazil, Christian. Ronaldo and myself are sincerely grateful for your decision to come to Rio to talk to us."

Christian Schäfer: "Romário, it is my absolute undying pleasure to be here. My stay here has been nothing short of luxurious to date and it was a no-brainer to come here."

Ronaldo: "As you know, our nation is most anxious to return to its glory days on the football pitch. It has been too long since we last dominated world football. Our last success came fifteen years ago, in 2007, when we lifted the Copa América. Our last World Cup victory? 2002. For a country with as rich a history as ours, this is not acceptable. We are determined to see our compatriots reach the heights which we once did. Success must come."

Romário: "Ronnie is correct. It is our obligation, as co-presidents of the Football Association, to oversee the revival of our footballing culture, and we see you as the catalyst to make this happen. You have made dreams come true in Germany, you have done the impossible. We want to know if you will make our dreams come true. Will you be our hero? Will you lead Brazil to glory."

Christian Schäfer: "I would not have made this trip had I no interest in the position. This is, of course, a wonderful opportunity and one I would be foolish to turn down. I am not a man who lacks in confidence, and I certainly relish a challenge. However, you must acknowledge that whatever I have achieved in the past stands no bearing on what I shall achieve in the future. My accomplishments are for memory's sake, not for grace of good fortune. I do, however, accept your offer. I am brimming with excitement just imaging leading the world's greatest footballing side out to battle, aiming for glory. I cannot possibly refuse this tremendous offer!"

Ronaldo: "This is excellent news, Christian! I am glad it did not take much to convince you, and now we can even begin planning for the future!"

Romário: "Christian, thank you! I believe that more than one drink is in order. Welcome to the Seleção!"

Previous Update: #14 - Schäfer Set For International Role?
Next Update: #16 - Samba Soccer Seduced Schäfer
That was a great interview and I love how the two sides felt like they have been long time friends and this interview didn't seem like a business meeting.
What a fantastic interview man! Great update!
Excellent meeting between three legends of the modern game - God, how I'm looking forward to this :D

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