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Scouting: a good way for creating a strong team!

Tips about effective scouting in real time in fm. no need for online shortlists and talents etc.
Started on 27 October 2016 by SuperChris21
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Hello everyone! i am starting this topic with the cause to make more people use scouting screen effectively and get the best out of your scouters!

The main target of the scouting screen is finding kids who are the hot prospects of our team. Also another target is getting a better idea about players who don’t belong to our team. We will begin from the first day when you get the position of the head coach in your team and you imagine to create a football dynasty. The problem is that not every team has a transfer budget like the two teams of Manchester, Bayern Munich or the two contenders in Spain Barca and Real. They can take every player they want and they don’t care about the cost and if players don’t play well then no problem they will find others! But what if our team has a low budget? A budget lets say 4-8 millions? Then here comes my tips.

When we first enter the staff screen we have this.

The first shows the quality of our coaching team (for this if you want i can talk in another post) the second one shows the scouters screen and the third shows our physios. Now lets get back to the second one. On the overview button if we click on scouting team and transfers we find this screen.

This is the scouters screen. Last image and then talk starts.

As you can see in the last screenshot these are the stats of one of my scouters. The first thing we check when we hire a scouter is the Judging Player Ability (JPA) and Judging Player Potential (JPP). If we want to hire good scouter these values must be high but always according to the team we are so we can afford to hire them. These two values as higher they are can calculate more accurately how good a player can be if he is trained correctly. If those values are lower there could or better there would be errors lets say a 2 star player will be shown as a 3 star player with better potential...

The next thing we check when we hire a scout is the regions he knows well.

As you can see this one knows France and Portugal perfectly Brazil in a very good percentage and Spain and Argentina not so well. Here comes the tricky part. When you assign a scout to scout something you must assign by understanding who is the best for this job. So if i want to scout South America or Central Europe this one is suitable. If we want to scout let's say Russia he is not suitable and we must choose another who knows these countries!

The primary target of a great scouting system is to achieve a very good knowledge in the first or the second year of your manager carreer. The result will be to get a lot of info about players who are transfer listed and much more important is that you will get info on the stats of the opposite team so you know you must tight mark or close down effectively!!!

I am on my first year with Southampton and my scouting knowledge screen shows something like this. I think it is very good for my first season.

Hope i helped you a little and please check my Southampton series and support!!! Lets Manage!!!
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