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Baggio - Tragedy & Triumph

The Divine Ponytial returns to the world of football...
Started on 25 March 2017 by BackPostHeader
Latest Reply on 2 April 2017 by mgriffin2012
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Ciao, welcome to my much anticipated, mildly anticipated, okay it's been awaited by MJK at least, story. Revolving around, Italy's finest, Roberto Baggio. The man who defined a generation of Italian football fans, and one of my favourite players of all time.

Although I'm famed for writing stories that barely make it past a few pages, this one will *probably* last for a proper length of time. This is Roberto Baggio, his tragedy and triumph, his return.

The Manager

So as you can probably tell, this story will revolve around the exploits of Roberto Baggio. One of my favourite players to have graced the game of football, Baggio was the definition of a number 10. Renown for his passing ability, vision and creativity. Hailed by Gianna Brera as best Italian footballer he had ever seen, Gianna Agnelli referring to him as an artist, likening his elegance to that of the painter, Raffaello.

He dazzled in the 90s, at USA 94' was a key figure as Italy made it to the final, a significant overachievement at the time. But the cruelty of football was no stranger to the Divine Ponytail, as Baggio missed the decisive penalty to hand Brazil the trophy for a then record fourth time. That may have been his defining moment in the eyes of many, but it was the first, nor the last slice of bad luck to befall the Italian. Serious leg injuries hampered his career as well as disagreements with coaches, particularly Marcello Lippi.

He has taken the step into management at 49, late by some standards. He takes charge at one of his former clubs, now languishing in Serie B...

The Club

Brescia, the final club of his career. Baggio turned out 95 times in Serie A for the Biancoazzurri, scoring 45 times. Whilst helping them to two top half finishes and an Intertoto Cup runner up spot.

Having narrowly avoided relegation to Lega Pro in 2014/15, the Little Swallows improved to register an 11th place finish in 2015/16. Since their relegation from Serie A in 2005, they were promoted in 2010 but went straight back down after an 18th place finish in the 2010/11 season. Their best showing since being a 6th place finish in 2012/13.



really looking forward to this mate! good luck!
Great start mate. Looking forward to more
Excellent start man
Seems like you're setting yourself up for something awesome man! :D
Seen a few things in the chat that interest me, good luck!
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The Appointment

It was a small villa, in the mountains surrounding Brescia. The sun was shining in a near cloudless sky above the North Italian city. The streets below were busy, a buzz with shoppers, tourists and locals wanting a feel of the outdoors. Roberto Baggio was sitting on one of the three chairs on the balcony of the villa that overlooked the city, with a perfect view of the San Faustino Church. Alessandro Triboldi, the president of Brescia Calcio, was sat opposite him.

He had been asked to give an interview for the club, he’d expected more people, some cameras, maybe a journalist or two. But it was just him and Triboldi, no one else. What was he here for?

‘’Mr. Triboldi-‘’

‘’Please, Roberto there's no need for such formalities. Call me Alessandro.’’

‘’Alessandro, why did you ask me to come here? You said there was an interview?’’

He chuckled slightly, took a pause that seemed to last a lifetime then gave his response.

‘’I must confess Roberto, I wasn’t entirely honest with you. I didn’t call you here for an interview. Cristian Brocchi called me last night, he doesn’t want the job. He said he needs a break, which leaves us in a bit of a tricky situation regarding the managerial position at Brescia. Roberto, I think you know what I’m going to ask you.’’

‘’Me? The manager of Brescia? I’ve never considered the prospect.’’

‘’Think about it, an icon coming back. It’s just what we need, you’ve seen our slump since we got relegated in 2011. The fans love you, the players will listen to you, and if you fail then it won’t matter. No one will remember it, they’ll still remember you for the great player you were.’’

Roberto paused, took a sip of wine from his glass. Maybe it was the wine, Triboldi was more persuasive than he realised, or maybe it was just what he wanted. He felt like he was observing as he spoke.

‘’Okay, I’ll do it. I’ll manage Brescia, you have my word.’’

He could almost scarcely believe it, had he really just agreed? He wasn’t sure whether it was real or not. But there was no backing out now, this was it. The beginning...
Well, if the football ain't attractive at least you have the Brescia landscape to feast your eyes on! ;)
Can't wait to see you own Serie A someday
Well done mate. Keep up the good work
Feel like Brescia could be about to be unleashed!

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