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Default Drive

Started on 16 May 2017 by Mozza7884
Latest Reply on 16 May 2017 by Stam
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I have installed the game on my D: drive but Sports Interactive always defalts to C:. When I move it I lose my extra files that I have downloaded. Is there a way of correcting this?
You are no longer able to adjust your User Data Location (Saving Location) from within the Preferences Menu.

It is still possible to adjust your User Data Location if you don't want it in the default location, however you now need to add a command line to the game launch options.

- Go into Steam -> Library -> Games view.

- Locate Football Manager 2017 and right-click on the game.

- Select 'Properties'

- Click 'Set Launch Options...'

- Copy the following into the dialogue box: --user_data_location="<path>"

- In the <path> section, enter the exact path you wish the folder to be generated (ie D:\Users\ etc)

So for example if you wanted your User Data Location to be G:\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017

You would add the following text to the dialogue box:

--user_data_location="G:\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017"

Note that this folder location needs to already exist on your hard drive before setting the launch option, then when you next launch FM2017 the game will automatically generate the needed subfolders (such as games and skins). There also shouldn't be any problem with setting both your Full and Touch Mode Saving Locations to the same location, which should save you having to duplicate any custom graphics you have downloaded.

Also note that if you have any already created anything in game with the default location set (such as save games, shortlists, or tactics) you will need to manually copy the items over to your new location. Also the BETA versions aren't creating the graphics folder so before you add any graphics you'll need to create this folder yourself.

To reset your User Data Location to the default position you just need to delete the command line and on your next restart of FM17 the game will go back to using the default location. (Again you'll need to manually copy over any existing files from your old custom location to the default location for them to be read by the game).

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