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Road To A Reputation

Started on 22 July 2017 by Maxip123
Latest Reply on 26 July 2017 by mgriffin2012
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So I'm new to fmscout only discovered it when I was looking at players to potentially buy on my fm save. I started reading some stories on here and was instantly interested on doing one myself. Not sure what I would do, was thinking a save where I start off unemployed and work my way up. Please reply with suggestions and if I should do this. Thanks
Yes start unemployed and work your way up to managing some of the best teams out there and winning champions league and other competitions!!
Right now I'm working on this, and I started unemployed with Sunday League Player and no badges.
Maxip123's avatar Group Maxip123
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Brief introduction:
This fm save will be where I start unemployed with the minimum amount of qualifications a manager can have. As I start my career as a manager I will slowly progress in the quality of teams and divisions that I take over until one day I reach the top. I hope this story can be interactive meaning a lot of people will comment below and help suggest what I should do. Also I was wondering whether I should make it into more of a story or just talk about what's happening in the game. The episodes should be 2-3 a week depending on how quickly I can do it. I hopefully will start tomorrow so please vote and give feedback on what I should do quickly as I need to start writing.
Interesting, I'm working on this right now, but I would like to finish it as one part instead of episodes
Starting unemployed will certainly be a challenge, but one you may enjoy and learn a lot from! As for writing it up, take it nice and slow and try nothing overly complex until you get a feel for how you want to present it. Once you know what you want to do on this front, then look to specialise your writing in the way you want to write it.
Good luck, should be an interesting story!
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The game has started. Max Solo will venture into the world of football manager, starting in the harsh world of unemployment. The amount of jobs on the market that would consider me is scarce so I feel a holiday is due. A 5 month break away to Lisbon, Portugal until the start of December is very appealing. The jobs that start to appear here are teams tangled in a relegation scraps. I decide this is the way forward considering my skill-set I don't think a career in the top flight of any league is a viable option now. So a weak side and a poor points tally is what I will take over from my predecessor if I get a job. I take a look around and find a number of jobs in obscure league that may consider my CV. Consisting on no experience, no qualifications and no playing history except from my Sunday league team, the perfect manger to get you out of relegation. Finally an interview just before the January transfer window opens at a club called KFC Dessel Sport in the Belgium first amateur decision. First question, 'Currently we are in a relegation battle and need to get out. Do you feel you are capable enough to take us out of it?' This stuns me for a couple of seconds, I did not except this to come up so early. I reply with 'I believe that I can take this club to safety'. I think I answered that well as I see the chairman Willy Mermans nod. The rest of the interview flys by after that, I felt it went considerably well. Days got by and I'm refreshing the inbox searching for a contract offer. Soon after my first interview I have another. Again from the Belgium first amateur league, this team KMSK Deinze is 9th in the league higher than 12th placed Dessel (my other interview). This interview was more comfortable for me as I knew mainly there questions they were going to ask. 3 days later and Deinze have replied with a one-year offer. I delay, waiting to see the results from my other interview. After waiting over a week I find that Dessel do not approach me so I accept the offer from Deinze. Was a shame really did like having KFC in the team name. After meeting the chairman and assistant manager, the squad report arrives in my inbox with surprisingly more positives than negatives. With a transfer budget of 27k I am ready to look to improve the team but first I need to look at the players we currently have. With the team sitting 3 points out the playoffs I question how I got the job when a team 14th in the league rejected me. The league contains 16 teams, 4 relegation spots, 4 promotion spots. If i am right in thinking the top 4 compete against each other in a mini table playing one another 2 times and the one who ends up with the most points gets promoted, same with the bottom 4. Anyway back to the team, my first impressions was that it was a small squad consisting of 4 U21 players and 18 players overall. But it's how the player plays that matter not the first impressions.
Good luck at your new club, will be following with interest!
Good luck mate, will be keeping a keen eye on your progress

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