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Started on 4 September 2017 by archangel
Latest Reply on 5 September 2017 by Madness
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Hi, i have this problem of my MFs not creating chances for my team, not being creative enough...i use two advance playmakers and one deep lying playmaker....thiago and verratti both have high vision and passing but all they just do is control and control play and not penetrate, not creating chances, not giving defense splitting passes like their vision and passing ratings should do.

any help? any tactical suggestions?

Hey Archangel,

Lacking information about your formation or other roles you use makes it a little difficult to answer and I'm not sure if you're saying that you're playing your three midfielders as CM or two CM's with either a DM or AMC.

Either way I think the basic problem you have is that your players are all trying to do the same job and so that they are kind of cancelling each other out.

If you have three CM's then I would change it to one Ball Winning Midfielder on Defense duty, make sure to give him Shoot Less Often, Dibble Less and Fewer Risky Passes. He'll be the one to make sure you keep possession in the midfield and fill that space between midfield and defence to try and cut down quick counter attacks and long balls. The other two then would probably then be a Box to Box on Support and a Deep-Lying Playmaker on Support(make sure to give the DLP shoot less often to stop him charging forward to take long shots all the time as your Box to Box will already be tending to do that) also give the DLP More Risky Passes and More Direct Passing.

If you use one of the three as a DM, then have the DM as a Deep-lying Playmaker(Defence) with Shoot Less Often, More Direct Passing and More Risky Passes. He'll link up your defence and midfield firing those key balls forward to launch attacks. The two CM's would then be either a Roaming Playmaker(Support) and Ball Winning Midfielder(Support) or a Advanced Playmaker(Support) and a BWM(Support). Always make sure the BWM has instructions like Fewer Risky Passes, Shorter Passing, Shoot Less Often; he's there for possession and link up play with the occasional long shot or key pass. The RPM and AP have similar instructions, More Risky Passes, More Direct Passes and give the AP Roam from Position. The RPM in my opinion is the better option, but it needs a very well rounded player, if your player is more of a specialised playmaker then the AP is the safer bet as the player would lack the all around ability to do the RPM role justice.

If your three midfield are two CM's and an AMC. Then your two CM's I'd go for a BWM(Defence) with similar instructions to the BWM's mentioned above and then pair him with either a Box to Box(Support) or a DLP(Support) both with instructions for More Direct Passing, More Risky Passes and Shoot Less Often. For the AMC, an AP(Support) with More Direct Passing, More Risky Passes and Move into Channels.

The options I've given are a little generic, as I don't know what overall formation or tactical style you're going for along with other roles, team instructions etc. However the above options should cover most bases and one or more of them should help get your Midfield firing on all cylinders.

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