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Rasenballsport Leipzig - Größere Höhen!

Started on 27 October 2017 by Aaron
Latest Reply on 10 November 2017 by Aaron
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BBC Sport - Ralph Hasenhüttl Sacked!

In today's most breaking news Rasenballsport Leipzig's board room have come to a decision to let the clubs current manager Ralph Hasenhüttl go. This comes after a record breaking season for the club who finished second behind current reigning Bundesliga champions - Bayern Munich.

The club went 13 games without losing, becoming the first newly promoted side to go so many games unbeaten and became the first team from what was formerly East Germany to hold 1st spot after 11 games...Since 1991! They even went on to be the first from the East to qualify for a European tournament (UEFA Europa League). The last team to do it was 1. FC Union Berlin in 2002.

On the 6th of May last season, the team thumped Hertha Berlin 4-1. Qualifying for next years Champions League Group Stages in style! This would mark the first time they would enter the the prestigious tournament.

So you could say that the (Now Ex) manager, Ralph Hasenhüttl had done a pretty good job during his tenure, and you'd be right. He took them to heights not seen before in their 13 year history.

Well earlier today a statement was released claiming that while the performances were good, and they were happy with his management of the team, disagreements over certain aspects to do with the running of the club displeased the Hasenhüttl which led to a break down in communications.

Today we have decided to relieve Ralph Hasenhüttl of his duties and he shall no longer be the manager that would take us into our biggest season so far in our clubs history. He is a fantastic manager and he had all the players behind him which was rightly so. But disagreements have led to negative atmospheres between the board and himself.

This is something that doesn't bode well for the club and the team so mutually we have come to the decision to part ways. We reiterate - This was a mutual decision between ourselves and Ralph, it was all for the good of the club and we are doing our best to get our new man in.

Fans of the club, we assure everything is in good hands, and we ask for your patience while we make arrangements for the coming season. Thank you.

Updates on this news story will be following. We hope in very good time. RBL fans, take it from the board themselves. So they say they have the clubs best interests at heart and in mind.
A surprise to see Hasenhuttl go, he did amazingly for both Ingolstadt and Leipzig. Looking forward to see who will take over the reigns.
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The Swift Return

Football is my passion, I've been in it for so long. I've experienced highs and I've experienced lows. I've played for the best there is and I am thankful to have built myself a career I can be proud of...But you're sorely mistaken if you think I'm done.

I glanced out at the trees, as we whizzed by. Just four minutes until my meeting by my watch. I hadn't a clue where we were, this was foreign territory. I was starting to worry I'd be late, which wouldn't show good first impressions.

But then I saw it. That Red and Yellow banner. I was bang on time, 4 o'clock sharp. I knew my driver was good but to worm his way around that traffic back there - He knew his stuff.

The car took an abrupt stop and I took a step out. The cold air hitting my face. it was the start of June, but my god it was freezing. Jose, my driver walked me to the door. "This is my stop, and this is your start, I wish you good luck my Red friend."

Red friend was a term he came up with on the journey here from Madrid, clearly and avid supporter of a team I once played for. He was a good guy.

I opened the big glass doors and inside I was met with big smiles and 5 well dressed men. The big cheese's if you will. Although, I dressed to impress also.

"Come, come! We have much to discuss." The taller man said with excitement in his voice.

We took our seats in a rather large conference room. Each one stared at me with great big grins - "We want you Olano. We want you here, we want you now. You've played in this nation before, you know the league, you're young, and we think you have a big future ahead of you. You tick all the boxes, we want you to lead our club into it's biggest season yet."

I didn't know what to say, it was a huge shock to be presented with such an opportunity at a club, so soon after retiring as well. I stared each of them in the eyes, they looked back with hope and promise. They really did want me, and they seemed to match that with just as much faith.

Is this it? Is this where I make my return?

I think..I think it just might be. Xabi Alonso Olano, Leipzig manager.

Xabi is back!! The beard of wisdom shall guide you to success
The beard of destiny B)
What a beautiful man! RB seem like the perfect team for Xabi
Or is Xabi the perfect man for RB B)
Alonso what a sexy Spanish bastard. Perfect manager for the job for that reason.
Aaron's avatar Group Aaron
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First Impressions

2 days after signing my first contract as a club manager, it was only just starting to sink in. I was still shocked at how much faith my new employers had in me. Untested, untried, I had a lot of weight on my shoulders now but I knew I had what it takes to impress.

I took my first steps up to those big double glass doors once more from the car park, and made my way into reception. A young girl at front desk looked up from her computer and gave me the right directions to the training complex.

"Down the hallway, second door on the left, take your first right and the lads should be in the changing rooms waiting for you." She told me with a smile. "Have a nice day Sir!" She said as I made my way to the hall doors.

The nerves were starting to kick in. "Second door on the left, take the first right." I thought to myself. The butterflies in my stomach were even more fearsome the closer I got to the changing rooms.

I poked my head through door and I was met by a friendly face. "Mr. Alonso! We haven't met but I am so happy you are here. My idol! My hero! I can't believe I will get to work under you of all people next season!"

"Naby. Thank you for the kind words, please call me Xabi! I can't wait for this new season, it's going to be a good one I hope. The best yet for Leipzig, what do you think?"

"I think we will have a great season. Champions league, I cannot wait. Its can be considered a shame I am leaving. I will miss it here very much, but I'm following in your footsteps. To the Mighty Reds!!"

"Ah, yes! You will love it there. Love the fans, give 100, and you will do wonders. Now, everyone else can we all take a seat!"

Everyone sat down on the benches, all eyes on me. My new team. I had some wonderful players, and I couldn't wait to see them train. Werner, Forsberg, Naby, Bernado. Pivotal to any success I intend to bring this season.

"Okay guys, you all know me I am sure, I know of most of you and I hope we can get fully acquainted throughout the day. Now, today we start off with the basics, I want you all to get into 2 groups. Defenders and half our midfielders in one. Attackers and the rest of the midfielders in the other."

Attack vs Defense. A simple training drill, and a perfect way to assess our strengths and weakness' before the beginning of pre season. Let's see what this will bring!
As an LFC I really hope Xabi can go on to be a world beater when it comes to management
An LFC legend and a future LFC legend right there. ;)
Such a beautiful man

Pre-Season Delight


What a fantastic pre-season. It's been around a month since I found myself here writing in this diary of mine, but I'm back again. We had a shaky start, it was definitely very nerve wracking to begin with but here we are, at the end looking back on four wins and a loss.

Training was good, very good. I implemented a lot of what I learned throughout my career, into my own training regime. I played alongside some of the greatest managers in football and they taught me so much. So much that I know can be key to my success.

Naby Keita, as you know I met him before anyone. He's been fantastic. In training and throughout our games. He's an absolute colossus, a bruiser if you will. Not afraid to jump into any tackle, an extremely brave player but his disciplinary record doesn't speak wonders. It's a shame he's leaving. I don't know who can replace such an influence.

Forsberg is clearly another influential player, one of our betters as the rest of the players seem to believe. Beyond our more experienced developed players we have some crazy talent. Jean Augustine, Bernardo, Mvogo, Upamecano, Willi Orban.

I think this season is going to be a massive test. There are so many youngsters in this squad, more so than men and as you well know they say "You cant win anything with kids".

It's going to be a long one, one of development, one of team building. I hope I can add at least one player to the squad before our first cup match against Wurzburg. Then it's all about evaluation up to January, and then to June/July.

I can't wait for our first match, on paper it should be rather easy but we all know what happens when we under-estimate our opponents. Don't we A.C Milan?
Great start some positive results there

Joining The Partey

Pre-Season is the perfect section of the footballing year. It gives you a fantastic opportunity to evaluate your squads strengths and weakness'. Whilst compared to that of Bayern and Dortmund you may find a few, the rest of the league holds nothing above us in my opinion.

We have an array of young, talented players who are already very good players, so I think it's fair to say they all deserve a fair chance this season. Bringing me to the conclusion, that no position needs bolstering. However...

We do have the problem that bares over the whole senior squad. The coming departure of Naby Keita. His sale brings a fine amount of financial security into the clubs transfer budget, though we'll be losing a quality player. So I've come up with a decision.

I shall bring in who I hope will be able to replace our star man as soon as humanly possible. I have my man, and I think he'll be the perfect addition to the squad. He fits the bill perfectly. Brave, strong in the tackle, and not so bad going forward when he needs to.

Thomas Partey is my target. I have spoken already with representatives of his club Atletico Madrid and I have an asking price. The board have allocated me just under £20 million to spend, and target #1 comes in at £9.5 million. A stupidly good amount for such a fantastic midfielder.

As you may guess, I snapped their arm off. This will be a fantastic acquisition. Transfer fee's have been agreed, no clauses were needed, and there's just the final details of contract negotiations to go before the Ghanaian can join up with the club before our first games of the season.

I hope to be welcoming our new man very soon.

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