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Eldgrimur Nikulasson: Maður í Eldi

Started on 29 October 2017 by Claret
Latest Reply on 7 November 2017 by mgriffin2012
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I sat down at my desk and breathed in a sigh of relief.

The meeting with Neville had gone well, other than a slight mishap when I walked over to introduce myself to the wrong person and was told to "bugger off" rather than receiving a welcoming gesture.

Me, Neville and Jack Barthorne, who I found out to be the new chairman of Luton town sat and talked for a number of hours, over a number of coffees and pieces of confectionary.

After a while, Jack said his goodbyes and left me and Neville to discuss what was going on.

"His donkey of a son is marrying my daughter, and I'm paying for the wedding so he owes me a favour. I chose my favour to be getting you a job." Neville explained.

It wasn't how I wanted to get in to management, but it was, indeed, a job.

"Why though? You don't know me." I replied.

"Because of things I've heard. About you, about your character, about your integrity." he smiled as he said this - he was very easy to trust. "I've only heard those things about a few managers, and they're big dogs in the game."

Remembering him saying that brought me back to my desk. I'd been here for a day now, and the players returned from their holiday tomorrow.

I pulled a notebook out of my drawer, and began scribbling away.
Will always remember the night Luton gave Liverpool a run for their money in the FA Cup, and always feared coming up against them again so best of luck!
Great start man!!!
2017-11-03 18:44#246886 mgriffin2012 : Will always remember the night Luton gave Liverpool a run for their money in the FA Cup, and always feared coming up against them again so best of luck!

Thank you! I remember they demolished Villa last season and it broke me!

2017-11-03 18:47#246888 MJK46 : Great start man!!!

Cheers. :)

The sound of my footsteps echoed around the empty hallways of the Luton Town Training Ground. Nobody was around. That was because I'd called them into a meeting.

I traversed the winding hallways, etching ever closer to the moment that could define the next year. Hell, it could define my career.

The hallway began to feel smaller and smaller before I found myself at the helm of the dressing room. Inside were all the players - first team and under eighteen - and every member of coaching and scouting staff. They were crammed in there like herrings in a net. Players were sat on coaches knees, like toddlers. There was a raucous sound emanating from the room.

I opened the door, and stepped inside.

The noise stopped. Players that were sat on knees rose to their feet. The first person to come towards me was Alan McCormack. I towered above his five-foot-six frame, so much so that I had a perfect view of the top of his bald head. He stuck his hand out, and I shook it.

"Pleasure to meet you, gaffer" his veteran Irish voice muttered. He had recently joined on a free after being released by Brentford.

"Pleasure's mine." I retorted.

I surveyed the room, looking at all of the people that I would be managing for the season ahead. I felt out of my depth.

"Good morning, gentlemen - and ladies" I said, looking over at some of the physio staff. They giggled.

"I'm Eldgrimur Nikulasson, and I'm originally from Iceland. You can call me boss,
gaffer, or if you're wanting to get personal, call me Eld, it's probably easier than my full name.
" I felt that my accent was coming across heavier than usual.

"It's a pleasure to meet you all, it really is, and I can't wait to get started properly.
For me, anything less than the play-offs this season is going to be disappointing. I hope you all agree.

"Finally. Not a single one of you have a confirmed place in my squad. I don't care if you're an established player, a new signing or part of the youth team. It's a fresh slate. Impress me, and you'll play."
Luton is a really interesting job and after narrowly missing out on the playoffs last season (semi-final losers) it'll be interesting to see if you can find that extra step or two! Good luck!
A great attitude to go in with and will put the frighteners on any of those players, good stuff!

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