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Writer required for FMScout

Started on 2 November 2017 by JamieFMS
Latest Reply on 10 November 2017 by InvertedWingbacks
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Hello everyone,

Jamie here, the twitch streamer. I've been approached by a football club in the National North whom i will be taking over on our annual Lower League Management save which is always streamed live on

Now the club in question have been extremely supportive of our save, which hasn't started by the way. It's due to be started on November 10th, the release of Football Manager 2018.

They have made me their Football Manager, manager for the season. Crazy right? So what does this mean? This means they will support the stream by posting/retweeting our twitch stream out whenever we go live and they've even invited me to go to some of their games this season and meet the staff, again, crazy right? Considering i haven't started the save yet. They must of heard about our experiences with Whitehawk!

So why do i need a writer? Because as you can probably tell, I'm pretty bad which is why I'm a streamer and not a story teller.

Another one of their proposals was for us to write monthly (ingame) updates for the site, much like we see on FMScout, but this will be published on the clubs official website. Along with them posting on twitter/facebook about each and every monthly update. We have even created a twitter for the story alone.

Now, this is a story that hasn't been done before because it will be "strange" you would need to watch the stream and if you miss it, you would be required to watch parts of the VOD's to see what actually happened that month. When I'm streaming, i will take all the necessary screenshots, you would be then required to put it together for a monthly update, so you might not even need to watch the stream as you should be able to tell anything major that happened for that month!

What do i require from the writer? Well i need to be able to work closely with you, i don't want someone who's going to disappear after a month so somebody who has a good experience with stories and has been on fmscout for a few years! The reason for this, an oppurtunity like this doesn't come around to youtubers/streamers very often. It's a real life club!

To apply, follow the criteria below.

1. How many years have you been on FMScout?
2. How active are you?
3. Why would you like this role?
4. Link us to some of you're previous stories.
5. Anything else that could help your application.


1. I've been a member here for over 3 years, and a moderator for one of those years.
2. My activity has dropped since FM17 but I still regularly look over the site.
3. I'd like this role for a bit of creative writing on the side.
4. Some of my stories include Doing It Down Under (700+ replies, Story of the Month), West Ham - Hammers of Justice (Story of the Month) and a dual story called Master V Apprentice.
5. Reasons why I'm good for the job? Well, for a start, I don't have a current story and will be able to devote a good amount of time to his project. Secondly, I have reasonable graphical know-how so I can make some images if needs be. Thirdly, I can make a presentable and attractive story, especially on the site, due to my knowledge of bbcodes.
Feliks would definitely be great for this role.
Perhaps this could re-ignite the passion for writing and for FM :)
1. How many years have you been on FMScout? About 4/5?
2. How active are you? Relatively; i write a fair bit, and lurk on chat
3. Why would you like this role? I like writing, and i'd like to get my name/rep out there a bit more, and build more of a reputation
4. Link us to some of you're previous stories. my current one is which i think works in a very similar way to the monthly update style you're looking for.
5. Anything else that could help your application. its me :)

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