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Football Manager Dreams

A Football Manager story about the journey of a football fan with dreams of reaching the promised land.
Started on 23 February 2018 by FMUniverse
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Chapter One: First Steps on the Rock

The day finally came. That call telling me to drop by Victoria stadium, talk about my footballing ideas and 'the way we will try to take the club forward.' I had moved to Gibraltar a few months ago, leaving my family at home in England, trying to strike lucky. I'd worked so hard for this. Many a sleepless night studying, watching endless hours of highlights and interviews with the "gods" of football.

It started a few years ago. I'd spent the last 10 years since leaving school working on my badges while working part time at a local amateur team. I knew I wasn't at the peak of football, qualification-wise, but I knew I had the passion and would work harder than anyone. Luckily my wife had funded this adventure. I have 2 years to try and make it and my first steps on this rocky road were out of my rented apartment door, down to the stadium to meet the chairman of Manchester 62 FC, my first steps towards the promised land.

I walked into the small office space the club rented and sat down, nervous but excited to see how this was going to go. As the Chairman walked into the room it dawned on me that he wasn't so different to me. He wasn’t some unreachable being from a higher land, he was a hard-working guy whose job was football. He shook my hand enthusiastically,

"Welcome to Manchester 62 FC. We're not the biggest football team and we can't offer you the glamour and riches of the clubs you hear about in the news, but we can offer you a firm standing and a platform for you to prove your ability and take this great club forward "

This is going well, I thought, smiling pleasantly.

" This opportunity is what have an always dreamt of," I told him honestly, "a place where the eyes of a fan base are on me, with pressure to succeed and prove my abilities, not only to you and the fans but to myself and my family back home"

"We like your attitude!" He laughed "And I can clearly see that you want this and are willing to make a good go of It. I would just like to say you can be assured of the full backing of the club and we're looking forward to working with you. Your coaches will want a meeting and the seasons expectations are yet to be written up but we'll get it to you as soon as we have sorted it out. The club don't have any specific philosophies we expect you to adhere to but we would like to suggest that you try to build the club on a strong foundation using youth players to ensure our great club stays around for a lot longer. Do you have any question?"

"Just when do I start?" I said calmly,

"You will meet up with your team tomorrow." He smiled "I would like to formally welcome you to the club Mr Parkes. Here's to the future."

I shook his hand and turned to leave the room. I was dazed, walking back to my apartment in a blind combination of happiness and shock. Once I reached my room I flopped onto the bed, called my family and let it all settle in. I am the manager of a club I control and I can mould their future. The fans are relying on me. It was scary, but exciting. I couldn’t wait. After hours of lying there with visions of what was to come buzzing through my brain, I finally fell asleep.
A good start, looking forward to seeing how this develops!

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