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"Gini" index for football leagues.

Started on 14 June 2018 by [email protected]
Latest Reply on 14 June 2018 by [email protected]
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I'm curious if some mathematician out there would like to grab the challenge to address this issue.
My perception based on data that I can understand, is that some european leagues are becoming more and more unequal.
Does anyone want to amass some data, make some graphs? Picking up the league tables for top 10 european leagues over the past 20-30 years and see how the "skewness", "distortion" evolved?...
Why I think that might be meaningful?
1) Spanish league has seen an increase of point tally in last 5 years for the Champion and 2nd place. This year it was a monstruosity, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico, all of them made enough points to be champions 10-20 years ago.
2) The same happened in Portugal. Benfica did 88 points breaking a record. Sporting did 86 which would also be the top previously achieved, meaning in any other year sporting would have been champions.
3) The champions of Holland, Greece, France, Italy have been having monstruous amounts of points as well (Ajax also unluck, 82 points could make them champions in most years 20 years ago...).
4) On the other hand, teams in the bottom seem to need less and less points to survive, and all of them seem to be "more even".
Overall it seems, that in the past 10 years some european leagues are becoming "skewed" and more "unequeal" but I can't express myself better than this without collecting and enormous amount of data (point tallies for everyone for the past 20-30 years, and compare 1st, 2nd, 3rd places, etc... over time...).
5) Exception that made me wonder: England. This year, with new money redistribution model, England became more surprising as ever and with "horrible point tallies". Let's suffice to say that Arsenal was 2nd with 71 points while Villas Boas' Tottenham was 5th when they made 72 points!...
So, football mirroring neo-liberal reality? When budgets are more even, leagues have "less distortion" and become more exciting. Should England be the evidence and a new model for all other leagues? Is anyone up for it?...This could lead to interesting discussions on correlations and if this is a good or bad trend.

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