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The Enigma, That Is, Football Manager.

Overthinking Can Never Be Productive.
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SirArsene1991's avatar Group SirArsene1991 2018-09-19 13:47
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Its Hammer Time

So I guess you could argue I just have a small attention span, is that all there is too my indecisiveness when it comes to our beloved FM?

Recently I decided that to continue to be 100% motivated in continuing with a save, is to play in a league which you can guarantee you will enjoy every year.

So whilst it would be incredibly exciting with the prospect of getting Genk their first ever European Cup trophy, I cannot justify this as being enough a reason to start a save. This is because the league itself does not interest me as much as the Premiership.

My issue is I go through many phases when all I really want is to find one team I can stick with. I have recently created a Chelsea save after my save with Man City failed. However, after a kind gentlemen @Carlosh declared his interest I a previous save I had with West Ham, I felt myself gravitating back to them with the off chance I create a successful save third time lucky.

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