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FM18 - The Special One Reborn

SirArsene1991's avatar Group SirArsene1991 2018-08-07 21:40
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My name is Jack.

I have been playing FM ever since you could get It for Xbox 360 and Marcelo was at Fluminese before joining Real Madrid.

My past achievements include winning the league with Sunderland and the Champions League with Norwich.

Since 2013 I sadly lost my passion for FM, returning last year when I purchased FM18.

If you view my other story - The Enigma, That Is, Football Manager you will see how this post when from a Manchester City save with an optimistic future, to now a save with the mighty Blues.
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SirArsene1991's avatar Group SirArsene1991 2018-08-08 08:47
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Past Inspiration

The inspiration for this save comes from one of the greatest Managers of all time, Jose Mourinho

The Jose we all cant help but love to hate was described as "Box Office" by Sports Journalist of the Telegraph - Henry Winters. In the summer of 2004, Jose was lured to the club by Billionaire owner Roman Abramovic, promising the funds to pretty much build the team Mourinho required to deliver the Premier League.

After my beloved Arsenal had gone the entire season unbeaten, Mourinho came along turning the Premier League completely on its head. Where Arsenal and United, Fergie v.s Wenger had been the norm in terms of rivalry for the past 8 years, a new Manager and Squad would prove to make a name for themselves for many years to come.

Whilst Blues fans would argue that it didn't matter what style of football in which they play, aslong as they get results, Mourinho did come under some criticism for the style in which he implemented at the club. 1 & 2-0 wins would prove to be the norm for Chelsea. But this isn't something I am against.

If there's anything I have learnt in this years FM is that I just want a file that works. In an ideal world Arsenal would have worked out for me. I now just want a team that works with the tactics I encourage. My target for this save this evening is to create a tough squad, a team that can play fluid with the likes of Hazard etc. But also knows has to defend.

Kante will be the new Makalele for me in a 4-1-2-2-1 formation. Identical to that of the formation Mourinho used will rock sat infront of the defence.

My soul purpose is to create a team with depth. I admired the Chelsea which were spoilt for choice with the likes of Gudjohnson, Crespo and Drogba. You had creativity and goals in Frank Lampard and a trustworthy holding midfielder in Claude Makalele.

This is the kind of team with the same formation I am seeking to create (if all actually goes to plan for me this time). We already have one of the best defensive midfielders in Kante with a tackling attribute of 20.
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SirArsene1991's avatar Group SirArsene1991 2018-09-17 15:41
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Squad Evaluation

So Courtois speaks for himself. One of the best keepers in FM. Still with me at Chelsea whilst I possess FM18 so we know already that position should be secure for a while now. If he gets injured, I am well and truly screwed.

Because I wont be going with a "3 at the back" formation, this gives me plenty of depth in terms of Centre Backs. With David Luiz being my third choice, I shouldn't be having too many issues at the back. We also have 4 very fine full backs to rotate between if required.

The midfield includes experienced playmaker and ex Arsenal Legend (no hard feelings) Cesc Fabregas. Other than that, central midfield is pretty much the weakest area with players like Drinkwater & Ross Barkley who have no real potential. Bakayoko & Kante can act as the rocks infront of my back four. But we have some serious issues with the lack of goals in midfield. We really are lacking a Lampard type player, and my usual 14.5m signing of Arthur acts more of a deep lying Playmaker.

So Eden Hazard is clearly our best player and to keep him we need results. Pedro will be helpful until we have abit more funds for a proper replacement. FM have decided, even after updates that Alvaro Morata is infact still apparently a very good player (which im not complaining about) until I get Bellotti, Icardi or Greizman hopefully. In an ideal world, I would love another Didier Drogba type, being one of Chelsea's best ever Strikers.
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SirArsene1991's avatar Group SirArsene1991 2018-09-18 10:31
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Conte Bows Out On A High

Chelsea's now ex Manager Antonio Conte ended his reign on a high after completing an impressive double with the London club.
Sky Sports News understands Abramovic is seeking the current Napoli Head Coach, Maurizio Sarri as a long term replacement.
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SirArsene1991's avatar Group SirArsene1991 2018-09-18 10:51
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Chelsea Unveil Jack McRobert As Manager

Roman Abramovic has decided against his usual approach of signing an experienced manager who can provide instant success for the club on a short term contract.

Instead he has expressed a desire to build for the future here at Chelsea. The Blues won the Premier League last year however their squad is getting no younger. With their leading goalscorer Diego Costa returning to Atletico Madarid, the blues now must rely on Ex Arsenal man Olivier Giroud & Alvaro Morata.

Football Pundit Frank Lampard discussed his views on the appointment.

"To be fair, I think its time the club was given some stability. Weve been known to go through managers and I personally think its time for us to settle down and stick to one, and then build for the future."

Lampard was also doubtful of his ex club retaining the Premier League title.
" I personally worry that we don't have the depth this year. I think Costa will be a big loss for us. We need an out and out goalscorer and I wonder if Giroud and Morata can rise to that challenge."

McRobert has the difficult task of keeping Chelsea in the run in for the Premier League title this year with Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City all strengthening their squad for the upcoming season.
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FoolishFooty's avatar Group FoolishFooty 2018-09-18 16:25
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In spite of your love for the Woolwich team, I'm reading this, enjoying it, and wish you luck.
Stam's avatar Administrators Stam 2018-09-18 22:35
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Are you maintaining a save on both FM18 (Chelsea) and FM17 (West Ham)?
Whatever happens in your every day life, coming here should be an escape from it; so cheer up and talk FM :)
SirArsene1991's avatar Group SirArsene1991 2018-09-19 10:25
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@FoolishFooty - Thank you very for your comment. I am currently gravitating towards West Ham again but I certainly want to make Chelsea a force again!

@Stam- Hi Stam, because I am one of the most indecisive players, I have started a Chelsea save on FM18 due to my previous Man City save failing. However, yesterday I had someone ask where my old West Ham save was which made we want to give the Hammers one last try. So that is my most recent save in which I am paying most attention to currently.

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