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FM18 - Rise Of The Catalans

Follow my straight forward story without the gymics.
SirArsene1991's avatar Group SirArsene1991 2018-08-07 21:40
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Good Afternoon my fellow Managers.

My name's Jack from Hertfordshire in England.

I am a veteran of FM as far back as when you could get it on Xbox 360 and Marcelo was still at Fluminese before joining Real.

I started my journey with Middlesborough on FM07. They were in the Prem at the time and had the likes of Mark Viduka, Yakubu, Julio Arca, George Boateng and Afonso Alves. To name a few...

Back in the day, I would sell the majority of my Middlesborough side to bring in the cheaper talents such as David Janczyk, Rodrigo Palacio & Marcelo Grohe (for those who remember)

Since then my main highlights have been signing Wayne Rooney at his best with Norwich and winning the Champions League final 1-0 against Real Madrid.

Also I managed to win the league with Sunderland back when Asamoah Gyan was a beast.

However I stopped playing after 2013 sadly losing my passion.

This year I have returned with my passion and motivation stronger than ever.
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SirArsene1991's avatar Group SirArsene1991 2018-08-08 08:47
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Past Inspiration

So i have always enjoyed playing as FCB.

Granted, to eventually win everything with them is not the biggest challenge in the world, nor the most impressive achievement, however, FM is about enjoyment. Watching them cut teams open with there playmakers and attacking front 3 after patiently waiting for that opening is truly a joy to behold.

My inspiration for Barcelona in past FM games have always been based on the style of football in which they play with.

I was fascinated by the Gaurdiola effect and the philosophy he encouraged.

He had the strength and vision to move Messi into a no.9 role which would prove to be the most productive and effective change in his career.

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the greatest footballing teams of all time.

I will be starting my journey with FCB, seeking to start there rise to glory and domination in European football once again.

Episode 2 coming soon........
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SirArsene1991's avatar Group SirArsene1991 2018-08-08 11:41
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Pre Season

So starting my pre season, I couldn't help but feel in the back of my mind that this Barca squad is not what it used to be.

With Ivan Rakitic effectively being Xavi's replacement, this player is not the same small low centre of gravity midfielder with an expertise of finding that gap to play the killer pass.

The first thing I wanted to do was sell the likes of Rakitic, along with Jordi Alba, Paulinho, Andre Gomes, Aleix Vidal and Thomas Vermaelen.

Jordi Alba I wanted to cash in on, making way for a return to the Camp Nou for Alex Grimaldo.

I quickly discovered that I couldn't get £50m for Rakitic, nor could I get the price I wanted for any of the others. I then decided I would keep these players for extra depth, hopefully raise there value and try again to offload in Jan.

Transfers Out

Aleix Vidal was the only one I was able to move on for £15m to PSG.

Transfers In

I then secured Gremio's Arthur for £14.5m. He would be a future playmaker for the squad, also possessing good defensive attributes.

As much as I wanted to secure a game changing winger to act as a replacement for Neymar, I realized that with the help of Coutinho and Dembele's creativity, my team was more than capable of creating plenty of chances for the 2 goal scorers.

In an ideal world, I would've loved to get Antione Greizmanns signature.
However, looking at the squad with extensive deliberation, there are clearly other areas which require improvement with the limited funds I possess.

My final signing was a CB, this is because other than Pique and Umtiti, there is only Vermaelen as backup. I wanted to create the ultimate Barca squad, this meant prioritizing Attack, but also improving on the areas in which they have proved weakest in past seasons.

I decided to purchase a young talented player with plenty of potential. I secured Juventus CB Daniele Rugani for £31.5. Where else to get a player who's nationality is known for its defensive prowess. He has a better Heading ability to Umtiti also which would prove to be a favored CB for the future.

Fixtures & Results

Bayern Munich 2-1 FCB
Boavista F.C. 1-1 FCB
FC.Porto 2-0 FCB
Leixões S.C. 1-5 FCB
AC. Milan 0-2 FCB

So after a very average and uninspiring Pre Season, I finally got the tactics right. After a few chops and changes throughout Pre Season, I found that a shorter passing style with a lower tempo got the best results.

My next fixture was El Classico in the Spanish Super Cup

I wanted the team to show me that this squad could compete with Real Despite there dominance over the years in Europe and La Liga title last year.
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SirArsene1991's avatar Group SirArsene1991 2018-08-08 11:51
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Los Cules Win In First Leg Triumph

FCB 2 - 0 Real Madrid C.F

The first leg of the Spanish Cup was a very encouraging one. We constantly pressed, probed, and tested Reals defense throughout the 90 minutes. Of course they have pace in there side so they were always going to cause problems with there counter attacks.

Fortunately for us, we went into the second leg with a clean sheet.

Reals Narrow Win Not Enough

Real Madrid C.F 1-0 FCB (1-2 On Agg.)

In the second leg, I decided on going into this game with a second tactic.

I was to play with a normal defensive line trying to control the game and retain possession, as opposed to attack.

Ideally the normal defensive line would have prevented a goal, and the controlled mentality would enable us to maintain possession, however Barca have never been known for the defensive abilities. This is when we conceded the first goal. I knew that we would concede again should I have tried to continue to control the game rather than push for a goal. I soon found that with Barca, a good defence can also be a good offence.

Going back to my previous tactics of attacking, I soon created more chances which ran down the clock just as well.

Los Cules Lift The Super Cup

Overall a very positive performance over the two legs. Despite the ageing squad, we cut Real open with pace at times creating chances and were even clinical enough to take a 2-0 lead into the Bernabeu. We were very fortunate also to get one over on our rivals before the season. Lets hope it has a positive effect on the squad mentality for the upcoming season.

Start of the 17/18 season coming soon........
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SirArsene1991's avatar Group SirArsene1991 2018-08-08 20:34
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La Liga Season Kicks Off!

Barcelona secure victory at Butarque

Leganes 1-2 Barcelona

European Champions Cup Group Stage Drawn

Group E

AS Monaco
FC RB Salzberg

Quality of possession provides victory


FCB 3-0 Athletico Madrid
Deportivo 2-4 FCB
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SirArsene1991's avatar Group SirArsene1991 2018-08-09 10:12
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The Morning After

Based on the first few games of the 17/18 La Liga season, I am satisfied with my progress.

Last nights fixtures ended very promising with myself discovering our tactics now work best with a quicker tempo, and continuing with the short passing style.

This enabled us (with the help of 90% fit substitute Messi) to score 2 late goals resulting in an encouraging away win to Depor.

With Real Madrid losing there most recent fixture 3-1 away to Valencia also, we find ourselves in a 3 point lead, which obviously doesn't mean much at this point but never the less, it is certainly a good start for the Catalans.
SirArsene1991's avatar Group SirArsene1991 2018-08-09 22:11
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One Sad Uneventful Evening

So i sit here torn at 22:47 GMT. I have finally retrieved my laptop after allowing my Girlfriend to use for filling out an application form for work purposes.

Sadly i am not the young whippersnapper i once was. At the ripe old age of 27, i am edging towards going to bed due to the unfortunate reality that is, my job does not consist of playing FM.

I have been doing some pondering this evening never the less. I watched a few videos of Barcelona on Youtube. I think i actually prefer the 08/09 squad when Pep started his reign as Barca manager.

You had the front 3 of Henry, Eto and Messi. In his first season as coach, this team appeared to often opt for the direct approach in terms of passing. If you look back, there were some very nice intricate passes, however this was a different look Barca when you compare to the more possession based style Guardiola gradually cemented into the team. I think its safe to say despite my own personal preferences, the Barcelona team that ended up defeating Manchester United in the 2013 Champions League Final was perhaps Barcelona Football Club, at there very best.

Remembering the Barcelona we all knew and loved. Chelsea were the inevitable catalyst to end Barca's dominance. You can only go so far when you pass side to side like a crab, trying to break down a Chelsea side that specialize in "parking the bus". It was the same with the national team. Something had changed with Spain. There tactics that destroyed Italy in Euro 2012 were no longer as effective.

With all that in mind, this is why i would prefer to re create a Barcelona team similar to the 08/09 season. I dont want my team to have to rely on short passing, sometimes you need to take more risks and play that direct pass which ultimately leads to a goal. This does not mean im going to eventually encourage a Sam Alladyce, route one Barcelona. I will always prioritise a beautiful fluid attacking style with creative freedom. My target is merely to create the perfect Barca.

Goodnight All.
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SirArsene1991's avatar Group SirArsene1991 2018-08-10 20:18
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Barcelona Hammer AS Monaco

Barcelona 3-0 AS Monaco
Barcelona 1-1 Villareal
Getafe 1-1 Barcelona
FC RB Salzberg 1-4 Barcelona
Real San Seb 2-5
Sevilla 2-3 Barcelona
Barcelona 1-2Tottenham

Well the only word to really describe recent results is Frustration

When you think you have tactics just right, and they go ahead and lose at home to Spurs.....
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