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FM18 - Let's Go

Steven Gerrard takes on his first senior managerial job at Rangers FC. Can he take Rangers back to the top of Scottish Football? Can he dethrone Celtic? It's time to find out.
Started on 13 August 2018 by RioGilmour
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Chapter 1 - The Phone Call

I remember sitting at home, on a typical rainy Sunday in Liverpool. My wife, Alex, was watching a previous season of Love Island whilst my kids were catching up with homework due for the next day.

My phone was in the kitchen and as I got up to go to the toilet, it rang... it was Tom Werner. The chairman of my beloved Liverpool, surely he wasn't phoning me to tell me how his day has been? Oh no, it was something way more important. It was life changing.

I took my phone upstairs to avoid any background noise from the TV and quickly realised that this phone call was serious. Ive always known Mr. Werner as a very cut to the chase type of bloke. He doesn't waste his time trying to glamourise his words to make himself look all snobby or like a genius. His words to me were a blur after a few moments, i remember 2 key points from what he said.
' " Rangers FC have approached us with the interest in talking to you about their managerial position" '

and then
'" Would you be interested in opening discussions with the club? " '

I was stunned. Silenced. For the first time in a long, long time, I was lost for words.

However, as soon as he said Rangers FC, I got a feeling in my stomach. Wow, Rangers FC, The most successful club in the world, want Steven George Gerrard to become the new manager of their club.

At first i stuttered over my words, but then I cleared my throat and managed to splurt out a "Yes I would like to speak with them".

Chapter 2 coming soon.
Chapter 2 - Meeting the Chairman

After the phone call with Tom Werner, I went downstairs and spoke to Alex. I told her about the feeling I had, the interest I had in taking over Rangers Football Club. As always, she was very supportive of me and told me to chase my dreams. So I did. I done my research to make sure that this was the right move for me.

Dave King, the Chairman at Rangers called me and told me he would be at the first leg of the Champions League Semi Final against Roma, we arranged to meet at a restaurant before the match and we had a really good discussion about my aims, his aims and eventually our aims for the football club. The money was irrelevant to me, i'd made my fortune. Besides, money was never my motivation at any stage in my life.The dinner was definitely helped by the delicious lasagne I had. The food would turn out to be one of the many things i'd miss about home.

Mr. King told me that the atmosphere at Ibrox was similar if not better to that of Anfield on european nights, he told me to imagine 50,000 fans singing their hearts out as my own team compete and conquer teams from all over europe every second week. Now that made my mouth water. My obsession with football was reaching new levels I never thought imaginable after my playing career was done.

After the game and I returned home, I went to bed and told Alex that I was going to do it, I was going to move north and take over Rangers. I could barely sleep with all these crazy thoughts going through my head. All I knew walking into the unknown was that I was ready.

Steven Gerrard,
Rangers Manager
Chapter 3 - Let's Go

It was unveiling day. I had flown into Glasgow Airport in a private jet with my agent in the early hours of Friday morning to avoid the press and the journos.

I f***ing hate the journos.

We were picked up in a silver mercedes benz with black tinted windows and brand new leather seats. I could tell they were new because of the smell of them, these seats were as comfortable as my sofa at home. Me and my agent were taken to the Radisson Hotel in Glasgow City Centre and given a room to rest in for the night ahead of the huge day that lies ahead.

The following day around noonish we were once again picked up by the exact same silver merc with the same driver too.

Next stop: Ibrox.

We drove straight through the glorious royal blue front grates that read 'Rangers Football Club' however as expected the cameras and a few fans were out nice and early to see the car drive in despite no confirmed news i was joining the club in public at this point. I wonder how they found out I was joining ay?

The car stopped right outside the tunnel and no less than 6 people as well as 2 more behind a camera were there to say hello to me as I got out the car. I found out later that the whole day was recorded and edited for the public to see so i will link that below here too.


I walked straight up the tunnel, clicking my fingers as i took it all in. I was lead to a private locked room next to the dressing rooms where there was a magnificent picture of our Queen hanging from one of the walls.

I got dressed and got ready to go. It was showtime. Myself and Director of Football Mark Allen walked through to reception, greeted and shook their hands and then moved on up the famous staircase were Director Stewart Robertson was there to welcome us and thank me for travelling up. It was time for the big meeting in the boardroom. Suited and booted I walked in expecting a stone cold room with many a face staring on with intent. I was wrong, i walked in and was greeted by... sandwiches.. oh and chairman Dave King.

After Lunch we headed to the managers office, my new office at the stadium and of course, we took a picture or two of me signing my 4-year contract.

The day was far from over as I then had an interview with the Rangers Media Team in the famous trophy room where so much history and success lies. I basically just expressed my delight and how much of an honour it was to be manager of the club. I was truly, buzzing inside.

Afterwards it was off to the dressing room for some more pictures with the scarf and the kits etc. I remember thinking 'wow my face is getting sore from smiling so much' and the smiling was far from over as all the papers and news channels awaited me for what felt like a whole days worth of photos. I just wanted to get going on the 1st of June.

Last but not least was the Press Conference, the same press who had me standing looking here, there and everywhere for a 'quick photo' were ready to quiz me endlessly on questions i could see coming from a mile away.

"Can you stop Celtic?"
"Will you close the gap?"

What were they expecting me to say?

"Yes were going to ruin celtic and brendans 10 in a row, were the only show in town?"

Of course thats what i was thinking...but I had to be respectful.

It got to the last question and if it wasn't for the glass of water in front of me I'm sure I would've lost my voice.

The last question i had also expected, but I didn't have a clue how to answer it.

The question was ' " What would your message be to the rangers support " '

Luckily, in the heat of the moment, I remembered what I used to say in the dressing room for my u14s team before every game, and I used those exact words again here.


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