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Aapo Virtanen: Don’t Look Back In Anger

Started on 6 November 2018 by Jack
Latest Reply on 5 September 2019 by Justice

"Leena, I saw it happening. I can't just run away from this, eventually the police will get hold of what happened and when they check the CCTV I am implicated for restricting evidence. And I don't know who this kid is for goodness sake!" I shouted, pacing up and down the kitchen counter.

Leena, the receptionist from Oulu started living with me from last month. She handed in her notice at the club to begin a new role elsewhere as a recruiter in a local European recruitment firm and on her way out I revealed my feelings towards her without the threat of my authority as manager taking over proceedings.

"Aapo, I just think you need to take a step back," Leena started. "I know you're stressed and just listening to you speak about this is stressing me out." She began stirring her morning coffee as I took a break from walking angrily around to sit down on the chair. Leena put my coffee on the coaster behind me while leaning down to give me a delicate peck on the cheek. "I've known you long enough to know that you are a genuine guy, you meant no malice and you were simply just shocked to see what you did that night."

"So what do I do now?" I asked her, almost pleading for advice from a woman with zero legal experience.

"I say you head down to the police station anonymously and I guess you hand in a witness statement saying exactly what you saw and what you did that night. You did nothing wrong, Aapo. You were simply stunned and the police will have seen so many cases like this before that they will have a common practice. Trust me, it'll all be OK." Leena reassured me.

I stood up and headed through to my office on the right of the hallway. I sat down at my desk with a Word document set up so I could bullet point exactly what went on that night so I could formulate it into some sort of statement for someone who had seen somebody commit suicide.

Whilst I had the computer on I simply couldn't resist the temptation of doing more research into Niilo Makinen - the victim who took his own life that night - and a lot of news reports and Reddit topics sprung up after searching his name. I ultimately had no idea who he was and to me, he was merely a poor young man who couldn't cope with his life anymore. I scrolled down further through the Google pages until I stumbled across a message board.

The website itself looked unprofessional and run by people who weren't exactly the best at IT. There was a discussion between about five users that I began reading, distracting me from organising my statement. After about fifteen minutes of reading the messages between members of the site, I began to piece together the outline of Makinen's persona and I slowly began to discover that he wasn't the most innocent individual I had come across.

It appeared that Makinen was high up in a Scandinavian gang called 'United Brotherhood'. The gang was a merger of three different gangs going by the names of Natural Born Killers, Rogues Gallery and M.O.R.E and according to the Finnish Police Department, they had arrested a 25-year-old man in connection to financial crimes committed in association with a gang. The police let him go from the Helsinki police department but seemingly wanted to get Makinen to testify against the gangs atrocities in order to catch more members.

These facts began to come together in my head that the United Brotherhood were about to torture Makinen for the potential testifying against them followed by witness protection, and so to avoid this Makinen had taken the easy way out by committing suicide in Oulu on that night to avoid the torturous death as well as the police who were banking on him as a major prosecutor in the case against United Brotherhood.

I sat back in my chair and took a deep breath, realising that I had witnessed the death of a major organised crime boss and I didn't report a thing. I whispered an expletive to myself as a release of the stress I was currently in.

I don't have a clue what to do from here.
Oh my god. This is some gooooood stuff! Looking forward to each update more and more.
Only one man can save the day now.

The intrigue deepens
Scott: There's only more to come :P

Justice: Marshall Mathers in an Oulu FM story, now THAT is a shocker :))

Griffin: *Dramatic music increases*

As the end of January arrives, we look at the Finnish transfer window where there has been lots of action at Raatin Stadion as Veikkausliiga title-holders AC Oulu have been making a lot of adjustments to their playing squad as they approach their first-ever UEFA Champions League campaign in 2021.

With 14 arrivals so far this season, it is clear to see that Aapo Virtanen isn't afraid of chopping up the playing squads that he has trusted to take him from the middle of the second tier to the top of the Finnish footballing ladder within the three years he has been in charge at Oulu after taking over from Mika Lahderinne at the end of 2017.

Perhaps one of the most well-known additions made to the squad so far into the transfer window - which closes at the beginning of April - is the signature of former Arsenal frontman Yaya Sanogo on a free transfer. The Ivorian has been without a club for just over six months following his release from Ligue 1 outfit Toulouse after making eleven appearances for them in their promotion from Ligue 2.

The striker started off his career at AJ Auxerre and was destined for big things according to media reports around the time after he scored 9 goals in 13 games in Ligue 2 aged only 18 years old. This prompted English giants Arsenal to snap up the youngster on a free transfer. After 11 appearances for the Gunners and loan spells at Crystal Palace, Ajax and Charlton Athletic, Arsene Wenger decided to let the striker leave on a free transfer in 2017.

But now Sanogo hopes to revive his underwhelming career with a special spell at AC Oulu as he signed a 2-year deal with the club earlier in January.

Another big addition to the squad was the signing of Italian right-winger Lorenzo Di Livio on a free transfer following the expiration of his contract at AS Roma in July 2020. Aapo Virtanen had reportedly kept tabs on the winger for some time but until their Champions League place was confirmed, it was reported that Di Livio's agent refused to negotiate with Oulu.

However, the 24-year-old signed a 2-year deal just before the new year to join the Veikkausliiga champions. Di Livio never had much luck at in the Italian capital, only making one appearance for his contracted team over the course of his eight-year stay at the club, with various loan spells making up the rest of his career to date. Di Livio has been promised first-team football in Finland and that is said to be one of the key reasons for joining up alongside the prospect of Champions League football.

This window, Oulu smashed their transfer record as they brought in 19-year-old Nigerian goalkeeper David Obi for a fee of £175,000 which could rise to £500,000 depending on certain circumstances written into the transfer deal. The biggest fee previous to Obi's arrival was the signing of Teemu Savolainen in 2020 from TPS for a fee of £18,000.

Despite only being 19 years of age, Obi has already made his senior men's debut for the Nigerian national team ahead of Deportivo's Francis Uzoho. The youngster made his professional debut for Enyimba last season as he made eleven appearances and only conceded ten goals in that time. Time will tell if he carries on his great form over in Finland.

However, to bring in so many players Oulu needed to part ways with some integral existing players as Champions League football simply won't pay for everything in the case of the low-funded Finnish game.

Firstly, Oulu academy graduate and left-back Aleksi Lappalainen agreed a season-long loan deal at fellow Veikkausliiga rivals Rovaniemen following his successful International Turku spell last season.

Then came the releasing of five first-team players with Felix Orishani departing after four years with the club, followed by Johan Carlsson, Antto Tapaninen, Armend Kabashi and Niilo Hautala who are all now currently on the lookout for potential new suitors as Virtanen deemed them surplus to requirements at Raatin Stadion.

The first big blow for Oulu was the departure of Dylan Romein who returned to his country of origin to play for Central Coast Mariners in Australia. After two very successful seasons playing for Oulu in the top-flight, involving a title and a cup double, Romein ended his spell with 19 goals and 19 assists in 60 games for the club. He leaves Finland for a fee close to £200,000 after joining Oulu on a free transfer in 2019.

Secondly, and possibly more painful for Oulu fans to take was the significant departure of fan favourite Jorge Cabezas. The Colombian attacking-midfielder attempted to force a way out of the club which eventually succeeded, but only once Virtanen had negotiated a £1,500,000 fee with AS Roma to take the promising 20-year-old. Cabezas had an incredibly big impact on Oulu, playing in 54 games and scoring 12 goals for the club. The £1.5million man has seemingly been replaced by the arrivals of Oliver Antman and Taron Molyneux in the transfer window as Cabezas goes straight into the AS Roma reserve squad.

Glad to see you've managed to gain a good fee out of Roma to sign Cabezas. Some interesting signings, especially in Sanogo and Rathbone who I recognise. I'm interested to see how the two will fair in Finland and on the European stage.
Some juicy signings there. Yaya in particular, was a great player for Man City in their title-winning seasons. Although, Antman wasn't the superhero I was expecting.
Scott: Was really refreshing to get a good fee for Cabezas and put the club firmly in the black meaning we can begin improving the infrastructure within the club via board requests. Rathbone will certainly have a shock going from League 2 to the Champions League! :))

Justice: If only he was FM2012 Sanogo and I'd be laughing...
Cabezas is a huge piece of signing!

IN an extremely shocking turn of events, the suspected suicide of former United Brotherhood gang member Niilo Makinen has been inextricably linked to Champions League manager Aapo Virtanen.

In a series of tweets last night, Finnish police whistleblowers 'FinnishTheFDP' (@FDPAgitator) exposed remarkable evidence that the AC Oulu manager Aapo Virtanen had been involved with the death of Niilo Makinen to a potentially criminal extent.

The series of tweets sent out by @FDPAgitator last night

The tweets detailed how Aapo Virtanen had been at the scene where Niilo Makinen was last seen walking onto the E8 bridge from the opposite side to Aapo Virtanen's entry onto the bridge at the same time as each other. The CCTV footage posted by the account later into the night showed a seemingly relaxed Virtanen walking away from the bridge just minutes later, whereas that was the last sighting of Makinen until his body showed up on the shore of Swedish port Umea just one week ago.

It has since been well-documented since the confirmation of Makinen's body that the individual was involved in the upper hierarchy of the United Brotherhood gang that currently dominates the criminal underworld of Finland and other areas of Scandinavia. Makinen showed up on numerous police reports of extortion and drug and gun offences, with one report stating that a military-grade rifle was discovered at his Oulu home five years ago.

However, the tweets said that the gang ordered a green light - a gang death sentence - on Makinen which implies that the victim had gone rogue or was threatening to testify against the United Brotherhood. With crime records showing a significant rise in crime in the Oulu area, it would be no surprise to hear that the gang were trying to infiltrate the city which has a population of nearly 180,000 people residing in it.

United Brotherhood history has shown that it usually corrupts high-profile individuals in particular areas, with politicians, millionaires and club owners being regularly associated with the gang. This suggests that the involvement of Aapo Virtanen - a man with a rising reputation across Finland after winning the Finnish premier league with Oulu in October - should not be ruled out as a potentially dangerous or corrupted individual if the CCTV is verified by the authorities.

Neither AC Oulu or Aapo Virtanen have made an official statement on these potentially criminal allegations, but the Oulu Police Department have stated that they are aware of the supposed evidence against Virtanen and will be opening an investigation into the matter immediately.
Nah, this update is something else. Christ, I knew you were good at writing these things... but this is amazing. Blown away by the quality here in what is an exceptionally interesting update. Aapo could be in massive bother now that this has been exposed to the public...
I don't know how to comment on this sincerely but I also cannot think of a joke which wouldn't be seen as inappropriate, considering the material of the post. #MakeJusticesCommentsGreatAgain
Scott: Glad you enjoy :D He certainly is in a pickle

Justice: Well, this changes your whole dynamic ;)

"Yes, Markus has done a fantastic job in what has been some very challenging months for the club," I said. This pre-match conference was the first of the kind that I have done since before the Seinajoen title-winning game at the end of October.

Since the tweets and evidence came out about me I had to take a step back from my duties as first-team manager at AC Oulu to be compliant in the ongoing investigation into the death of Niilo Makinen. My assistant manager, Markus Heikkinen was put in charge of first-team affairs for 4 months and had led the team through the group phase of the Suomen Cup as well as the numerous friendly fixtures inbetween.

"I honestly cannot thank him enough for taking the reigns while I've been away in what has been the most testing time of my entire life so far. He really is a credit to himself, me and the club with all of the controversy around us at the moment," I continued. "I feel fit and ready enough to take the club into the league season on Sunday against Mariehamn and to do this thing all over again with even more success hopefully!"

"Aapo, don't you feel guilty for letting a man die or perhaps even have a more direct--" a reporter was cut off by one of the club's security that was patched around the room around the conference desk. He was a new member of the press room, one that I had never seen before, certainly.

"I think that will be all for Mr Virtanen today, thank you," said Filip Multanen, the club's press officer as he dismissed the journalists who all rose ready to head back to their own offices.

As the room emptied I just sat there, completely still. "Boss, we need to get up and leave, the conference is done," Filip said, tightening his fist around my left shoulder. But I just sat there, and I burst into tears before burying my head in-between the triangular space I had made on the table with arms. I am not a guilty man, I kept saying in my head all over again.

"Aapo, we need to--"

"I AM NOT A GUILTY MAN!" I screamed out loud, loud enough for any of the departing ears to pick up.

As my head sank back down onto the table, I saw a flash, like a camera flash. I leaped up from my seat - a face filled with anger and sadness all at once - and I ran after the camera flash. As I turned the corner onto the exit corridor and ran after the photographer with my face flush with rage, another flash went off.

That was the money shot, I realised as I stopped myself as the sense of regret and consciousness started to kick in.

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