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Aapo Virtanen: Don’t Look Back In Anger

Started on 6 November 2018 by Jack
Latest Reply on 5 September 2019 by Justice
D. Esposito


Residence: Florence, Italy
Date of Birth: 10th May 1987

Date of Interview: 10th January 2024
Location of Interview: Oulu Police Service
Interviewed By: Chief Detective Inspector Risto OTTAVAINEN
Others Present: Detective Inspector Sami KETINEN
Solicitor Angelo Brondi

CDI/OTTAVAINEN This interview is being taped recorded and may be given in evidence if your case is brought to trial. We are in an interview room at Oulu Police Station. The date is 10th January 2024 and the time by my watch is 12:34pm. I am Chief Detective Inspector Risto Ottavainen. The other police officer present is Detective Inspector Sami Ketinen. Please state your full name and date of birth.

VIRTANEN Aapo Juuso Virtanen, born on 10th May 1987.

CDI/OTTAVAINEN Also present is Mr. Virtanen's solicitor Angelo Brondi. Do you agree that there are no other persons present?.


CDI/OTTAVAINEN You are not here to act simply as an observer. Your role here is to advise Mr. Virtanen, facilitate communication and ensure that the interview is conducted fairly. Before the start of this interview, I must remind you that you are entitled to free and independent legal advice either in person or by telephone at any stage. At the conclusion of the interview, I will give you a notice explaining what will happen to the tapes and how you and/or your solicitor can get access to them. You do not have to say anything. But it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something you may later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.

DI/KETINEN Interview begins.

CDI/OTTAVAINEN Mr. Virtanen, were you present at the E8 bridge over the Oulujoki river at approximately 7pm on 19th December 2019.

VIRTANEN I probably was. I was the way back to my home at the time and that would be around the time that I finished work at Raatti Stadion.

CDI/OTTAVAINEN And on your way home, did you come across Niilo Makinen?

DI/KETINEN CDI Ottavainen has shown an image of Niilo Makinen's face to Aapo Virtanen and Angelo Brondi.

VIRTANEN I may have done. I can't remember much given that the incident was over four years ago now, I have seen a lot of faces.

CDI/OTTAVAINEN Niilo Makinen's body was found in 2020 on the Swedish port of Umea. His last known sighting was by his family on the 19th of December 2019. He was last seen on surveillance cameras on the E8 bridge at approximately the same time that you walked onto the bridge and out of sight of any CCTV cameras. In the time that you and Makinen were out of view of surveillance cameras, what occurred on the E8 bridge, as you are seen walking back the same way you entered, whereas Makinen was never seen again?

BRONDI No comment.

DI/KETINEN Given that you were the last person likely to have seen Niilo Makinen in person on that particular night, it is pivotal that we know what you saw so we are able to wrap the case of his death up as a police force, to help his family get closure, too.

BRONDI My client states no comment once again.

DCI/OTTAVAINEN Okay, so you stated earlier that you would have to walk across the E8 bridge so that you were able to get home. Why is it that instead of walking across the bridge to your home, instead you turned back and headed back the way you had originally walked?

VIRTANEN I had forgotten something at work. That night, the football club began the winter holidays for the management and it was my last chance to grab whatever I needed back home. After I had what I needed, I headed the direction back home again.

DCI/OTTAVAINEN What did you forget at work?

VIRTANEN Just a few stationery objects, pens, pencils. I had a few Christmas presents that I had kept away from my girlfriend back at home so I needed to go and collect them before Christmas Day.

DCI/OTTAVAINEN Did you see Niilo Makinen on your way back over the E8 bridge?

VIRTANEN No, I did not see anybody when I walked over the bridge and back home.

DCI/OTTAVAINEN Niilo Makinen was a key witness on the pending panel of witnesses which were testifying against gang-related crimes. Have you ever knowingly been in contact with any gang members in the Scandinavia region?

VIRTANEN No, sir. As a popular figure in this town, a lot of people come and say hello to me and ask for photos and the sort, but I have never knowingly been in contact with any gang members in my life.

DCI/OTTAVAINEN During your current brief spell in Italy, has anybody approached you with regards to this case and you being called in for questioning over the death of Niilo Makinen?


DCI/OTTAVAINEN Okay. Back to the 19th of December 2019, you were seen on CCTV seemingly searching for something in both your coat and trouser pockets. Do you recall what you were searching for just before you turned left onto the E8 bridge?

VIRTANEN No, I do not recall. I remember around the time I used to smoke cigarettes to keep my fingertips warm, but honestly I do not remember what in particular that I was searching for in my pockets. It could have been anything.

DCI/OTTAVAINEN Have you ever been offered or promised anything by anybody in relation to anything concerning Niilo Makinen?


DCI/OTTAVAINEN Mr. Virtanen, were you involved, directly or indirectly in the death of Niilo Makinen?

BRONDI No comment.

Interesting, looking forward to the next update.
Another great update! Wonder how this interview and pending investigation affects Aapos role at Fiorentina!

My first two months in charge of ACF Fiorentina have gone down a storm. After arriving at the club when they were sat in a lowly 13th place, ten points from any sort of European qualification, over January and February and with the help of the January transfer window we have managed to reform a drastically underperforming side into a team that has consistently dominated games under me.

On top of reaching 8th place at the end of February, we have also made it into the final of the TIM Cup after defeating Cagliari in the semi-finals over two legs. This cup presents another opportunity to achieve European football at the end of this season, as well as a multi-million Euro prize.

As shown in the graphic, our first match together was to face Torino in the TIM Cup quarter-final. Our January signing from Bologna Mattias Svanberg was on hand on his debut to provide a last-gasp winner to take us into the semi-finals. We only played two more league games following the cup win as we obliterated both Champions League hopefuls Sassuolo 3-1 and mid-table Cagliari 4-0, with January signing Davide Merola bagging in both fixtures.

Throughout February, we continued to be unbeaten as Yannick Carrasco went on an unbelievable run of form which included him scoring all four goals in our 4-0 win over Frosinone. Davide Merola and Vignato led us into the 2nd leg of the TIM Cup with a 2-1 lead over Cagliari, leading to a 4-3 overall aggregate score at the end of the month. Title contenders A.C. Milan also dropped vital points against us in February as they drew 1-1 with us.

As shown in the league table, we have built up a healthy four-point lead on the teams below us meanwhile keeping up with the Europa League spots currently occupied by Sampdoria and Sassuolo. The Champions League seems well too far out of reach currently with only 13 games of the season left to play, but with our current form the possibility isn't out of the question altogether.

In the coming two months, we play nine fixtures in Serie A, including a March fixture against current league leaders Juventus - who lost their consecutive titles last season to Napoli. They will be needing a win with Milan in such close proximity.

Our April fixture against Sampdoria may also be pivotal as it could open a door to an unexpected European qualification spot if we come out with a win. Other than these games, the teams we face are relatively average apart from the two top-four teams we face.

Our TIM Cup final game will take place later on in May as we face Milan at Stadio Olimpico.
Well, despite all the issues off the pitch with the investigation continuing, it doesn't seem to be affecting anything on the pitch. A strong run of results there, which has allowed you to rise up the table and book a place in the Italian Cup final - not bad at all.
Europa League qualification seems like a real possibility, and a cup final to come too! It seems as though Aapo has the current of the river on his side here!
A great couple of months for Aapo and Fiorentia with the winter signings seemingly making a massive impact! Europa league qualification should be seen as a positive, if achieved, considering where they were before you took over!

Congratulations on the well deserved SoTM
European Football is a good possibility this season, here's hoping you can secure it. Goodluck.

Aapo Virtanen's Fiorentina stunned Serie A league leaders Juventus last night as a Davide Merola masterclass saw La Viola win 6-1 against Marcelino's team.

A.C. Milan will be thanking Fiorentina tonight as the Serie A title race was drawn even tighter as Juventus dropped all three points to a Europa League-thirsty Fiorentina side.

Building up to the game, Juventus had been knocked out of the Europa League 1st Knockout Round on away goals by Bayern Munich. However, Marcelino's side had not lost a single Serie A fixture since January. Before last nights game, Aapo Virtanen's Fiorentina had not been beaten since he took charge of the club in late December 2023.

Predicting a 6-1 away win for La Viola before the game began would have bagged a punter €750 on a €1 stake, such was the unpredictability of the unbelievable performance displayed by Aapo Virtanen's team at the Allianz Stadium.

It only took ten minutes for Fiorentina to score their first goal as right-winger Emanuel Vignato tucked away a side-footed shot into the bottom-left corner of Wojciech Szczesny's goal - and the Polish goalkeepers night was only going to get worse from there.

Davide Merola started his goalscoring spree on the 20-minute mark as he headed home a six-yard header from an Emanuel Vignato delivery from the wing to double the Fiorentina lead early on into the first-half.

Despite a shocking start from the league leaders, the home fans were still not losing hope in their attacking prowess involving the likes of the retiring Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala. That hope was dashed very early into the second half as Davide Merola completed his hat-trick in the 49th minute to put Fiorentina 4-0 ahead almost immediately after the break.

Merola was not just happy with the three goals however, as in the 63rd minute, the 24-year-old bagged his fourth goal of the game as Fiorentina sailed five goals ahead of the Serie A title hopefuls.

On an evening built on nightmares for Juventus fans, even a 92nd minute consolation goal to make it 5-1 by Federico Bernadeschi was overshadowed just one minute later as Emanuel Vignato scored his second goal of the game from a threaded pass from left-back Vanni Vezzosi.

After Napoli ended their ten-year winning run of the Serie A last season, Juventus' title credentials have once again been thrown into doubt under Marcelino as Milan close in on the top spot this season in what has been a torrid period for Marcelino following the end of Massimiliano Allegri's eight-year spell at the club.

Scott: January made the run of form much easier to achieve, even despite the off-field personal events for Aapo.
Justice: Either through the league or the TIM Cup, European football next season seems a real possibility now.
LFCFan: I'm delighted that the new signings have made an immediate impact on proceedings as I am not sure I would have been able to achieved this great run of form with the previous batch of players. Thanks for your kind words about SotM :D
SonOfAnarchy: It's becoming even more possible with every point we gain!

Huge thank you for your votes in the April Story of the Month vote!
Long Live Aapo!
Astounding result which highlights the level of success Aapo has had so far with Fiorentina.

Congratulations on a fully deserved Story of the Month win, too.

Continuing on from the marvellous opening months as Fiorentina manager, we have kept on going in both March and April. Over the two months we simply won, won and then won some more with a 100% win record over the two months, making my win record since joining an astounding 89%. With Nikola Boskovic starting in eight out of the nine games we played in these two months, we kept five clean sheets and conceded only five goals in the process.

We opened March with a dominant 1-0 victory over Empoli in the league, before winning 1-0 against the current Serie A holders Napoli with Davide Merola scoring both of the winners in those particular games. Merola was not the only one on goalscoring form throughout March as Emanuel Vignato bagged two braces in the wins against Brescia and Juventus, however, Merola once again took the limelight with four goals in the Juventus victory as addressed in the previous update.

Buzzing off the back of defeating the title favourites by a huge margin, we began April in the same form as Udinese were victims to Emanuel Vignato and Yannick Carrasco in a 2-1 win. Inter, who occupy the Champions League spot also fell down to a 2-0 loss with two late goals from our strikers Miguel Borja and Davide Merola in the last five minutes. Out of the nine fixtures, we gained the maximum number of points.

As a result of the 27 points added onto our total, we have soared up the division once again. From the starting point of 13th at the end of December, we have raced up into 8th at the end of February and now we comfortably occupy a Europa League spot. However, this may not be all. With four games remaining in the league, we sit only one win away from a Champions League slot as Internazionale currently suffer from a shocking run of form from April. From 13th place, we could find ourselves in the Champions League for next season which would be an unbelievable achievement.

Our final four games in the league have been fairly kind to us. Beginning May, we face mid-table Torino before going onto face the all-but relegated Genoa at Artemio Franchi. Inbetween this fixture and the next Serie A game is the TIM Cup final against A.C. Milan, held at Stadio Olimpico. When we return to Serie A action, we face Lazio in 7th place currently, which is arguably our toughest league fixture. Our final match of the season is away to relegation-threatened Atalanta who may still be fighting for survival by gameweek 38.

Over at Internazionale, they face a much tougher final run-in as they struggle to hold onto Champions League qualification. Firstly, they must face the league leaders Juventus at the Giuseppe Meazza before a Derby della Madonnina against their city rivals A.C. Milan. Not only does this impact the face of the Champions League qualification, but it also impacts the title race significantly. If Inter beat Juventus but lose to A.C. Milan, the whole shape of the title race is changed and we could potentially see Milan running away with the Serie A title - handed to them by their city rivals. It really could boil down to be a very interesting month.

Scott: I was absolutely stunned by the time the 2nd went in, never mind the 5th and 6th! Thank you very much Scott, I appreciate your vote too!
Good luck in the last 4 games, Jack !
Excellent stuff, Jack. Champions League is now a possibility and who would've thought that when you took over. Keep it coming mate. Great stuff.
Gone from mid-table to challenging for Champions League football very quickly, the fans are hungry!

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