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Multiple Facepacks

Started on 8 November 2018 by nunom_666
Latest Reply on 14 March 2019 by Stam
Is there anyway to have 2 or more facepacks working? I wanna have the full DF11 but some of the CarlosFierro action Facepack. Even if Im only substituting the picture its not working... Some help please because I did it in the past in FM14 to FM16 but since that I cant do it
did you find a solution for this problem?
What I've done in the past is download the DF11 pack in full then paste Carlos' pack in that folder. You need to make sure you remove the config file from Carlos' pack first though
You can combine as many facepacks you like. I assume you shall have a preference for which style you'd definitely wish to keep when there are duplicate pics. What you need to do is move the pics in counter order of preference.

For example, if you definitely want to have action style pics and then fill the gaps with DF11, place the DF11 pics with config file in the folder and then move the action style pics without their config there. Replace duplicates when asked.

In case the action style pack has pics which are missing from DF11, you'll need to generate a new config file. You can do that by using a free tool such as fmXML.

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