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Edit "trained in nation" status or "how many you could register"

A feature that let especially the Norwegian league teams have the same rule as other European countries
Started on 1 January 2019 by Aeon
Latest Reply on 2 January 2019 by Aeon
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I have a request for a feature that let you either "edit the number of how many players you can register for a season" or "change a players trained in nation status".

Norway have this stupid rule that you can only use max 9 people that have not spend at least 3 years in the nation before turning 21. You can only register 25 people, 16 of them has to be trained in Norway (3 years before 21). Meaning only 9 could be from other countries.

Only work around is to get them before they turn 18 (many leagues has this rule where you can't get them before 18) and keep them in your team for 3 years before you can start using them. And then try to restrain them from leaving the club.

I have been wanting a solution for this since 2009. Either have a feature that can change the number of people you can registrer to unlimited (or a high number, 50 perhaps) or have a feature that let you set trained in nation to a player at any given time, you can today change their nation status but not their trained in status. I would be forever grateful for a solution
Just want to say I manage to solve this by this guide.

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