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The Roman Eagle Soaring High: Another Story of Lower League Fairytale (FM 2019 based)

When you reincarnated not as a Wizard but as Lower League Manager
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Chapter 0 - Prolog

In the dead of the night, at some rural area of the city of city X, Jan Samarkhan just finished scrolling his smart phone as he sat silently on his old leather sofa. Gazing at the window, Jan mind was filled with both frustration and hopelessness.

He was a average looking Joe who you could find in every side of rural area, one of X city who his life are unworthy of attention. But he was a man of aspiration, who dream big and have persistence to make it comes true. He dream to be a great Wizard who rule the element.

Yes he was wibu.. ehm the infamous delusional guy.

He was certain in the world full of impurities only two road he could take to fulfill his dream. First to reincarnate in another world and second be a virgin until 40s.

But now he is 65 years old, still a virgin and not a wizard.

Sixty years he spent his life in vain.

Sixty years he had fought with the devil whisper who told him to break his oath.

Sixty years not even using his hand for relief.

And now he felt frustration which he never felt.

In the past Twenty Five year he was dreaming of golden Roman Eagle reborn from the ashes, soaring high in the sky like a phoenix. In the beginning he was excited as the dream come, it must be a sign from deity. But in the later part of his life as you guess, only the dream repeat with no sign of him becoming a wizard.

“If I Know it would be like this, I won’t be spending my life like this”, He sighed.

Because he was a man of persistence, he was never felt that his Sixty Years is a waste. He sacrificed so much for his dream and yet, all he did was for naught. For steeling his motivation he read many Online Japanese Isekai Light Novel, Chinese translated Webnovel, Fantasy Setting Wattpad Story, and few delusional... I mean mystic forum which member was obsessed with supernatural things. But, in the end he felt his limit, after all it was Sixty Years. Now he is old and lonely.

Jan Samarkhan thought how much he had contributed to Humanity... Nevermind all he did was preserving for his dream. Now he tought about how society threw him away. No, he never belong to this world anyway. After his mind wandering, Jan’s eyes fell heavy, he was tired and fell asleep.
And then he saw what he always dreaming every night, but the diffrences he was not seeing it in third person view. Now he was the eagle covered in flames, even the heat form flames felt very real. He saw his body and feathers burned charred and turn into ashes gradually. But the roman eagle never soar to the sky, it’s just covered in flames. “Damn, its really hot, I hope this dream end soon”

Then everything turned pitch black.


Then he open his eyes, but what he saw is not his usual home. He still held his smart phone on his hand but his body now was ethereal light shaped in adult body. In the outside he keep his calm, but in the inside he was screaming in Joy. After all it was not for naught.

“You look so calm, for someone who died in a house fire”, Said a voice from afar.

This is his long awaited dream comes true for Jan, how come I am not prepared for this he thinks inwardly.

Calmly he replied, “House fire? From what I remember, I was in my sleep with my usual routine dream.”

“Oh I forget, death can be so fast according the person” Then the voice continues “Check your smart phone I send you an article”

DING, the phone give notification for received message.

“What? I can still receive a message?”, I guess I just check it first.

What Jan receive is an article from The Telegraph with His picture as the content image. He knit his eyebrows as further he reading.

Old Man killed and 'set on fire' at rural home after burglaries, arson attacks and assaults in the area.

“Damn what a headline.”, Murmured Jan.

Then he continues reading shared article.

We do get crime but it comes in pits and troughs. I think it has been targeted because of the isolated location,” Local Policeman said. “I know he’s had problems with people but it supposed not concerning his.”

Of course I’m a man who aspires to become a wizard, how come that troubles me.

Mr Jan Samarkhan lived alone with his cat in the home.

Cat? Who’s cat is this? It just random cat who caught in blaze I guess. He stopped reading and make a call to the mysterious voice.

“Now I know the circumstances of my death, no wonder my dream feels so real.” It was a real fire after all. Then he continue “Okay god or divine being just sent me reincarnate as Wizard ASAP, just skip the tutorial I know a general plot of reincarnation whatever the setting.”

Surprised the voice just follow Jan wish. “What you already know? Okay see you when you reached a checkpoint.”

Jan body covered in brighter light and vanished

“But I do not remember anything of any wizard setting” The Voice said “Nevermind, it was you after all who skipped tutorial part.”

Yes, Jan Samarkhan is reincarnated, not as a Wizard but as Lower League Manager with Football Manager 2019 system in his arsenal.

“It must be amusing”, said the voice from afar.
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Reserved For Index
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Chapter 1 – The Football Manager 2019 System

“Sir Jan... Sir Jan... Why you sleeping in this weird places”
Another voices is calling, but different with the former voice.

“It was a success”, he said at reflex as he slowly open his eyes.

“I don’t get what you mean as a success sir, this is your first day as a manager.”
Manager? What kind of manager? Oh this is another plot setting, let us get up first and see what the world have for me.

“I’m sorry, I must be very tired and sleep a soon I found a flat ground” What a terrible excuse Jan He said himself.

The person wakes him up was a Janitor who work in the building. Heard a weird excuse he just smiled wryly, “Good day sir, don’t forget for your first board meeting in this afternoon” and then excuse himself.

Jan doesn’t reply and just smiled back. Board meeting? Another weird word that doesn’t suit the world of wizard. He look at himself wearing some formal suit, he felt weirder. It’s pretty modern setting for the rise of legendary wizard. What about mana flow in this world? Nothing? Alright...


Let me calm for a bit, and recall this person memory. The first thing to do is to get a hang with what the hell is happen. It’s not possible that the divine being make a mistake. After all I am Sixty Five years old virgin, I suppose to be a sage if not a legendary wizard. After walking around a bit he found a bench and start recalling.

The more he try to recall a memory, the more he surprised.

He found NOTHING, yes nothing. Fvck, I’m screwed. Let’s try something...

As he raise his hand up front, he said with conviction. MANA GATHERING! FIRE! FIRA! FIRAGA!

Okay, I will try another setting.


Still nothing happen.


After couple hours of another try in vain he stopped himself

Shit nothing work, he cursed. He tired after trying most of the spell he learn. Then he lean at the bench and insert his hand at his pocket.

Oh, I still got my old smartphone, hopefully we can find another clue. After sighed once he open his phone after input his usual password. Let me try again once more.


Of course nothing is happen, hey it’s not hurt to try again.

When he look at his smart phone there is new one application and one widget that he never install appeared in his smartphone Football Manager 19 and FM Scout.

I don’t recall I have ever install this two before. Is this witchcraft medium or something?

Let me check the Football Manager 19, after he tapped the screen the application is running.

Do you wish to see the trailer? A notification box popped up

“Sure, Why not?”

He redirected to some streaming site tube called You. Then a video was played (reference:

“Wow, some video about grown up man waking up”, as he continue watching the video he felt this is video trailer for somekind of famous game. After the video end another notification box popped up.

Do you wish to see another trailer. Now he is getting impatient Jan tap for No.

Another box popped up, “Do You Wish to Start the FM 2019 system? Note: You can always see the trailer video in the Tube.” Yes, Yes, Let us see what happen after this one, Jan tapped.

System Integration success, instantly unfamiliar intro start to play. Sport Interactive Games Stuff... SEGA Logo... Kick out Racism... Licensing things... Another notification box showed up, select interface mode Simplified Mobile Mode.. Full
Version Mode.. Jan Select Full Version Mode

He saw landing page with his avatar showed up, with some logo but he somewhat familiar.

Blue White Stripped Crest with Roman Eagle Symbol. Colchester United F.C.
It makes more sense now, but Jan still can’t accept reality.

“Yes.. Yes.. this must be a Trial before a real thing.” He never felt more tired before. Okay let’s see what else this apps had. But then he was called by full of beard man.

“Sir Jan, I was looking for you” said the man.

“Excuse me?” Then after quick consideration he follow up “Can I be in your service?”

“You must be kidding, I was me who supposed to be in your service.”

“Steven James Ball, current assistant manager at The U.” after shaking hands Ball ask Jan to follow him “Come on, our chairman Robbie Cowling is waiting for you Sir Manager.”

It’s real, this is not wizard world. “Just take me to Peron 10¾ and take me to Hogwards” Jan said softly as his dream shattered after Sixty years in cultivation.

“You are one funny guy” Ball laughed away as he walked away along the new Manager of Colchester United.
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One of the most unique starts to a story I have ever seen! Best of luck with Colchester, I had a fantastic save with them a couple of years ago - so would love to see you guide them to success.
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2 – First meeting With Chairman

Footsteps of two man can be heard at the hall as Jan and Ball walking along.
“Nervous?” Tease Ball Jokingly

“It’s all right” It’s more at loss and not knowing what to do about this goddamn football thing

Arrived in front of the Chairman Office, Ball Knock the door gently
They got reply “Pease, Come in”

After enter the room, Jan see a man in his prime walking and greet him. He was Robbie Cowling, the Chairman of Colchester United.

“Hi you must be Jan, Welcome to The U’s, I’d Like to take a few minutes of your time to welcome you to the club.” Quite unimaginative nickname for the club with roman eagle in its insignia, Jan rolled his eyes. But of course inwardly, Jan still has a common sense not to ruin his first meeting with the man who would become his boss.

“I also want to assure you that you have the full backing of the board and we wouldn’t have hired you if we didn’t feel that you were the right person to propel the club forward”, Robbie Cowling said enthusiastically.

“Great. I guess” and I won’t be hoping too much like wishing for some plot armour but I appreciate your support. “Let’s get the meeting started. I am really looking forward to working with the club and achieving big things. I also appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to welcome me in person.” Said Jan.
After exchanging some pleasantries and some fair amount of Colchester’s background and history, their conversation move further to scheduling meeting about philosophies.

“As we mentioned in your welcome message the club has no philosophies which you will be judged on during your time at the club. Would you like to arrange a meeting to suggest philosophies you are passionate about for the board to consider approving?” Said Cowling.

Of course Jan cannot show weakness in front of his boss, so without even blink Jan said, “I have some philosophies which I would like the board to consider judging me on, let’s arrange a meeting for a few days’ time to talk them over”

“Good, let’s move to the next topic.” After Cowling take a notes in his agenda to mark his schedule, he adds “It’s traditional to hold a Press conference when signing a new manager. Would you like us to set one up for you in the next day or so?”

“Of Course you can decline, If you find the media just too troublesome you can just hand them over to me”, Ball who just being a spectator from the interject

“Even if you found them too troublesome, you just can’t chase them away, a waste of free advertising” refute Cowling

“That’s why you are the boss, and I am just a leader of garrison soldiers”, Ball said jokingly, then both of them ring of heartily laugh.

The exchange of jokes give Jan some time to think, maybe it’s not a big trouble to meet the Media. “Yes, I think it would be good for me to meet the journalist and give the fans a chance to see me in action” after all I can just hand them off to Ball later.

“Do you have some idea how to get a picture about the Squad?”, ask Jan.

“What a timely question, we can arrange an intra-squad friendly for tomorrow to allow you to assess the players in both squads”, Ball give suggestion to Jan

“Sure, that sounds like a good idea. It will give me a good opportunity to evaluate the entire squad.”, That’s so dependable of you, I will make sure to utilize you thoroughly, Jan scheming in his mind. “After that please arrange a meeting with the rest of our team, hope we can discuss the current state of our team”

“Noted” Ball replied short, because he feeling Goosebumps at a sudden. Weird is Cowling office haunted?

After some little talk, Cowling concludes the meeting, “That’s all, you know where to find me If you want to talk about anything else.

After get out from the chairman office, Ball bids farewell and they both part way. Before parting Ball direct Jan to find some staff at the Office to resolve his lodging. It was late afternoon when Jan finish all the formalities with the staff at the club.


Moment later, Jan arrive in front of his flat given by his club. He was not surprised that the club has minimum responsibility to accommodate their manager. Inside he found standard furnishing in his studio type flat. A bit spacious for me, but resolve my worry for basic necessities. Basic sofa, CHECK basic TV, CHECK basic desk for work, CHECK, internet connection, CHECK, basic kitchen, CHECK, some clothes for work, both in training and formal, CHECK, basic refrigerator, CHECK. Jan takes a mental note when inspecting what inside his flat.

Inspecting every inch of his new flat, Jan felt he need some additional in his flat to support his work as the manager of the soccer team. But no matter how he thought, he still could not find the answer. Of course I haven't started working, however I will request that to the club when I feel it.

Everything that happened since morning finally began to take a toll in his Body. Let juts lie down for a bit and plan for tomorrow. When reach the Bed, Jan just let his body down. He feel fatigue after undergo the welcoming process in this new world.

He remember the application in his phone was still unexplored properly. Reaching his phone he open the lock to the home screen. But that’s all, he surrender to his body, his eyelids are too heavy. After all he just a mere human being. Even a Wizard are not suited for work like this. Jan fell to slumber not long after, He was too tired.
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2019-02-07 11:09#254819 ScottT : One of the most unique starts to a story I have ever seen! Best of luck with Colchester, I had a fantastic save with them a couple of years ago - so would love to see you guide them to success.

Thanks for the blessing, I won't let you down, that was a great experience to lead a determined bunch. :D

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