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Milan de Koningh - I Nerazzurri

Started on 24 March 2019 by Nerazzurri
Latest Reply on 14 August 2019 by Jack
A very big fee that you can now use to reinvest into the squad. Really stamping your mark on to the job and club which is always good to see.

Christmas Eve 2021

Sitting home with Bailey, my chocolate labrador pup, staring at the TV in a world of my own. When suddenly the coffee table vibrated, looking down at the phone “Sarah” was calling, she’s never called me, not once since last Christmas. A lump forming in my throat, I answered.

“Didn’t think you were talking to me.” I answered.

“You hurt me, Milan. Did you really expect anything other than that? But I haven't called for that. The kids want to see you for Christmas.” A smile beams across my face.

“I want nothing more than to see them. But i know how much you love spending special days with them.”

“Well, i’m with them as well. Despite everything, i’ve missed you. And we all want to spend the day together as a family.” Putting the drink down, i didn’t know what to do with myself.

“Sarah, you’ve made me the happiest person on this planet. Thank you.”

“We’re going to stay at the Leverhulme Hotel tonight and tomorrow. So we’ll be around say 9am tomorrow.”

“You don’t need a hotel, Sarah. You and the kids can stay here. I’ve got plenty of rooms. And you can have mine, i’ll sleep on the sofa.” I could sense the hesitance as she contemplated whether to accept or decline my offer.

“It’d definitely be easier. The kids would love to wake up with you there tomorrow. Ok, let’s do it. Are you sure we’re not putting you out?” Punching the air, not being able to hide my delight.

“Of course you’re not. You’re still my wife, and i’m not having you and my kids stay in a hotel when you can stay with me. And i’m sure Bailey and the kids will get on like a house on fire.”


“He’s my pup, get over here as soon as you can. Everything will be ready for you guys. And Sarah, you won’t regret this. Thank you.” Putting the phone down, downing the drink in front of me, i knew i had to get myself in order. Seeing my kids, Sarah, this means the world to me.

Sometime later

Hearing their car pull up into the drive, waiting until they came to a halt. And with a huge deep breath I opened the front door and the boys were first out as we all ran to one another, dropping to my knees embracing both my boys.

“God i’ve missed you guys.”

Hearing the car door close, looking up and seeing Grace standing there smiling at me. My little girl, starting to become a woman. Walking over she wrapped her arms around me, as i did the same.

“Missed you, Dad.” Those words brought me to tears, as i could hear Sarah ushering the boys through the front door.

“We best make our way inside.” I said kissing my daughter's forehead, as i could hear Alife and Lucas seemingly finding Bailey and shrieked in delight.


Jack: When i saw Merola there, i thought back to your story and how well he did at Fiorentina for you. So hoping he has the same effect for Inter.

Justice: That’s the hope, plenty of problem areas in this squad.

Seb: I’m following Sinatra and ‘Doing it my way’.

A lovely moment between Milan and his children. The smallest things are often the finest.
A great moment for Milan. Everything can be going right professionally but if your personal life is suffering you won't be as happy as possible.
A Christmas reunion, how perfect! 'Tis the season to be jolly!
Nerazzurri's avatar Group Nerazzurri
4 yearsEdited

Proud Father

On the trip to Milan to sign the contract with Inter, i actually brought my parents with me. My father loved being back in his hometown, but i didn’t tell him the reason for the trip. Standing outside of the San Siro, we stopped and took in the breath-taking view. Although i got to play here a few times, albeit against A.C Milan. He enjoyed his finest moment in an Ajax shirt against A.C in the Champions League Final, scoring the winner and only goal against them to win the biggest club prize of them all. One that his father particularly, took great delight in achieving and giving him bragging rights.

Playing against A.C Milan was always a great motivation for Milan. But despite playing at the San Siro FOUR times, he never got to face Inter. In the 02/03 & 05/06 seasons, Milan was either injured or suspended and never got to take the field against the team his father has always adored.

“You know Dad, playing here against A.C was always a great occasion for me. And i know it was for you as well. And in one way i’m glad i never got to play against, Inter. I don’t know where your allegiance would’ve laid in those games.” I said with a smirk, knowing full well he’d always support me.

“Oh Milan, you know too well it’ll always be the side you played for or manage.” Putting my arm around my father knowing he might fall once he hears the news i have to tell him.

“Well Dad that’s good to hear. Because even though i never got to play against them during my career. I’ve now got the huge honour of managing them instead. Signed the contract earlier today.” My Dad turned to me with an astonished look on his face, as i smiled.

“Seriously?” Nodding as the delight on my Father’s face was evident, as he wrapped his arms around me tightly just as he did when i was a child, tears streaming down his face.

“Son, i’ve always been proud of you. But you’ve really gone and put me over the edge today. I can’t believe my son is going to be in the dugout managing my team. MY TEAM!” My Father still wouldn’t let me go and i didn’t care.

“And i know i brought you that house in Amstelveen. But i’ve also brought you a property here in Milan. I want you and mum close. And it gives you the chance to come to every game. Something you’ve always dreamed of doing.” Hearing that just made him tear up even more.

“My boy, you don’t have to do that.”

“I know i don’t. But i WANT to Dad. You and mum supported me throughout, it’s the least you both deserve. You get to live the life of luxury back in your hometown now. Enjoy it.” Letting go, my father just stands there and looks at me, thanking me for everything.

“I can’t wait to see you lifting many trophies here, Milan. It’s what i’ve always dreamed you’d do. Thank you.”


Scott: They are indeed mate.

Justice: Very jolly..

Seb: That’s certainly true. Let’s hope his personal life picks up. Still got that demon brewing away though.

Another emotional moment for Milan! Not sure how many more of these he can take...
A proud moment for his father. Now for Milan to write his name in the club's history books.
The bar and expectations have certainly been raised high! Best of luck!
A touching moment!
As a guy who has gone to every football game with my dad, this is a really beautiful moment as I know if I was in Milan's shoes and my dad was saying that to me I would be overcome with emotion. Fantastic stuff.

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