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Die Fürth-Chroniken

Can a upbeat manager take a Bundesliga 2 side to glory?
Started on 11 April 2019 by KekFM / First Post
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Fürth, Germany

You all may be wondering what club i'm in currently. Well this is Greuther Fürth, a team in the Bundesliga second division. It has been mostly hanging in mid table. in 2012-13, it played in the Bundesliga for the only time in club history. The club was actually from a department from a gymnastics club named Turnverein 1860 Fürth.

My manager is Rei Mayo. From Irish decent, Rei moved to Germany in search of a better footballing career. Right when the club gave him a offer he knew it was a job that he wanted, the logo reminded him of home, and it was in the same country as where he was living in.

He only had one big job in football though, and that was the 1860 Münich Under 19's manager. To be fair, he was expecting maybe a Under 23 or even a managerial job in 1860, but instead, he was gonna be the leader of a club elsewhere.

Mayo then walked up Sportpark Ronhof, the stadium of Greuther Fürth. The owner of the club, Fred Höfler, welcomed Rei to the club with open arms. They sat down, talked about the goals of the club which were to be expected of. First off, Fred said I had to get atleast Mid-Table, but Mayo told Fred that he would try to get higher than mid-table. Then, we talked about the previous manager, Stefan Leitl. After a 15th place finish in 2017-2018 and a not so good preseason start, he was fired. All that was left was to meet the players. The meeting went good, and we were all motivated for the next season, it would be a fresh start for all of us at Greuther Fürth.

Die Fürth-Chroniken
I like the Irish connection between the manager and the club :) Good luck mate, should be interesting
Good start mate. Looking forward to seeing how Rei fairs in Germany with Furth.
A very interesting choice of club man, could be an interesting story to follow, plus I love German football

Greuther Fürth Make a Uproar in The Bundesliga 2. Transfer Window Signing Jan Kliment on Loan

Jan Kliment joins Greuther on loan near right after a loan spell at Brøndby where he scored 9 goals in 42 appearances. Jan has also scored 3 goals from 8 appearances in the Czech Republic National Team.

Kliment has also won a U21 Adidas Golden Boot on the international side after a Hat-Trick against Serbia. Kliment joined a group which included Alvaro Morata, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, and Andrea Pirlo.

Rei Mayo spoke to us at Shamrock TV and said: "This was a amazing loan offer we couldn't deny. Jan Kliment is a great player, and will make a hopefully deadly attacking core at Fürth." Mayo also told us that Kliment will be starting and he knows this was the right move and that Kliment was estatic to join the club and he has been doing good in training.

Sadly, this move has been reported to take up most of the wage budget, so Jan Kliment better make a good impression to keep the fans happy. Hopefully Rei knows what he is doing.
We also talked to a Fürth superfan, and he stated: "I really like this move. He seems like a great youngster as he already has a UEFA award under his belt. He also showed some potential at Brøndby, but I'm not sure if he can really take the starting job yet. There is quite the talent at this club, and I have seen some crazy gambles over the years, but this is surely a big one"

Die Fürth-Chroniken
Goodluck. I do enjoy the German league, and hope you get them promoted.
There is a bit of pressure on Kliment to perform, given the deal that brought him to the club, so hopefully he can deliver.
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July and August Review

Nik Omladic scored a brace in the first game, but Jan Kliment scored 2 goals to make is barely escape Erzgebirge Aue in the 1st Minute and the 45+2' minute. Overall, good impression as the new GM as good impression from Jan.

Arminia got whooped in the Bundesliga 2. leg of our game, winning 3-1. Daniel Adlung was the next player to join the 1st Minute goal club. Fabian Reese and Nik Omladic scored aswell. This game made me feel as if Arminia were playing a trick of sorts, as you will see in the next game.

This was a crushing defeat, we were knocked out early in the DFB Pokal, to the same team we won against just a game before.Fabian Klos scored one for Arminia but Keita-Ruel answered back. But in the added time, everyone who was a fan of Greuther had there hearts drop. Sven Schipplock scored in the 90+1' minute. It was devastating. The players and Rei walked in the locker room, silent, defeated, devastated. In a post-game interview, Rei stated: "We got played. We messed up. We let a goal slide instead of scoring or keeping in till added time. We will improve from this, I promise."

And we did, kinda. We drew 3-3 to Dynamo Dresden,with two goals from Fabian Reese and one from Bendekit Kirsch. This was a start. This was the game that would start a revival, right? We could only hope

This game was a loss, but everyone felt as if they had won. 4-5, the score of an amazing game. Atleast one man was, Julian Green. Kulian scored a hat trick against Sandhausen, and Fabian Reese once again scored a goal to take 1 4-3 minute until Sandhuasen scored 2 goals in the last 10. We still felt like champions, we were pumped.

Player of the Month(s)
Fabian Reese

Fabian was great in the later half of the season. Rocking the Number 17, Fabian was great, scoring goals to keep or try to keep our team alive. He's also been looking to be more and more like a role model,even at only 19. He rose up from the Schalke academy, and now he is preforming at a time we need him most. Props Fabian.

Die-Fürth Chroniken
Sad to see you exit the cup so early, but blimey, what a ridiculous result against Sandhausen! You could've had worse starts, but it's only very early doors at the moment.
Some absolutely mental results there. A shame to see you make an early departure from the cup.

Although, I swear 'Fabian Reese' is actually Jason Cummings? I think there has been an error somewhere. :P
That defeat to Bielefeld looks like a mental game, Furth are making some good progress so far this season
I... Just lost the Fürth Save. I'll have to do something new now. I loved the save, but now it's gone....

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