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[HELP] How to prepare a match

Need help, lost everytime in UCL / EL
Started on 15 May 2019 by TheShaady
Latest Reply on 16 May 2019 by TheShaady
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Hi everybody !

Firstly, sorry Im french.

I play quite often FMM19 and must say that FM19 is quite different and much more complete (logical). And suddenly I'll tell you something that happened to me (and I do not want it to happen again :)).

LDC group, Real, Inter and a random team in it.

I recruited De Ligt, Alexander-Arnold, Gomez and Oblak to strengthen my defense (I play PSG, hehe).

I make 0-0 at home against Real, I win 4-3 away at Inter (and the other random team I win both games). Except that, in the return match against Real, fatal, I take a good 5-0 and 2-1 by Inter. I finish 3rd and go Europa League (a good RP game anyway).

And I would like to know how to prepare a good match, because I look at the match report and I will take the example of Real, their weakness was a game 4-1-4-1 MD wide, its nice because it is my default tactic. In "POSITIVE", I press very high defense line very high pressure (as in the first leg 0-0) and bim 5-0.

So what are the parameters to take into account to prepare a match? The vulnerability of the team in front of a defined formation? How to react when they say "PLAY WITH SHORTS PASSES MIXED TEMPO"? Likewise with "PLAY PRUDMENT"? Same with "DO NOT PRESS PARTICULARLY"?

Can you tell me what are the parameters to take into account to prepare a match well? Thank you !

And not very logical thing too I think, we can play in "PRUDENT" and play with a high line of defense, it's quite illogical?

And what is the best mentality? Because I feel that playing low in "DEFENSIVE" is shit in this game.

On my side here are my tactics:

4-1-4-1 wide MD (like a 4-5-1 in V) Gegenpress
4-4-2 classic flat, "POSITIVE" line high pressing high
4-2-3-1 Large Tiki-Taka type as presented in the game (very slow tempo, very short pass)

Better to play offensively wide or axial? And defence ?

Thank you and sorry for my english.. Hope you will answer to all my questions, if you dont understand something, tell me !

EDIT : Dortmund in Europa League... won 2-1 then lost 2-0 omg.. no success in front of cage.. no goalkeeper and shoot right next to the goal....

Match preparation is important for every game you are heading into, especially in FM19. I've been playing football manager properly since FM15 and this year match prep is very important, also in FM18. What is more important than match preparation in your case would be match management, its is not enough to prepare for the next match, you need to manage the game from minute 01 to minute 90 or minute 120 as the case may be.
let me go through some tips:
match briefing: this is the first stage of match preparation, here you will utilise the opposition report from your assistant to prepare for the game. In the report you will know your opponents weaknesses and strengths and how to deal with them. you will also see how strong they are compared you your team.
team lineup: select the best lineup with regards to match sharpness and conditions, its okay not to start with your best players off the bat if their condition is low. Madrid game will be a mid-week fixture so i guess few of your player are weary from the weekend game if you did not rest them. start with fresh players. pick players that can play big games and have a lot of determination to play the big teams. you don't want a nervous player on the field especially in defence or midfield.
formation/tactical setup: In the case of real Madrid playing with your default tactic as their most vulnerable tactic, that is fine. I would advice you be more cautious when playing against Madrid if they are stronger than you. now cautious is not the same as sitting deep. its a slightly defensive and you can setup explosive counter attack to deal with their high pressing. Madrid sometimes can be a counter attacking team so you need to watch the game and anticipate the strategy your opposition is using to play against you. if fm19 is not your first FM, it wont be long before you notice the strategy they are using , which jumps me to man management, the strategy changes during the game so you have to manage the matches to change along with it or change your strategy when something is not going well. not the player ratings and emotions during the game also, encourage those trying and demand more from those not doing so well. praise the team after a goal.
team talks: give positive team talks yes, but for the Madrid game try a leap of faith approach believing in your players to get a result and not necessarily making the match a must win in their minds. that could have them thinking too much during the game.
there is a lot to cover but these are the basics I can remember, you can always message me for more information.
Wow ! What an explanation ! Thank you mate for the time you take, I'll apply your advices ! :)

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