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Marcel Schmid - Der Österreicher

An Austrian Man
Started on 20 May 2019 by ML Scouter
Latest Reply on 21 September 2019 by ML Scouter
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Born in Innsbruck 18th December 1987

This man didn't expect such a big job to be his first, but he knows what he is doing!
Marcel and Helena met because their dads worked at the same electronics company. It was soon to be that the families created a strong friendship, and this would mean Marcel and Helena would see each other at least twice a week after school.
Helena was born in Vienna on the 11th May 1990.

Her family decided they wanted a move away from the busy Vienna when she was very young, and Innsbruck got the nod because her father was then closer to Germany where he was sometimes required.

Being three years younger than Marcel meant they were usually separated throughout their school years, unless the families got together and it wasn’t until they were both in their late teens that they would regularly hang out.

Fast forward 10 years

It’s the 11th May 2016 and Helena turns 26. Her and Marcel are spending the day together just like her last three birthdays. They have been ‘going out’ for nearly 5 years and with the help from their parents they have a house together in the middle of Innsbruck, not too far from where Marcel grew up.

Not only do they live together, but they also work together in the Austrian media company and this requires its fair share of traveling, for Marcel this gives him time to do what he enjoys most and that is writing about football. Whether it be the recent Champions League games or the latest tactical advances, he covers it all. Self-publishing isn't a stable income, but he enjoys it! :)

Schmid completed his badges while working for Wacker Innsbruck from 2008-2014. He was employed to write up the match reports and be involved with the press, but he found ways of getting into coaching whenever he could. He payed for himself and took his coaching badges alongside others at the club.

If you don’t ask you don’t get!

When the club was relegated in the 2013/14 season, he decided he had to get a 'real' job, he needed security and a good income if he and Helena where going to be able to keep the house, and this is when the couple started to work together.

Marcel and Helena have been living together for 4 years, ever since they got the job together.

‘Maybe all this is a mistake’

They were starting to struggle with being in each other’s way, they wouldn’t talk about work because they both did the same thing and they would get home and be too tired to want to do anything together. So, Marcel made a big decision. A decision that could end their relationship

Concentrate on what he enjoyed most. Football!
Poor Helena. :P
2018/19 Season

Everything was starting to look up in the summer of 2018, Wacker Innsbruck got back in the top flight of Austrian football and Marcel and Helena’s relationship was now secure again!

She was working her way up the company and he was coaching and managing youth teams from around the area. All he really wanted was for kids to enjoy football like he did and now he could do that. They were both doing what they enjoyed most :)
ScottT : Poor Helena. :P

She needs to understand football is more important ;)
Christmas Eve 2018 23:59

Christmas in Vienna, the birth place of Helena. She hasn't visited for a few years and they have never been back together.

“Will you marry me?”

Helena looked directly into his eyes and shouted, “Yes! Yes! This is why you wanted just us to come here?” she said laughing.

Marcel’s face was now beaming with excitement. “My parents were hoping for us all to be together at Christmas, so I had to have a pretty good reason to get away.”

She grinned and then whispered into his ear, “Merry Christmas!” …



Helena’s 29th birthday and her wedding day. They have been together for around 8 years now and both completely content with their life at this point.

The marriage really was just for everyone to help themselves to some free food.

:) ;)

Do what makes you happy!

3rd July 2019

Jesse Marsch is removed from the position as manager of Red Bull Salzburg.

He was only announced as the successor to former manager Marco Rose on the 15th April, but UEFA rules on integrity once again caused problems concerning Champions League registration. So, without controlling the team for a competitive match he leaves the club.

A statement from the club-
RBS Club Statement:
‘FC Red Bull Salzburg have reluctantly decided to part company with first team manager Jesse Marsch. This was not in our plans for the season, but the club cannot miss out on the chance to compete in Europe’s premier competition.
We would like thank Jesse for his understanding of the situation and we hope to resolve this as quickly as possible.’


*Phone rings*

Marcel Schmid - Hello

Unknown - Is this Mr. Schmid?

Marcel - Yes, it is

RBS – This is the FC Red Bull Salzburg office. The club’s directors would like to arrange a meeting for tomorrow at the Red Bull Arena, this is in line with the first team managerial position. Are you available at 15:00, or do you need time to decide?

Marcel – erm… No no, I’ll be there. Thankyou!

RBS – Okay, thanks very much for your time, there will be someone waiting for you when you arrive at security to show you where to go. Is there anything else you would like to know?

Marcel – No, thanks.

RBS – Well I will see you tomorrow then, goodbye.

Marcel – Thanks a lot.

I can’t believe it! Why have they picked me? This can’t be happening!


TSV Hartberg have failed to obtain a license for the 2019/20 Austrian Football Bundesliga.

This means FC Wacker Innsbruck retain their place in the top flight after finishing bottom last season.

Rene Holzinger (General Manager) - Good afternoon Marcel, thanks for coming here today. With me here is Stephan Reiter and Mark Lang our managing directors, if you have any questions throughout please ask?

Marcel – Okay, thank you.

Stephan Reiter (Managing Director) – It is in our interests to appoint a new manager as soon as possible and we would like you to know we have already had chats with a couple of other people, but you are here due to the outstanding work you have done with the youth teams around Austria.

Marcel – I went back into coaching after a while out. It’s the thing I have always loved to do, but I had to make a career change at a point.

Rene Holzinger – I think what’s best to do now is go on a tour around the ground to give you some time to think about what you want to do.

Marcel – I would love that, cheers.

Rene Holzinger – So, you can see what the club has to offer. We have an offer ready for you if you would like to progress?

Marcel – This club has proven it wants to be the best it possibly can. Lots of focus is on younger players and what they can bring to the team and this philosophy suits my style of coaching so I would be honoured to be given the chance to manage this team this season.

Rene Holzinger – That is exactly what we wanted to hear. The job offer is the first team manager position, €29,000 a week starting today 7th July 2019 until 30/6/2021.

Marcel – I’m excited to see all the players and set our targets for the coming season. Thanks for inviting me here today, I will do everything I can to achieve success for this club.

Stephan Reiter – So, we will just need your signature and then we can organise a press conference for the near future. Thanks very much for your time and on the behalf of everyone at the club we wish you the very best!


This confirms the legal agreement between FC Red Bull Salzburg and Marcel Schmid.
The contract will run until 30/6/2021.
Termination of the contract before this date is authorised if agreed by the club directors

Rene Holzinger (General manager)
Stephan Reiter (Managing Director)
Mark Lang (Managing Director)
Good luck with Salzburg. Hopefully you can continue to dominate Austrian football and continue to make inroads within Europe.
2019-05-31 11:14#257046 ScottT : Good luck with Salzburg. Hopefully you can continue to dominate Austrian football and continue to make inroads within Europe.

Thanks a lot mate, that is definitely the plan :)

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