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"The Bhoys against the World"

Wecome to this story, based in Glasgow, Scotland, where Celtic Legend Neil Lennon returns to take over The Bhoys once again and try to make them a dominant force, not only in Scotland, but in Europe, and maybe even beyond...
Started on 8 June 2019 by BigMaguire / First Post
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Welcome to this story BHOYS as charismatic manager and Celtic Legend Neil Lennon takes over his beloved club once again after leaving Hibernian of Edinburgh, back to Glasgow, where the mighty Celtic reside.

This story will be based on real life events, as in real life, Neil Lennon did come back to Celtic and actually won the " Treble Treble " with them in 18/19. We are hoping to emulate this here and more!.
But before we get into this story, which will be a long term save, and a one close to my heart( I am Irish and have a very close affinity with what they represent and mean.) lets get to know the history of Celtic Football Club and the man who will be taking the wheel in this story, Neil Lennon.


Celtic Football Club are a professional football club based in Glasgow, Scotland who were founded in 1887.They are widely known as "The Bhoys", "The Hoops" and "The Celts".They were founded with the sole purpose of alleviating poverty in the immigrant Irish population in the East End of Glasgow. They played there first match in 1888, which is why 1888 is on the Celtic logo, which you can see spinning above, and in that game, played fierce rivals Rangers, winning 5-2 in the friendly game.

Celtic have won the Scottish League Championship an amazing 50 times, most recently in the 18/19 season( which we hope to emulate here). They have also won the Scottish Cup a staggering 39 times and the League Cup 18 times. Celtic also boast a very impressive record, of being the first British team to lift the European Cup( now known as the UEFA Champions League), in which they did in 1967. Celtic also made the 1970 European Cup Final and the 2003 UEFA Cup Final( now known as the Europa League), losing them both. A monumental 80,000 Celtic fans went to Seville for the 2003 UEFA Cup Final, which must be some kind of record!

Celtic also hold the most fierce rivalry, arguably in World Football, with Rangers FC, a rivalry which splits Glasgow apart, with Celtic fans mostly being Catholic or of Irish descent, and Rangers fans mostly being Protestant. This religious and colonial rivalry gives the famous "Old Firm Derby" a unique edge, and atmospheres at these games can be described as the most passionate in all of World Football.

Scenes at The Old Firm Derby between Celtic and Rangers.
More of a Rangers guy myself, good luck though I suppose. ;)
2019-06-08 12:04#257255 ScottT : More of a Rangers guy myself, good luck though I suppose. ;)
Thanks haha. Can't wait to really get into this
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Neil Lennon celebrating a crucial Celtic goal..

Neil Lennon was born on the 25th of June 1971 in Lurgan, Armagh, Northern Ireland. Lennon grew up playing gaelic football before switching to football, and supported Celtic growing up.He was a fine player, usually operating as a midfielder and played for Celtic from 2000 through to 2007, and became a legend at the club as a player, winning 5 League titles domestically and being part of the historic Celtic Squad that made the UEFA Cup Final in 2003 in Seville, Spain. Lennon was also a regular for Northern Ireland at International Level, picking up a hefty 40 caps and scoring 2 goals over the course of his career. Lennon retired from football in 2008 after a brief stint at English Football League side Wycombe Wanderers before moving into management.

Neil Lennon lifting the Scottish Premiership trophy, as a player.

Lennons managerial career started in 09/10 as interim manager( then permanent manager) with, Celtic!. He stayed there until 2014 and was very successful, having a staggering 70% win rate with Celtic during those 4 and a bit years, winning 3 league titles, getting to the Round of 16 of the Champions League, and winning the Scottish Cup on 1 occasion, a pretty impressive resume to say the least. He then joined Bolton Wanderers of the Championship in England, managing an 18th place finish in his first season for the Championship minnows, and then in March 2016 left by mutual consent with Bolton bottom of the Championship. In June 2016 he then joined Hibernian of Edinburgh, Scotland, in the Ladbrokes Championship. In his first season he led them to promotion back to the Ladbrokes Premiership, and the following season finished a very respectable 4th, qualifying for the Europa League qualifying rounds. But things turned sour on the 25th of January 2019, as Lennon was suspended by Hibernian following an exchange of words with employees. He then left by mutual consent on the 30th of January 2019, and is now manager of Celtic following Brendan Rodgers move to Leicester of the English Premier League late in the 18/19 season. And the journey will continue, as in this save, Neil Lennon starts as manager at the start of the 18/19 season.

In this save, I have given Neil Lennon managerial stats that befit him the best in real life. With Lennon being a great motivator and very good with the mental side of the game, and considering he was an International footballer on a Global Level, I have given him 20s across the board, and only 2 Adaptability as this save is not a Journeyman save, so there would be no point, and it gives room for more points to be allocated elsewhere. With his actual Coaching side of the game, I have still given him great stats, as you can see below, and have given him 1 in Fitness, and all GK stats as the coaches at Celtic are responsible for that and it gives room to give him more points in certain areas, befitting of his real life managerial style.

Neil Lennons managerial stats in this story/save in FM19.
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Now that the intro is out of the way I will give a 3 man shortlist of players Neil Lennon cannot let go, and who will be instrumental to Celtics success, short term and long term.
( I will link youtube compilations of these players(at the bottom of the post always) and the player shortlist I will make later on who needs to come in, *all youtube clips are not owned by me and all credit is given to there rightful owners, and I am merely providing a link to youtube for entertainment purposes, and will never provide a link of FM SCOUT to an outlet source, as that would break the rules and guidelines of this website*)

Kieran Tierney showing his passion after a goal.

The left footed young Scottish LB Prodigy is without question Lennons most valuable player in this story/save. He has a Driven Personality, which will rub off on the other players in the dressing room and help motivate them, and he himself will always be driving for more good performances, wins, titles etc, an instrumental personality to have around the dressing room for Lennon. And he is in FM19 a real beast down that left flank. Physically he is so overall with stats such as 16 Acceleration, 15 Pace, 14 Balance and Stamina, 13 Natural Fitness and Agility, and 12 Strength, all at the ripe old age of 21, a tremendous athlete. At 5"10" he isn't the tallest but he makes up for it with 12 Heading and a decent 10 Jumping Reach. Mentally he is tough as nails, like a Braveheart, with stats such as 19 Determination, 17 Bravery, 16 Leadership and 15 Aggression, Teamwork and Work Rate, truly incomprehensible stats for a 21 year old!, he is a born leader. And Technically he is also incredible with 15 Tackling, 14 Crossing and 13 First Touch, Dribbling and Corners, so hes very competent in both attack and defence. Also he has a high footballing IQ with stats such as 14 Concentration, 13 Anticipation and Off The Ball Movement, and 12 Flair, Decisions and Positioning. And with 4 Star Current Ability and 4-5 Star Potential Ability, except him to grow into one of the best LBs in World Football, and already a regular for the Scottish National Team, make over 100 Caps for Scotland. Lennon and the club will do everything in their power to keep Tierney at Celtic, and if he ultimately wants to leave, Lennon will be asking for an outlandish fee, as he is that important to this Celtic side.

Kieran Tierneys stats in FM19.
Tierney will be instrumental to the success that Celtic fans will be demanding.
Tierney is a great player and will be important to hold on to, however, that may be difficult if big money starts coming in for him! Hopefully you manage to keep a hold of a key player
2019-06-08 15:01#257265 ScottT : Tierney will be instrumental to the success that Celtic fans will be demanding.
He will indeed Scott, which is why he is no.1!
2019-06-08 15:01#257266 TheLFCFan : Tierney is a great player and will be important to hold on to, however, that may be difficult if big money starts coming in for him! Hopefully you manage to keep a hold of a key player
It will be a challenge, but hopefully Lennon and the club can make him stay

Kristoffer Ajer in action for Celtic.
The right footed Norwegian 6"5" Titanosaur CB will be a Fortress at the back for Neil Lennons Celtic side for years to come, and Lennon and Celtic cannot let this wonderkid go. Like Kieran Tierney, he has a Driven Personality, so his intimidating presence and hunger to win in the dressing room will be vital to motivate other players and get them pumped up for big games. And in FM19 he is incredible, and remember he is only 20. Physically he is a strong presence, is mobile, and is a force to be reckoned with, with stats such as 16 Jumping Reach, 15 Natural Fitness, 14 Strength and 13 Stamina and Balanced. Mentally he is also a very, very tough cookie with stats such as 18 Determination, 17 Teamwork and 15 Leadership, Bravery and Work Rate. And Technically he is also competent with stats such as 15 Passing and Heading, 14 Tackling, Technique and First Touch, and even 12 Dribbling and Finishing, showing how good of an overall player he is. And he has a very high footballing IQ just like Tierney with stats such as 15 Vision and Anticipation, 14 Composure and 13 Decisions, Off The Ball Movement and Concentration, meaning he can not only see a pass a few moments before most players, but also intercept them in the same vain. And with 4 Star Current Ability and 4-5 Star Potential Ability, he has the prospect of being a World Class CB who can also play as a CM or CDM if called upon, and already part of the Norway set-up, expect him to reach the Century mark in Caps for Norway. For Neil Lennon and Celtic, he is a must, must keep and only a transfer request with an outlandish fee will persuade Lennon and The Celtic Board to cash in on the Nordic Giant.

Kristoffer Ajers stats in FM19.
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Odsonne Edouard celebrating after scoring a goal against bitter rivals Rangers.
The right footed 6"2" French Flyer, who would remind you of Thierry Henry, but a bulked up version, is a very special young prospect for Lennons Celtic in FM19. He is physically one of the best out there with stats such as 16 Strength, 15 Balance, and 14 Natural Fitness, Stamina, Pace and Jumping Reach, showing he is an incredible athlete and wouldn't look out of place at an NFL Combine. Mentally he is very tuned in with stats such as 16 Work Rate, 15 Off The Ball Movement, and 14 Decisions. And Technically he is very talented with stats such as 15 Dribbling, Finishing and First Touch and 14 Heading and Technqiue, really out there for a 20 year old. He also has a decent football brain with stats such as 12 Vision and Concentration and 11 Composure. Overall Edouard is a specimen unlike many others and is super talented with 3.5 Star Current Ability and 4-5 Star Potential Ability, meaning he has the opportunity with his talent to become a World Class ST, and don't be surprised if he picks up many Caps for his native France. Edouard will be a tough one to hold on to for Neil Lennon and the Celtic Board, but hopefully Celtic can grasp him up for a long time, and the only way he is booking a flight out of Glasgow is on a European Night away from home, as Lennon really wants to and needs to keep his French Diamond.

Odsonne Eduoards stats in FM19
Three vital players to Celtic. Keeping them at the club is necessary, at least for the time-being.
2019-06-08 18:57#257282 ScottT : Three vital players to Celtic. Keeping them at the club is necessary, at least for the time-being.
Absolutely Scott, so vital. And nearly irreplaceable if they do go eventually
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The 4-2-3-1 formation used by Neil Lennon in this save, simplified.

Here in this graphic below is how Lennon will line his Celtic team up in this story/save. It is a 4-2-3-1 based on a Custom Gegenpressing style. The main aim of this tactic is to always overwhelm the opposition, much like Lennons Celtic do in real life, with relentless pressing to win the ball back, and once the ball is won back, to Counter Attack at high pace and with purpose, using the two Full- Backs as secondary wingers, often overlapping the 2 main wingers to swerve in an early cross for the Advanced Forward to get onto. In central midfield Lennon is choosing to go with 2 midfielders, both with different characteristics, but both competent in attack and defence. One midfielders main role is to act as an attacking outlet from the centre of the park, in the role of the Mezzala, often drifting out wide to split the opposition midfield and spray passes to the two main wingers, or provide a killer ball into the Advanced Forward. The other midfielders job is too act as a stabiliser in the center of the park, playing as a Box To Box Midfielder, so acting as cover for the Mezzala when he ventures forward and acting as an anchor when the Mezzala tracks back, holding his position just behind the Mezzalas line of duty. This is vital to create a balance in midfield, as both players are complementing each other and covering each others weaknesses and boasting each others strengths. In defence Lennon has adopted a similar approach, using two CBs with different abilities to work together. On the left hand side he has a Ball Playing Defender, to act as a passing/creative outlet from the back, and who can push forward a little bit, and while the Ball Playing Defender pushes forward to create space or spray a pass, to the right hand side a CB on Defend simply covers him and stays slightly behind, acting as a shield and as extra protection if the Ball Playing Defender does get beaten. The Full-Backs operate as secondary wingers, bombing up and down the right and left, looking to spray in crosses into the center of the box, and to try spilt the opposition by dribbling far up the pitch, then passing it into the midfield or onto the winger, leaving the opposition confused on who to focus on, the midfielder or the winger. The Full-Backs also track back when possession is lost and slot into the back four. Finally up front there are three outlets, again all different to each other. On the left he plays an Inside Forward who likes to cut in and try make space in the middle of the lines, to either dribble through and make a pass, or shoot on goal. On the right hand side there is a Winger on Attack who makes menacing runs at the Full-Backs, and likes to hug the touchline regularly, trying to find space and split the opposition. And up front we have the Advanced Forward which Lennon likes to give a very free role too, so he can come deep, or make runs into channels from balls along the ground, or over the top of the defence. This unpredictability is what makes Neil Lennons Celtic Tactic in this story/save so special, as players work for one another, covering their teammates weaknesses while exploiting opposition weaknesses, and complementing each others strengths, and always acting as cover if things don't go to plan. And the fast paced, heavy metal style football will leave opposition teams with little time to think and the unpredictability factor will play a huge role in confusing the opposing teams, as they wont know who to mark, and when, and where, as every position is very unique with this tactic, so going down the right is different to the left, the Advanced Forward is given such a free role, opposing defenders will most likely be drawn out of position, and the list goes on and on etc.

Here displayed is Neil Lennons tactics for this story/save.
Good to see an in depth look at how you will be playing this year. Good stuff!

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